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what grades are recommended for this book

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Biblio I am sure I would not allow my 12-year-old to read a book about a 12-year-old Sophie obsessed with getting her Prince, going to the extent of wearing "very short skirt showing her creamy thighs (author's words)" and wearing "revealing saree (author's words again). I am so glad I read it beforehand and decided my 12-year-old daughter can do without this book.
Anonymous I read it when I was thirteen, but reading it now, I'd be pretty uncomfortable giving it to any young person. The author explicitly mentions the "revealing" nature of Sophie's (a young girl implied to be around twelve) clothes, as well as a boy "sneaking glances" at her legs and sweating when she is close to him while wearing her revealing outfit. There's also a reference to her "assets" (almost made me vomit), a wolf winking at her, multiple boys "drooling" after her, descriptions of her face and makeup as "luscious," "delicious," and even straight-up "provocative." I may not have 100 % picked up on this creepiness when I read it as a thirteen-year-old, but it did give me a bad "vibe" even then.
Anna I read it when I was 7, and I was fine. Honestly, there are a lot of haters out there, and they don't care that a seven y/o read it. They're like " I am sure I would not allow my 12-year-old to read a book about a 12-year-old Sophie obsessed with getting her Prince, going to the extent of wearing "very short skirt showing her creamy thighs (author's words)" and wearing "revealing saree (author's words again). I am so glad I read it beforehand and decided my 12-year-old daughter can do without this book." Eh, hello, Biblio, but A SEVEN YEAR OLD READ IT. THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL IS AWESOME AND YOU 12 Y/O SHOULD READ IT. Like, hello? overprotective Mom here?=Biblio
Ellie Taylor I read this at 25 and loved it, but I'm a fan of middle grade fiction and the entire fantasy/fairy tale genre. I would say if the reader is old enough to handle books 3-5 of Harry Potter (considering darker subject matter, many characters, and multiple interwoven plot lines) than they can read these books.
Creative.Landfill I read this book when I was 10 and absolutely adored it. Bear in mind that I also loved books like Artemis Fowl, Gregor the Overlander, Sisters Grimm, and the Hunger Games so if you're not into fantasy with a darker edge, it may not be for you. I'd say it's for 4th-9th graders.
Aster Excuse me, Biblio? I'm twelve and I LOVE this series. Heck, my sister is TEN and she loves this series. That may have something to do with the fact that we were both reading Harry Potter around age four.
Avaminn F'nett I wouldn't let anyone under 10 read it. It's quite dark. It's good for middle school and up.
Agatha I read this at 10 years old, then i re-read this at 18 years old, and my grandmother read this book at 75 years.
But, I think it depend on what book you read normally.
meredith I read this when I was 9 and I loved it. Although I also read a lot of other kinda dark-ish books including The Selection Series and Artemis Foul.
Ella shut up biblio, I read this at 11 and it remains one of my best memories of a book series. I'd say 11 and up.
✿ mackenzie ✿ No one should read this book. It is garbage.
Noelle I read this when I was twelve and loved it. I also read Red Queen when I was thirteen so ya.
sydneeeey b I would say 11-12+
TheUltimateHarryPotterFan Don't even read this book at all!
Charleen I read this book when I was around 10-11 I would say and I could understand it just fine. I wouldn't say it's too mature or anything; it is "middle-grade," kind of like Harry Potter. If you've read HP or Percy Jackson or anything along the lines of those, I think you can read SGE
Ritz I would say 5th grade, so probably for 10 and 11 year olds.
Jonathan Ryan I would say good for middle school and up.
Lucy I think that anyone from the ages 9-18 would like this book. I read this book when I was eight, and I still love it now. I might even like it more now, considering you can understand more of the concepts, and wording. I would definitely recommend it!
Ayesha I read this at 11 and 12 and trust me, even if it might contain some older topics, it doesn't mention them often. It doesn't contain bad language or wording so it's basically like any Disney movie a kid might watch. But instead of a princess being rescued by a prince, this promotes feminism and your appearance not defining who you really are. Even if some other people might not think it, I believe younger readers should read these books because they have amazing messages along with characters and plots.
curlyfriesareawesome read this when i was 8

honestly, it wasn't really worth it
Panda22 I read it when I was pretty young, and it really just depends on the child/person and how mature they are. But overall, I'd say 6-8 would be a good time to read it.
Chloe Athanasiou I read it the summer going into fifth grade, but I would recommend it for seventh grade +
Kaitlynn It matters on the person I read it when I was 12 I think, a lot of people have been commenting about how the book is sexualized but when I was that age I didn't catch onto it and it didn't change how I acted in anyway. I suggest you read this before your kid if you are on the fence about it but in this generation kids know a lot more then you think.
Halo World__362 i read this at the age of 12 , i loved it truly .
Chaewon An Well, I started this book when I was 10, and I absolutely loved this. However, this was quite a dark and romantic book for me at that age, so I think I would recommend it to a middle grader, like 12 years and up. Honestly, this is my favorite book, especially because I love this type of book.v
Ry Thorne i'd say middle-grade
Brondwyn I am in 2nd grade and I loved it. Still, I love dark and advanced books.
Bethan I got this book for my 11th? 10th brithday? I can't remember anyway. I loved it back then but I think I was too young to fully understand what some of the themes in the book are. It's a good book don't get me wrong but maybe 12+ ould be the ideal ages
BIG FAN!! i read it in 3rd grade but it it matters on how brave your kid is
Bella I don't know about others but I read this book in 6th grade.
Sumeria I read this book in 4th or 5th and I liked it a lot. I would say that it's a bit thick for 3rd graders, personally, but it's all in the maturity level. Some of the more questionable bits I didn't even understand at the time, and was just enthralled by the amazingly told tale. It is a bit dark, but not horrendously so until the later parts of the series.
Kieran C. The first book is pretty benign, but it gets very dark later in the series. However, it's not inappropriate at all for the target middle grade (my interpretation is 4th-7th grade) audience and deals with issues in a wonderfully tactful way that little kids can understand. I'd say first book 7/8+, second book 9+, third book 10+, fourth book 10/11+.
Jaydn Mann I read the first book in the series in 6th or 7th grade, and LOVED it. I own the entire series now, and I still enjoy re-reading it as a freshman in high school. I know it's usually found in the juvenile section, but I'd say it's aiming more for 13+ (especially as the series goes on {4th book readers, anyone?}).
Ariana Im 9, Im reading it and I enjoy it but it really depends on your reading level.
Bailee I read this in 3rd grade (9 y.o.) To be honest, it had a lot of cussing in it and it was a little hard ot understand back then but when I read it again as a 13 years old, it was okay.
Nilah Savage This book series are fine for youth 11-12+ I think that the series makes the reader think and skim reading is not an option in this book.

I agree that certain 11-12+ year olds might not be suited to this book as Sophie is a bit of a drama queen, obsessed with her looks while Agatha is supposedly a 'goth'. The book deals with heaps of stereotypes, mainly 'Popular' and 'Goth' or 'Loser'. Very good read, there is a fifth coming out in 2018 - can't wait!
Ang A perfect book for Middle Schools who love magic or are just looking for a book a little like Harry Potter. A great read!
Ella I think it's a teen book/young adult. I just finished it and loved it, and I'm 14 if that helps, and I think depending on the maturity younger readers like 9-10 would be able to read it too.
scarlett kleinfeld I would say from fifth and up for mostly girls. I read it in fifth-sixth grade and it is my alllllll timmmMEMEMM FAVVVVOORRIIIITTTE BOOOOKKKKKKKK. BEST BOOK SERIES EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has a few bad words and mature parts, mostly in book one, but it is so good and connects well with reality. As a twelve year old, I totally understand the girl drama, fights, boys, friends, school, and overall the bst book eeevvvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
Kit I read this when I was 9-10. I saw it at Barnes and Noble but it was so expensive that I went home and begged my parents to get it on my book. However, this is coming from someone who read the entire Harry Potter series in 1 1/2 months in second grade, so I'd say it depends on the reader.
Donna Revelli Our nine-year old granddaughter read all three of these books, and LOVED them. It would depend on the maturity of the child.
Fairy I would recommended for 4th, 5th and 6th grades but by the third book it gets really gory and bloody tho
Kyla I read this when I was 11 I didn't find It too disturbing so like 11 or 10 and up?
Sylvie Gromada I read this when I was nine years old so I think that it would be for people aged 9-15
Sarah I think it depends on the reader. If they're mature and can handle the darker and more mature themes. In my opinion, if they can read Harry Potter, they can handle this. I would be totally comfortable suggesting it to my 12-year-old brother. (The only downside is he's the kind of boy that might not be into fairy tales told mostly from girls' points of views.)
Rak Nay If you dont think the children is too dumb to understand Japanese cartoons (anime) nine and above.
A 12 years old to high school would enjoy more.
Emma Ciesla I read this book when I was eight or nine, but I'm pretty advanced at reading.
Wai Liu Grades 6+ would probably be best.
Felicia I read this series when I was around 10, but I didn't really understand it, and didn't especially like it. I reread it again this year (I'm twelve, now) and I really enjoyed it. I could connect more with the characters and actually understand the emotion behind the words.
So I would say that it is appropriate for 10 year olds but for it to be more enjoyable I would suggest an older age.
Arianna I read this when I was ten. Although I am an advanced reader. I wound recommend it for ages 12-15
Rea Dietz i read this book in fifth grade and loved it! but i'm kind of an advanced reader so i would recommend it to 6th maybe 7th graders
Erin I would recommend this book for 4th grade and up as long as the reader is a mature reader.
Julianne It depends. If you are an advanced reader in lower school, go ahead and read I, (the story line is hard to follow sometimes) I think middle schoolers would read this book fine.
Susan My 3rd grade 9 year old loves the whole series.
Dylan I read this in fifth grade but, im pretty advanced for reading so probbably 6th or early seventh
Molly Green I read it in 5th grade, but I would recommend it for 12ish, since that's how old Sophie and Agatha are. M in 7th grade now, and still love it tho;D
Alyssa i say middle and high school students (grade 6-12) i got it for Christmas and finished it by January 6
Wash your hands. It's aimed at the 9-11 year old girl market.
priya People in high school will also like this book, yeah is called middle grade but anyone can enjoy it
Clover Grass I would say like 6th grade in up because I started it in sixth and ended it in seventh
Lisha I'd say about Gr.7 and up... maybe for kids in late Gr.6
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