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Is this book worth the read?? what is this about exactly? from what i heard, some guy goes to a shack away from the world and finds god??

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Thrown With Great Force No. The prose is awful and you won't learn anything. It's a vanity project.
Trudi I really enjoyed this book. It does have a very different spin. I don't want to give it away totally BUT just know that if you have traditional notions of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit this book will challenge those. But, personally, I didn't see any other way for them to present themselves given the history of the main character, Mackenzie. Like Sandra said, he finds a lot more than God. In coming back to his relationship with God he finds himself and peace. This is a wonderful book for everyone to read. BUT, more importantly if you've struggled with a tragedy and questioned "why did God let this happen?", then this book will really bring some light to you. It's a MUST read.
Patricia Stilwell As far as I was concerned it was a waste of time. It reminded me of the movie Oh God, but was far less engaging. I really only skimmed the end of it, it was just such a slog to get through.
Leigh Segel If you actually care about literature, The Shack is a tiresome and a difficult read. It's overrated pop fiction.
Louise Fugate The Shack was absolutely one of my all time favorites. I read it four times and probably bought and gave away at least 10. The personalities, actions, and words of the characters actually helped me see the love and mercy of God towards myself.
Joan Reid Fantastic book; have seen and heard the author interviewed as to WHY he wrote the book. He first of all wrote it for his own therapy; then to explain some of his life and feelings to his children. It is a unique story. I was truly blessed by reading it; I would like everyone I know to read it and enjoy it.
Cecilia I really like it. Mack, the main character, has a lot of doubts about God. The weekend he spent at the shack gave him a lot., It helped me a great deal as well. It is good for everyone even those who don't want to believe, or those who said they believe but still have doubts especially on the question "why God allow so much pain in this world"
Sandra In my opinion he finds more then God, he finds peace. It truly is a remarkable book and you don't have to be religious to enjoy it. It's inspiring. I would rate it right up there with the Alchemist (another excellent read)
Michael H I am glad that I read the book before reading the reviews. It was and is clearly fiction, but does have some dark, sad and even tragic parts to the story, as well as a strong spiritual aspect. If you don't have time to read it, I suggest you wait until you do. For me it was an entertaining journey that provides an ending well worth the wait. I couldn't wait to send copies to my children, as well as some friends and family! Well done Wm. Paul Young!!
discostitches I didn't rate the prose or the premise but it was recommended it to me by someone that LOVED it. If you like the book 'conversations with God' then it's something you will like but I think there are far better books!
Joan I found this book to be a complete waste of time; prose, subject matter, etc... I would not recommend it at all
Arosem This book is written well. It's intriguing, but the spiritual qualities are VERY off. I found it to be a little heretical. I would say, yes. Read it, but beware it has some very... different concepts of faith and Christ.
Ben Hathaway This book seems to be aimed specifically at extremely thick Americans. The ones who pray for divine intervention after terrorist attacks or natural disasters. Those ones.

If you can spell your own name and find Europe on a world map, this is not for you, dear Friend.

Deon Anika Well now. The Shack was one of my best reads last year. I could not put the book down and I think people who say its a waist of there time ore that they speed read this book need to re read this book. this book has such an important message and so much deeper meaning and if you cant even c that there is something wrong with you. I cant even tell others what this story is about as it brings me to tears every time. The movie was even better.
Itaro Totaly agree with you Thrown, it started really well but way to much blabbering about god and his freinds, quite tiring and goes forever, I have found it hard finishing it.
Carline Francois Yes, I believe it is worth the read. Every now and then we either have to go back to the past to find peace for the present and future or revisit a place in order to find that sense of closure to move forward. Either way you do encounter something beyond yourself that will help you move forward into a new place. Can't wait to read the book or see the movie.
Magaly Sáenz I could't finished it. May be I will give it another chance the next year.
Mike Merrill It is one of the few "religious" books I enjoyed because it humanizes what some feel are the deities traits. Very entertaining and hard to put down. A guy has a crisis of heart and is sent on special mission, like true religious faith it takes a "Leap Of Faith" to buy into the story but is very well done
Lisa Marie yes this book is definitely worth reading do not be thrown by the first three chapters they will define the whole meaning and you will get such great deep spiritual experience its worth every penny, every moment you spend reading it .The first time i read it was with a group of women from church. We would read one chapter a week then meet for breakfast once a week and discus each others view and points we got. To me it is a must to truly understand the movie.
BOOKCLUB9 Amazing...... if you believe in good, and wish to stay optimistic and healthy in life, this book is a medicine.
Lindsay McMullen I think it's absolutely worth the read! The author walks us through his story about God and finds healing. Definitely, an emotional read. Worth it.
Ellen Spence It is about a man's daughter being murdered, and he has to forgive the man who did it. He forgives, not for the guy, but for himself. Very thought provoking, and teaches us we must forgive, in order to live our lives.
Sadie This is definitely worth reading. Beautifully written, and a bit of a tearjerker
Jon Neiswanger It isn’t the Bible and doesn’t claim to be, it is all about the author’s view of God. If you are willing to explore the way someone else sees God - someone that sees God differently than many evangelicals - then you may enjoy it. The plot (it could be argued there isn’t a strong story line) is a means for the author to talk the trinity. I loved it - I didn’t necessarily find myself agreeing with everything the author stated, but I found myself thinking about God and my relationship with God, a lot.
Chris Don't bother. It reads more like a comedy than anything religious.
Timothy Morrison it is a bit strange of a read. the whole character of little lady killer is disturbing, especially given his cute sounding name. forgiveness is disturbing when it involves such terrors, but they say it is what is needed
Regail Carter I recommend this book. It was a great read and also watched the movie. The movie comes very close to book. This book had me wanting to get into a more personal level with God! Awesome read, must get!
Steven If you are a believer that shuns logic you will love this. Otherwise its just a collection of the standard logical fallacies used by all religions.
Elena It was interesting to read until the point where the main character meets God. It is a bit cheesy too. I am currently reading it, so I can't say for sure.
Kathy Klein An adolescent male's idea of spiritual awakening. bleh!
Cooksey Elle This book is so far a very good book then again this an opinion based question I suggest you read a preview first before presuming any opinion!
Happy Reading!
Let TheLightin It's amazing.This book has changed my perspective on a lot of things.
Laura Armstrong I think there are better things about faith to read. It is billed as a modern day Pilgrims Progress, but I found it tiresome. I agree that it is trying to explore a more expansive vision of who and what God is, but since I don’t subscribe to a stern, patriarchical God, I had a difficult time plodding through it. It does speak to a lot of people in a really positive way, so start it. If you get stuck, don’t worry that you are missing something, just move on.
Andrew Lawson I presented a priest friend of mine with the argument about God and the existence of evil. It goes like this: God is, as is claimed, both all knowing and all powerful. So the rumblings of an earthquake cause the people in a town square to run into a church for shelter. The roof falls in and kills or injures the folks who sought shelter. If God is all knowing then God knew an earthquake was coming and would cause the roof to collapse, and if God is all powerful God could have prevented the roof from caving in. God cannot be evil and yet only an evil God would allow the event, therefore there is no personal God. He suggested I read The Shack. If anything The Shack just begged the question and then asked a lot of nonsense.
Edward Cullen is Bae Yes isn't worth every page. It will change your life
Zoé Paroledouce I have never experienced reading this book but I have seen the movie. It pushes me to find the book!
Agnieszka Just in case you're still interested in the answers:

Is the book worth the read? - I fear it's a question only you can answer for youself. Usually I'm very skeptical with book there's so much hype about - but I loved the book and it helped to get a new view of some of my personal traumata though I can understand why so many people struggle with it.

from what i heard, some guy goes to a shack away from the world and finds god? - The MC had a lose ralationship to God so he didn't find Him, but Mack's relationship changes during the weekend.

what is this about exactly? - Four years after Mack's daughter was abducted (and most likely killed) by a serial killer, he finds a strange note with an invitation to meet at the shack that has traumatic associations for him and his family. He's not sure if it's really from God, the serial killer or just a bad joke but decides to go anyway.
Robbie Medlin The man's daughter had been abducted and murdered in the shack that he visits. His journey is a very spiritual one.
Martin Čitala sam knjigu Koliba od Autora Paula Younga koj govori o susretu s Bogom i za vrijeme čitanja knjige na korice knjige na kojima se nalazi bubamara na sliku bubamare sletjela mi je bubamara-BOŽJA OVČICA.Pozdrav iz Hrvatske.
While I was reading book Shack on the cover of the book on a picture of ladybug flayed ladybug(božja ovčica)
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