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What's the profanity like in this book? Thanks

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Ian Coutts Worse than a methodist church, nothing at all like the navy. Hope that helps.
Carinne Gee I put it down due to language after I can to the 4th F word and more and more other forms of language. It started off fine, and got worse and worse
Lori Green Was there any? I just finished the book and there was so little I didn't even note it.
Jeanne Mixon Dang people care about this? I did not know.
Mary I like little or no profanity, so my opinion is that it is medium to high. There were 5-6 F words, and scattered other words. If someone isn't very sensitive to hard language, it doesn't really matter how many there are (within reason), does it? If they are, any F word is too much.
Amy Nothing that a student won't find by attending any public middle-high school. This book is a good experience for a young reader, despite the minimal profanities present.
Thy For me, it is mild profanity. As in, it's not on every page. However, if you don't appreciate a light-hearted F-bomb every few chapters, this might not be the kind of laugh you are looking for.
Deanne If you count "the Lord's name in vain" then yes there's that kind of profanity also. It isn't very often, but to quote Bea in this book, "just a little poop in the stew is still poop in the stew! :)
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Elizabeth It's not free of profanity, but I would say it's sparse.
Amanda Sargent I'd say almost none, but it's funny to see how diffferently people are answering this . I am from Boston and therefore, if there was in a curse in every sentence I'd likely not even notice. But, I cannot imagine someone caring so much about words (that's literally all they are, who cares?) that you decide not to read a book because of it? I mean, you are missing out on a huge percentage of amazing books. I mean, how can a word bother you that much? Seems silly.
Mary Ann Currently reading this. Words matter and profanity is, well, profane. So I would say there is definitely profanity in this book, though not an extreme amount. If you like profanity or don't mind it, it will not be a problem. If you, like me, can tolerate it from those whose hearts are hardened to it, it will seem like realistic profanity but profanity none-the-less I would not recommend this to a young teen because of this. There are so many other wonderful profanity-free reads to recommend.
Katie Aside from the SEVERAL f-bombs that are scattered through the book, there isn't really any swearing. However, if there is a tasteful way to use the f-word, I think Maria Semple achieved it. I hate that word and I was not offended.
Jayna I would consider it light. There are a few words, but I hardly noticed them.
Nancy Gourdoux The author used very few profane words. Those were used to enhance the concepts that were brought into the story.
Lisagayle None that I remember.
Kathi Meenehan I just finished this book,and while there's a little profanity, I like a quirky book, with some twists and turns and this book hit the mark. It's not violent, so the language wasn't a large part of the story. I would take a chance if I were you, but only if you like a book that isn't formulaic.
Lorna I thought there was quite a bit of profanity, but I was listening to the audio version so that might have made it more noticeable. F-word at least half a dozen times, and a few milder words interspersed as well.
Melissa Very little as I recall
ApisMellifera I'm always astonished that people stops at this kind of detail. This wonderful book can be red by anyone, even if you're not an atheist / agnostic.

We should better talk about the quality of writing, the humor, the characters...
Susan Mather Barone The F-bomb mostly along with using God's name in vain (using God or Jesus as a curse word.) From comments I've read I'm guessing people may be desensitized to profanity. I don't know how they didn't notice that. I pretty much skipped the language as I read.
Stephanie A little too much for me, but it's pretty authentic once you get to know Bernadette (and even Bee.) I don't love that, but this book was worth it for me.
3 no 7 none of note, not offensive, so little that it was not a distraction, but it varies from "narrator" to narrator in the sotry
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