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Is The Secret Place on par with Faithful Place? I didn't care for Broken Harbor. Thanks.

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Paul I thought this one was excellent, but I loved Broken Harbor. Her only novel I didn't think was outstanding was The Likeness, which I enjoyed overall but had a problem with my suspension of disbelief with the premise.
Elizabeth Cohoe I've read them all and am currently reading The Secret Place. Not enjoying it nearly as much as the previous four. Just something about all these teenage girls. Maybe things will look up before I finish.
Tim The Enchanter I would rank Faithful Place as the best of the lot but The Secret place is a close second. It was an excellent comeback after the disappointing Broken Harbor.
Sarah Page If I had to rank all five from best to worst, it would go: The Likeness, Faithful Place, Broken Harbor, In the Woods, The Secret Place. They are all good, but this one is quite a different style - as was Broken Harbor. Here's my review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
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Patrick King That's interesting you didn't like Broken Harbor. I thought that was the eeriest and most realistic of Ms. French's books.

The Secret Place is very good. She alternates each chapter with the police procedure attempting to solve the murder of a school boy on the grounds of a girls' school, with the events that lead up to the murder. It's an unusual twist on the classic murder mystery. Each time I thought I'd worked out who did it and how it happened Ms. French turned the story by a hair and my opinion changed.

I loved Into The Woods, didn't like The Likeness at all, thought it completely improbable and much too long, enjoyed Faithful Place for the characters more than the story, was blown away by Broken Harbor, and see The Secret Place as the steady evolution of one of our most talented mystery writers.
Sarah Gailey I'd say it's better than Faithful Place - I found the detective more supportable, and there were fewer leaps over logical chasms.
April I liked "Broken Harbor", but I understand that it was a very different tone than some of the others.

"Faithful Place" is my all-time favorite and I agree that "The Secret Place" came a very, very close second!
Suesaroo I liked the back story between the detectives in Broken Harbor better than the crime being investigated
Karen I think that Faithful Place is the best of the lot, so far. The character introduction, the pacing, the plot threads, the dialog. When I saw the title "Secret Place," I thought it was another Dublin street name a la Faithful Place.
Kris McGinnis I agree with Tim. Faithful Place was my favorite. Secret Place ties with In the Woods for my second favorite.
Terry Collins I liked Broken Harbor but I'm not caring for the Secret Place. The scenes with the tween girls just make my eyes glaze over and I have a hard time sorting the characters out because they all seem identical. I will plod along hoping there is less of them in flashbacks.
Kerr Smith I have listened to the audio tapes for Faithful Place, Broken Harbor, and The Secret Place. I really liked Faithful Place. However, Broken Harbor and The Secret Place both suffered from a common flaw: the author seems to fail at creating tension and propelling the plot. Her characters are vivid and real. She writes beautifully. Am afraid she needs a less indulgent editor.
Mary Morgan I think it's the best of them all. I understand why you didn't like Broken Harbour. I'd say it's the outlier of the group.
Roberta From best to worst: The Likeness, The Secret Place, In the Woods, Faithful Place, Broken Harbor. It happens that this is also the order of the books in terms of which I liked that most--but I was thinking in terms of quality, not my liking, as such. Can't wait for The Trespasser!
Lucy I'd rank The Secret Place as Tana French's best book so far, followed by Into the Woods, Broken Harbor and Faithful Place. The only one of hers I haven't wholeheartedly loved was The Likeness.
Moonshadow My favorite by this author was Faithful Place. i thought it was the best police procedural I have ever read. I loved In the Woods, Broken Harbor was good. I disliked The Likeness.
Teri I liked them in the order they were published: In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, Broken Harbor, Secret Place
Marcie No. Faithful Place is my favorite in the series. Broken Harbor my least favorite. This falls somewhere in the middle.
Mltanner I think this book could be compared to The Likeness. Relationships between teen age girls instead of grad students. Structure is different and interesting to contrast with The Likeness.
Judy Definitely better, and on a par with Faithful Place, which I also loved.
Susan The Secret Place is more similar to The Likeness than to Faithful Place, though it is nice to meet Holly (from Faithful Place) 9 years on, and in boarding school. Her relationship with her dad continues to be interesting, and as annoying as school girls might be, Ms. French gets to the heart of the complex relationships that are formed in boarding schools, as well as in the murder department. Her writing is just delicious, and in some places simply breathtaking. She brought me back to those early-teen moments of wonder and discovery as well as those uncomfortable moments of awkwardness.
Lori For me--no way; I LOVED "Faithful Place"--my absolute favorite and I, too, did not like "Harbor" at all. "Secret Place" left me as cold as "Harbor." Did not care for it at all--which crushes me because Tana French is an amazing writer.
Bernadette Walsh I think it ties with Faithful Pace. I too didn't like Broken Harbor.
Ruth The Secret Place was a look into the mind of girls at a private shool, Broken Harbor is a great name since it was about broken people. I like both books about the same. My favorite is Faithful Place. What a great writer that can take a simple story and expand it to a complete novel. Her power of description is wonderful and captivating. All her books are either a good read or audio book.
Laura C Faithful Place is easily my favourite of the series. I thought The Secret Place was okay but I liked it a little less than the others I have read;

1. Faithful Place 2. Broken Harbour 3. The Likeness 4. The Secret Place
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