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This book sounds SO similar to FIFTY SHADES of GREY, is it ? Or, do you feel that there is a significant difference between the two? It sounds intriguing and I'd like to suggest it for a group BOTM but.... I'm hesitant. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help!

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Kathy Langdon Oh no Betsy! In no way is this book like 50 Shades of Grey. There is a HUGE difference between the two and I would tell you it but it would give away a major part of the plot in this 3 book series. 50 shades has it's happy moments, it's ups and downs, it's lovely-doveyness (despite all the "I'm terrible, I like to whip little brown-haired girls") Tony - the male lead - is quite frankly, a monster. In comparison, Christian is a puppy.

Not only that, but it's a real heartwrencher. Soooo many times did I want to smash my kindle. And I mean, take aim and freaking FIRE, I was so angry, frustrated and heart sick!

I feel like I haven't conveyed my objection enough over the difference between the two so I'm just going to say it...

[....Kidnap. Rape. Horrible physical and mental abuse - Frequently. Stockholm Syndrome.]

Don't get me wrong, read the books, but maybe not part of a group and definitely not with 50 Shades in mind. If you do read them, read it for Claire (the female lead). She NEEDS her story told. She DESERVES to have her story told and she is an amazing woman. Yes, the work is fiction and it is a beautifully written and put together storyline by Aleatha but it is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. It left me out of sorts for weeks.

I hope I helped.
Katherine FSOG doesn't even come close to the brilliance of the Consequences series. There is NO comparison. I don't understand all the hype surrounding FSOG, but if you enjoyed that series, and even if you didn't, you HAVE to read these books. This books will blow your mind and leave you wondering what the hell you just read and if you read it right. You'll go back and make sure that you didn't miss anything. If you're like me, you'll read these again and again. This series is by far my all time favorite series ever written. I'm reading a new series that is coming close, but I haven't finished the series as all the books aren't released yet. The first book is Enslaved, for free right now on Amazon, by Marissa Honeycutt. Consequences and the series titled The Life of Anna are two totally different beasts, and again can't be compared. If you read the Consequences series and The Life of Anna series you'll be saying "Fifty Shades what? I can't even remember because I've read two series' that made me forget what the hell Fifty Shades was all about." That's how I was, but then I thought FSOG was mediocre series when I finally made myself finish them. They didn't keep me up all night. I wasn't wondering what the hell just happened? I wasn't consumed at all with FSOG, but I was/am totally consumed with Consequences and the first three book in The Life of Anna series.
Christine Karan Hey Betsy, this definitely is not a FSOG types. seriously, if you are for something or someone like Grey, this is not a book you will find him. As Kathy mentioned, compared to Anthony, Christian is way better. you would think Christian's life is messed up, then try reading This Man, where you come across Jesse Ward. His life is messed up! but then when you read about Anthony, he turns YOUR life into a mess! he is a disgusting monster, with some amazing class.

However, Claire, she really fights hard. she deserves much more than Anthony. she needs to find her voice that Anthony snached away.

P.S. i just finished the book and fuming with anger. sorry if that came across. its a really good book. :)
Dianne YES! It is ridiculously like a sanitised version of FSOG. See my review for comparisons.
April Wilson This description sounds nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm not sure why you would even confuse the two. Fifty Shades of Grey is a ROMANCE with a little dabbling of kinky in it. This other book is dark and filled with abuse. NOT the same thing.
Shelby Gee
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Anisha I came to ask this very Q - I am 20% done and want to delete it from my Kindle bc it reminds me SO much of FSOG and I hated that book with a passion. Bottom line: there's a girl who can't do anything but be submissive, and then there's this guy who needs control. How is this different???
Jennifer I actually thought this was very similar to FSOG, although written way better and a better story / plot. Both of these books have the idiot woman who is so dazzled by money and amazing sex, both women are verbally, mentally and physically abused and think that they are loved (Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?).

The biggest difference between these two women is Ana made a conscience decision to enter into this kind of relationship and initially Claire was forced.

The sex scenes are not nearly as often or as graphic as FSOG. Overall, I enjoyed Consequences way more and thought the end was brilliant.
Paganalexandria This book is closer to Captive In The Dark than Fifty Shades Of Grey. This was recommended to me as a FSOG-a-like and I was not happy at first because of it. I actually enjoyed all three books, so that isn't a judgment call. This is a very dark read, where FSOG is closer to the regular romance spectrum.
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