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Is it a bad idea to read Allegiant (#3 in series) before reading Insurgent (#2)? I placed a hold on both of them in the library and Allegiant is ready for me to be picked up but I still have to wait for Insurgent... Do you recommend reading them in order as they were written? Thanks!

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Blertë I would say to you, read Insurgent, and don't read Allegiant at all! I won't spoil anything, but I gave 1 star to the Allegiant, while I loved Divergent so much, and I really liked Insurgent!
Abigail RU PEOPLE KIDDING ??? Whoever says don"t read Allegiant is WRONG .................READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh.
Gigi I read all three and I have to say, READ IN ORDER because otherwise it will make no sense at all, because a lot happens it book two.
PS: if you feel you made a commitment after book two and have to finish the series go ahead, but Allegiant was so bad that bad books called it bad and if you skip it, you probably won't miss to much.
Vy Definitely read them in order! Or else you will be terribly confused b/c a lot happens in Insurgent :)
Abby Read Insergent first, trust me, you want to find out what happens at the end of Allegiant, but then you don't. Definitely read Insergent first
Anne-marie Tarrington read the books in order...it will spoil the story if you don't
Jenna They have to be read in order. It won't make sense if you don't. :)
But even though I did not like the ending, the book (without the ending) was actually good
Olivia P YES, read Insurgent first because otherwise Allegiant will spoil insurgent for you. Also you will not understand Allegiant if you read it first. I loved both of the books in the written order
Avril You shouldn't read Allegiant before Insurgent because it doesn't give any recap of what happened, and it would make absolutely no sense. I did that once, and I didn't know what was happening, and all the things that they assumed you knew.
Isaac If you read insurgent first it would be better cause other wise it spoils the end
Victoria Carrera You will become positively confused if you do not read them in order. The series is MUCH better in order. ;)
don't read allegiant before insurgent, something happens at the end of allegiant that would spoil insurgent for you
Shari If I were you, I would pretend "Divergent" is a stand-alone book. Enjoy it for the simple story that it is and ignore the other two books. She really didn't have a trilogy in this story but probably got persuaded into writing one by the publishers.
Maddy It is a pet hate of mine when people don't read book series' in order. This is mainly because how are you supposed to know what's happening in book, say, three if you haven't read book two? What if Book three leads directly from a cliff hanger at the end of Book two, like in the Divergent series. Also, do read Allegiant (after Insurgent) because it is my favourite book of the series. But, yes, do read Insurgent first.
Bailey In any series I would say to always read the books in order. Most of the time you will have very mixed info if you don't.
Molly I never read Insurgent but still read Allegiant. It depends on who you are.
Alana W I would definitely read Insurgent then Allegiant because like Vy said a lot does happen in Insurgent and if you start to read Allegiant you wont not what just happen in book 2 (Insurgent) :)
Korey Daniels yea read them in order don't start with Allegiant and then read Insurgent that's a bad idea if you do that then you don't know what happened if you do that
Shiza Read them in order because it also might spoil some surprises that are in the book and you will miss stuff that happens in Insurgent. If you read them in order, you won't get confused by what happened. If you don't, you will get confused.
Chelsea If you are really desperate, then read it, but it will make no sense at all. So try to read them in order
Kelli Read Insurgent first because then you will be really confused cause you don't know what happens next.
Austin Connell I think you should read Allegiant too. If you don't read Allegiant, you will be disappointed because you won't know what happens between Tris and Tobias.
Catherine Definitely read in order if you want to understand the character development
BOOKNERD I think you should read Insurgent first because there are some spoilers in Allegiant and that wouldn't give you the full experience.
Kruz Bennett Definitely wait! If you go straight into Allegiant, without reading Insurgent first, MAJOR SPOILERS! Nothing will make sense. Read Insurgent first.
Alissa Don't do it sis you will have no clue whats happening and insurgent is sooo romantic and it spills all the tea read it first
Sarah Likes Robots Definitely read Insurgent first! DO NOT read Allegiant before Insurgent.
Taylor Christ I would say to read Insurgent first because if you go from Divergent to Allegiant you would miss a lot.
Connie Read them in order. Not to spoil anything but I did not enjoy Allegiant. I see that many people also agree that Allegiant was horrible and I agree. You should read the first two books though.
me myself and i holy crap, coming back to these questions four years after reading these books makes me laugh
Lex Yea, read them in order. It will make A LOT more sense.
PATRICIA AYEMOBA You have to read in order. Otherwise you won't get half of what the book is saying. A buttload of stuff happens in Insurgent.
Trinity yes you should read the books in order because each book takes place after the last. if you most know i think Veronica Roth would like it if you read her very well written books. i think that she has a continuation to the series called FOUR but i have no idea if she will publish it or if it is already published it but if it is as good as the rest it will awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your so very welcome
tilly Do not read allegiant first, enjoy your undestroyed life
Gabbi You need to read all series in order or you'll be so confused.especially because of what happens in allegiant at the end
Rachel Klein Insurgent first .
Joyce Yes. Read Insurgent first.
Gary Stevns yes it not a good idea at all read them all!
aj Yes it would be confusing to read because insurgent is the most action filled book of the series
Majlinda Rusi Don't even bother reading Allegiant. It will tear you apart.
Randall Dunn PLEASE read them in order. For me, that is the order of best to worst (as well as making it easy to follow, in chronological order). Just finished the final book and it wasn't a compelling read like the first two, or even a necessary book in the series. Read the first AWESOME book, then read the 2nd if you want, but the 3rd isn't really needed unless you HAVE to know how it all ends.
Lana Gallage Read Insurgent first!!! It is sooo much better. I wouldn't recommend reading the last book and it gets very boring. However, you should make your own ending after reading Insurgent. :)
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