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قصة قصيرة جدا تنهيها فى ربع ساعة ولكنه مرهقة ذهنية بعض الشئ، لكنى لم أفهم نهايتها أو المغزى منها! ربما كانت نهايتها غير قريبة من ذهنى بسبب إختلاف الثقافة أو إختلاف المفهوم الدينى لها ربما؟ I read all of it guys, but still, I did not get the idea! can any help please?

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Samira Elytess
This story tells us an enigma. We are the creator and the creation at the same time.

As humans evolve, they become "God" or Creator.
Each story shows humans evolution in increments.
( We evolve from flesh and blood to disembodied mind/energy/nano-tech particle cyborgs)

First story, humans are on Earth.
Second story, humans are in Space.
Third story, humans are outside of the Galaxy.
Fourth story, humans got rid of their bodies and are Minds.As disembodied individuals each of them have retained their personality or identity.
Fifth story,all individual minds lose their identity as they merge and form "GOD" or the Cosmic AC computer

The cycle of life starts all over again when the computer=God=Merged Individual Minds, manifests itself in the universe as big bang:"Let there be light"
In which, time, space, and life is created and entropy starts all over again.Thus, the cyclical pattern of the universe continues and so does humans' saga.

The question is: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Cosmic AC/God or humans inventing the Cosmic AC/God?
Are we trapped in a computer glitch that with each big bang birth we all play the same story plots?

It helps to have mystical and transhumanisim backgrounds to understand the story.
David Reynolds Possible spoiler alert! It is sometimes joked that God said let there be light as the universe was created.
Elsaker : النهايه عباره عن اقتباس من العهد القديم
. ليكن نور ) والذي يعني بداية خلق الكون )
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