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Is this book worth the read? All my friends LOVE it, but I'm not sure if I would like it. It doesn't seem like my kind of read. Suggestions on if I should or shouldn't?

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Samantha I at first didn't think I would like the series but it is now one of my favorite books. The way it is written keeps you entertained and wanting more.
Julia Hörmayer Yes, I LOVE it! I would especially recommend it if you like Throne of Glass, books with beautiful dresses in them and cuteness.
Bailey Wainwright This book at the beginning seem like one of the stereotypical love triangles, but as you read it starts to grow on you. There will be moments where you will want to punch either America, Aspen, or Maxton in the face though. All the characters have ups and downs and I couldn't really pick a side until I was pretty far into the third book. It can be very funny at some points and I would suggest it.
Stacey I expected to not like it either since it seemed very juvenile. Don't get me wrong it very much sits at the youngest point of young adult in the way it is written. However it reads very much like trashy tv and is quite addictive. Just like a real housewives marathon, this book is hard to put down once you start. Luckily it's a very quick read and I finished it within half a day. I'd say get it from the library if you're unsure or download an ebook as it would probably be cheaper.
piranha You've long since decided on it, but other people might have the same question.

I haven't read this book, and I won't because what I know about it tells me I'd dislike it. My friends are mostly outside of its target demographic, so that's not an issue.

But in general, when all my friends really love a book, I will read it even if it doesn't seem my kind of thing. For one, then we can talk about it together (though if you end up disliking it, that might make talking about it with people who love it require a little tact). Good conversation is almost always worth it. For another, it'll teach me something about my friends, so it won't be a total loss, even if I dislike it. And lastly, exposing myself to things outside my comfort zone is good for me, even if I end up disliking the book; I will have learned something from it.

On the other hand, this is a teen romance, not an edgy literary experiment or an insightful foreign viewpoint. If you read every teen romance your teenage friends love, you might not have time left to read anything else. ;) Nobody's life will be poorer if you pass on this one; it is not destined to become a classic.
Bri I really liked this book. Just go into it with an open mind and form your own opinions about it.
Elisa The-Bookie-Monster I didn't care for it at all. it's pretty much the Bachelor in book form with terrible female stereotypes. A lot of girls swoon over what Maxon says but everything he says just feels so forced to me.
Ezra I usually hate this type of book. My friends loved it and I was skeptical. I hate love triangles and this book does have one. I don't even usually like YA books in general, although I've read plenty of them. The writing style is addictive though and in the end I really did love it. I would suggest you try it. Check it out at a library or just read a chapter or two at the book store. Once I read the first two chapters I couldn't seem to stop and it was a really quick read.
oh dear It was worth it, but not the most amazing book I have read. Romance. :)
Isabelle I read some reviews of it online, and it seemed really girly and sappy, but when I ran out of books, I decided to check it out, read a few pages, and return it. But I just couldn't stop reading!! It looks pretty bad (its not), but you know they say not to judge a book by its cover, and that is what you should do here! You could just check it out, or pick it up in a store to read 7 pages, and see if you like it!!
Mila Hughes One girl in my class brought it to school to read, then all the girls, then some of the boys borrowed it. All my friends wanted me to read it but I kept telling them "I don't like romance and mushy gushy love story kind of books." But when I ran out of books to read I asked my friends to borrow it. They happily gave it to me and I started reading it. It turned out to be incredible, but Prince Maxon keeps the selection going forever, JUST END IT ALREADY. The quality of the books goes down as you read the series. And if your one of those people who skip through the embarrassing-parts-for-the-character then FYI there are a couple of those moments in the series.
emi Every book is worth reading and people will give you mixed answers. Don't look at other people's opinions. If this book looks like something that would interest you, go ahead and read it. If it seems like crap to you, don't read it. Simple.
Charlotte Not really, I didn't like it.
Ari Todd It's kin of like a weird version of The Bachelor, I gave it 4/5 stars mainly because I'm picky. The dialogue at times was unbelievably corny and some characters you just hate so much that it discourages you from reading.
Chio It's not worth it. It's going to take the prince 3 books to select someone and then there's the stupid love triangle and pointless side stories. I read the first one, and I don't like leaving things unfinished, so I'll read the rest. I do like the prince, so maybe he'll salvage the story and make it worth your time and mine.
Marlow Not if you dislike obnoxious heteronormative romances that come with a side of sexism. Otherwise, have fuunnn
Julie Needham Yes, this is a bit of a "potato chip read" in the sense of being a teen romance story. However, like the Hunger Games (which it resembles if you replace the fight to the death with a dating contest), it has a compelling description of poverty and political oppression, and it also has main characters that grab and keep your interest.
Shrimpy It really just depends on your preferences. I did not especially like it, but that's only because I'm more of a Hardcore-Dystopia/Sci-Fi kinda girl. Give it a try, see what you think. If thirty pages in you want to vomit, as I did, put it down. That's the fun of a book; you can put it down.
Yoelle I read this series because my friend loved it and said it was good. I guess romance isn't my favorite genre either but when I started reading it, I got obsessed with it! I couldn't put it down! I totally recommend this book! even if u don't like that kind of stuff I advise u to just try it. you will love it! please at least try it or read the first couple of chapters. u might just actually like it! u never know
Mariam I read this synopsis about five times and could not understand why all my friends liked it. In the end, I gave it three stars but it was cute, and fun and I liked trying it out. I'm pretty sure I would like this series even more if I read the next two books but it's a fun little read (especially for a Read-a-thon)
Charlotte Benson I would recommend this book but as a more guilty pleasure read. The writing isn't very strong or descriptive but I absolutely LOVE the plot and characters. I haven't finished the series yet (the books are in the mail) but so far I really like this book series.
Anna Farro This is one of my favorite books and I went on to read the entire series. I loved the characters and the love triangle. There was constantly drama and some sort of action going on to keep me engaged. The complexity of the plot and all of the different components were interesting to follow. I didn't think it was predictable and there were constantly plot twists. I think fans of The Bachelor would enjoy this novel and anyone who likes romance/love triangles. This is unlike any other book I have read in the past and I am so happy I came across this series. Whenever a friend asks me for a recommendation this is always the first I recommend. All of my friends who have read the book also love it and become obsessed with the series. Everyone should give this book a try even if it is out of your comfort zone because it is such an addictive book that I was not able to put down.
Annabelle It has a tonne of drama, so if you abhor drama, this is definitely not a book you should read. If you do read it, keep in mind, this is based in America, around 100 years in the future. I found it very confusing as to when and where it was based, and how the relationships within the families worked.

You should definitely have the rest of the books if you do read it. I borrowed the first from my cousin and am desperate to get my hands o the second one. I would also recommend trying to read it in one or two shots, otherwise you cannot concentrate on anything else.
Darlene Torday I only agreed to read the book because my granddaughter wanted me to read it. She said she loved it and I honestly figured it's a teen thing and I am not into the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows on TV. Well I'm 1/3 of the way through the book and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. Not what I thought it would be at all.
Simone This book is definitely worth reading! I initially didn't know what to make of this book at first, but then my friends urged me on to read it and it was really really good. However in some parts it can be a little repetitive, but overall a real page turner.
petra.kay23 It took my best friend over a week to convince me to read the book I saw the cover and blurb and was like nope don't want to read it
admittedly we all do but just saying I read the book and it IS THE BEST BOOK EVER. I really thought it wouldn't be worth the read but my gosh it so is. I highly recommend it.
-It was actually one of the last books that was my kind of read
Raiza Safeel you'll love the book if you love books like shatter me!!!
Dsqueenie If you have the feeling that you won't like the book you probably won't like it. It's better to tell you friends you can't be bothered to read it than explain later why you hate it!

However you won't really know one way or the other unless you do read it. I read it in about five hours over two days so you won't lose much time.
Abbie Smith No offense but this book is like the series the bachelor. This book is not worth it. Theres nothing classy about the prince either
Evelyn I expected to hate it, honestly. And for the first few chapters I did. But eventually I grew to appreciate the main character. If you have some time on your hands, it's a good waste :)
Grace Tiger Personally, I loved it. It's very whimsical but not sticky-sweet. A good read for sure.
Maddie It seems like people love it or hate it. I do recommend it. No it's not some amazing literary work that will be remembered throughout the generations, but I enjoyed it. It may bug you at some parts, but it really is worth it. Or at least I think so.
Leia Barko I honestly only picked this book up because it said it was a little like Hunger Games but I quickly regretted it. It's just a lot of romance set in a "dystopian setting" but it's actually not very dystopian at all, more like going back to the princess era of the middle ages. There's not much plot going on and almost no action. But a lot of time is spent on dresses.
Anureet Garcha well it really depends. Do you like love triangles? If you don't I highly reccomend you don't read this. There's also some "spicy" scenes so if you don't like that, I reccomend you don't read it.
Reagan Beals To answer your question, I totally think it is worth the read. Even if you aren’t sure if you will like it, you’ll never know until you try it.
Pau es un libro tranquilo, de echo la saga completa es tranquila en general, recomendad si quieres pasar el tiempo o si recién estas comenzando a leer, porque es fácil de entender y atrayente, pero realmente no es algo que te volara la cabeza
Lizzie I would definitely recommend it. Though you might not like it if you don't like love triangles. I loved it so much even though at first I was a little skeptical. It doesn't hurt to try it though. It's sort of like the Bachelor but a lot better in my opinion.
Emily Try it! If you don't like it by the third or fourth chapter, the books not for you.
But who knows? Maybe you will be totally hooked by the second chapter like I was!
Jess Hynek Yes it is a very interesting story with an interesting time frame. It definitely shows to not judge a book by its cover. Lots of intense concepts to this plot of the story. It makes you want to know what is to happen in the next book. I just completed the 1st book, Selection, and I really was unsure myself when a friend let me borrow it. Very impressed!
Addie I thought at first these books wouldn't be my type too, but I was wrong. I really liked them. Usually, these sorts of books don't interest me. But, this book really stood out to me. Just give it a try. I think you'll really like it!
Avianna Omg yes read itttt.
Austėja This is book is the best of the best. I've read all the series like three times minimum and I still can't get enough of America & Maxon. So, yeah I LOVE it and you should deffinately read it.
Ava Oh my god this is my fav book so yes you have to read this book
Ahriyana Yes, you should definitely read it. This is a type of book that you should sit in your room if you are having a bad day you can read it in a quiet place. Then it would make you relax, feel good, make you get your mind off of what you were mad at. If you read this book and you are done with it book you won't even remember what you were mad at.
sourcherryscones61 This book series was actually recommended to me by someone on the internet. I am always eager to try new book series, so I started reading this book and it was AMAZING! I loved the way the author created the whole world. Despite it being a "princess" story it actually contained no magic. I also like how the world was set up as a monarchy but is actually the future, with the same landforms and everything. I highly recommend this book!
Bailey Zhang I strongly recommend you read this book. It is personally one of my all time favorite books to read. Kiera Cass does a phenomenal job of not just making it a romance. The Selection consists of so many things. Cass not includes a good story, but she also adds messages about life that the reader can relate to. The Selection is definitely always my go to book.
izzy curtis YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ IT, this is one of my favorite series.
sophia Ellie-the-book-nerd, you totally should!!
Nikki Well it depends, this is like romance . Two guys like you and you have to choose between them so... if you like these types of books then you should go for it.
Franchezca i don't usually read (AT ALL) but when i found this book i could't put it down until like 2am the next morning, if you like romance, passion, choice, and determination i guess you'd love it as much as i do. you never know until you read it, just leave your mind wide open and create the story in your head.
Skyler I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! I picked this book up and had to order the whole series the next day! I read each book in 1 to 2 days. They were so great.
Elise YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristen It is really all up to you. If you like a good romance/YA novel, then this book is for you. In my opinion, I really enjoyed reading it.
Jenmarzi My friends recommended it to me as well, and I ended up LOVING it. I usually stay with the distopian style like The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games, but I fell in love with this book. It is not really my style, but it was an amazing read and the next two in the series just get better!
Celestia England Definitely I read it to prove my friend wrong and I LOVED it!!!
Brielle When I first took this book out from the library, I was having doubts because it was my first "young adult" book I ever read. Then, to my surprise, it turns out that I LOVE the book! I'm anxiously awaiting the fifth book now, and I created fanfics and trivia on this awesome series.
Olivia I felt the same way before I read the book. I thought it was going to be super tacky but when I read the preview I knew it would be wonderful. It is literally one of my favorite book series.
Bronwyn K I had a hard time with America's attitude, but overall, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I'd say it's worth your time. :)
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