Penumbra asked Kari Gregg:

Hi Kari, My friends and I just finished a buddy read of Pretty Poison and we were wondering about the ages of some of the characters. How old are the members of Noah's family? Also the age of Trudy the healer? We all liked Trudy. Also another question, do you plan on writing any more books in this series? We'd like to read them if you do. Thanks!

Kari Gregg Noah's the baby (and an oops, although that was one of those development thangs that never had a logical reason to make it on-page) so all his sibs are older than he is, his sister (the eldest of them all) significantly older by many years. Can't recall if I ever pinned that down in text, but she's closer in age to Trudy, who (as I vaguely recall -- sorry, don't have my prelims file open atm) was 30. One of the brothers was much closer to Noah, though. Much. So they aren't ALL drastically older than he is.

As for series work, probably not. I wrote this one as a stand-alone. Most everything I do is. Not that this book or that one couldn't be expanded and explored more. I just lack the patience and discipline for series work. Especially when it comes to shifters. There are so, soooooooooo many shifter mythos that can be developed, an embarrassment of creative riches just waiting to be tapped. I could literally come up with dozens of shifter stories and never revisit the same mythos twice. So much lovely shiny. Countless ways to play with traditional shifter tropes and sometimes nudge those tropes into skidding a bit sideways. I'm playing with the destined mate trope in shifter fic right now, actually. Utterly delicious. OMG.

For me, the story most worth pursuing is the one I can honestly say I've never seen done the way I want before (which can be good or horrifically bad, depending, LOL), but if I've already visited that world once, I've seen something like I want before, no? Series work is a writer's bread and butter, so I've been told, but my brain is just wired all wrong for that. Noah was special to me. I loved him. But I love Wyatt...and Jamie...and the respective worlds each of them live in. I've told Noah's story. He doesn't need me anymore. Wyatt and Jamie, though, do. If that makes any sense.

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