Monica asked:

When does the action start? I'm at the part whereupon the guy steals the shard & that's not really that interesting, or scifi.

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Michael I agree with you completely. I'm at around page 900 and I'm still trying to figure out why this Brandon Sanderson guy is worshiped as the third coming of Epic Fantasy Jesus. His writing style is atrocious. The "complex magic system and worldbuilding" seems like something a 14 year old with asperger's syndrome would come up with. He spend pages describing things in the most minute detail that do nothing to further the plot or give the reader a deeper understanding of character.

I would recommend doing like me and abandoning this series as I am about to. If you want to read some truly good epic fantasy, check out the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series by Tad Williams to see this kind of story done right.
Stephen Really? I've just started - I'm at 3% in and I've just had to come up for air. I feel like I've been reading for ages. Only 3% and I've already been through an awesome matrix-style assassination attempt, a pitched battle and the teaser of some epic karma / reincarnating magic knights that all want to die.
Kelsey Just keep your head down and keep reading! Trust me I was feeling like I was in a daze for a couple hundred pages until the characters really started to take shape. The magic system is pretty amazing in itself.
Pigl33t This series was planned to be TEN parts. When you plan on making something in 10 parts you set up the story well from the start.
Curt Almost 1,000 pages in and I am disappointed. Everyone says to keep reading, but I just don't see how it's going to get better. The dialogue is worse than any book I've read in a long time. Wit and Shallan make me want to claw my eyes out. And there are roughly 300 pages of Kaladin or Dalinar going through internal struggles. We get it, they have self-doubt. I can't get connected to any of these characters because their inner turmoil is driving me crazy. Is this world devoid of anyone who is self assured?
Brian The book comes together toward the final third quite nicely. It is somewhat slow in the first two-thirds because all of the characters that come together in different ways are separate at first. The final third made the first two-thirds completely worth the wait to me.
Reborn It's fantasy, not sci-fi ...

Anyway, I'm 127 pages in and I'm enjoying it so far.
Benjamin Ross seeing how many of you are turned off by this book for some reason, I won’t tell you keeping reading. The truth of that matter is simple, you all have poor taste in books! I’ve read a good 75% of all high fantasy fiction out there. and in my not so humble opinion, nothing compares to stormlight archive! And action isn’t done better by any writer I’ve read! I’ve read tad Williams, Martin, rothfuss, etc. all great writers! But compared to Sanderson.... well let’s just say there’s no comparison! I personally loved every book I’ve read by him. And if your looking for cheap action, that’s lacking in build up or Character development. I would suggest the ya section of the book store. Not trying to be demeaning, but it’s hard when people bag on writing that this good! Sighting bs reasons! Just my opinio......
Chris I'm almost 400 pages into this book and I'm not even sure what the conflict is. At least in Game of Thrones they set up the White Walkers and the Lannister intrigue rather early. In the Tolkien books you understand the conflict pretty much from the start. Yet in this book I've read an average length of a novel and couldn't for the life of me tell you what it's ABOUT. Just a lot of people doing random stuff.
Kathleen I can't get myself to read this book. I am amazed it has five stars. I read it for awhile, then read another book, then read it some more...I've been doing that since May! Please tell me it's worth it because I am one-third of the way thorough it and I'm so bored.
UPDATE- I finished it a loooong time ago and have read many of Sanderson's other books as well. Loved the Stormlight and Mistborn books!
Justin Dragos I found it to be slightly tedious until the final 150 pages. The finale is really quite incredible but did not make up for the slow pace of the preceding chapters at all. Not just "slow pace" but seemingly unnecessary exposition on past events and repetitive, chapter devouring doubts and misgivings from Dalinar that had little contribution to character or plot. I will admit, though, that the final chapters were enough to bring me back for the sequel. Haven't read it yet.
Joshua Fredrickson I've read this book twice, and I agree it starts off a bit slow to setup the characters and world.

It becomes important later to better understand the characters and the struggles they are going through.

Like previous commenters have stated, just keep on reading :)
Karthik TBH about 25% into the book.. it's a friggin page turner after that
Sharade I think we've all been through this phase, I gave up on it twice but keep reading. You won't regret it, this series is amazing. One of the best, I would say!
Benice I felt it was a very slow to start but I hung in and really enjoyed the first 2 books in the series. He has to build the characters, knowing it is planned as a 10 book series I gave the book a chance to build. I wasn't disappointed.
EricN First 150 pages of the book are thrilling and i was looking forward what happens next but than the story stucks for another 400 pages. Shallan hesitates to move on with somethig, Kaladin stays in the same place without progress, tedious retrospectives, which are important to know more about heroes - but why so long? I put the book away. So many better books to read. King said - write and then cut - maybe Sanderson have heard this as add.
Badger I think I 'm with most of you. I am almost, almost at 50% and feel like I've been reading it forever and yet....almost nothing has happened. I mean, the plot (if there is one) has not gone anywhere. The endless bridge crew parts make me want to chuck it. And the palace intrigue with various royals is so boring and hard to follow all the names not to mention that I don't care. Really considering giving up. I mean, if you have to work this hard to keep reading.... Hate to give up on any book this far in. I rarely do.
Shaun This is epic fantasy. It will be slow, yes, but that is because it doesn't take place on Earth and has to do a lot of world-building, and history-building to help you familiarize yourself with the world. Look at the first books in a lot of the best selling epic fantasies, The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings), The Book of Three (The Prydain Chronicles) and from my favorite series, The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time). All of these books are almost completely people sitting around and talking. This book is the same way the farther you go the faster it gets you just have to survive the info.
Charlotte This is more of a Fantasy series than sci-fi. As what Kelsey said, just continue reading it.
Jill Abtey This is not considered sci-fi but fantasy. I am 3/4 through and I cannot get enough!!!! I have since purchased the rest of the books in this series and look forward to delving into more Sanderson books.
Harvey Rainville Action is few and far between, this book I think is more appreciated for its overall scope, world building, and character development. It is very PG13 as far as violence and graphic content, no I take that back, it's more PG rated. You wont get the hardcore action or sex like in Game of Thrones.
Avaminn F'nett It's not sci-fi, and the first book is much slower moving then the second.
Green Fabre I'm at the part where I keep asking myself if I should continue or just stop boring myself to sleep.

Has anyone read the Mistborne series? He wrote that too, right? Could you honestly answer if this one is as good as that or even better.

Please. I don't know if I would be missing out on something good if I stopped reading it for the nth time...
Seth Martin Also understand that this is going to be a large series so the first book should be expected to be kind of slow as the author introduces the world to the reader
Monica thanks for the replies guys. I'll give it another 50 pages, and hopefully it'll get more exciting than this, or it's going on my "couldn't finish" shelf :-)
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