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Gordon I don't get why people ask what the "point" of something is. That's a totally objective measure to a completely subjective idea. Either you "got" something from it, or you didn't. To me, it's not the responsibility of an author to imbue every aspect of a work with meaning. And even if I were wrong about that, how would an author assure every reader discovers the same truth?
Savanah Gray
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Anthony This nice scene shows the porousness of the real and supernatural worlds.

Sam is a normal human. She is connected, perhaps thru reincarnation to the god creators of the past but she does not know that she is part of this. Shadow gives her the flowers as a human thank you but removes the memory of doing so because it would just require too much explanation (he just did this with a policeman for the same reason). This incident then becomes the story of the ghost flowers which Sam tells for the rest of her life. This story has the potential to become a myth.
Sebastian Sebastián Erasmy Well, she made me smile and she had me roaring with laughter when she got the call from Mr. Town. That was enough to make me love her and it completely justified her role in the book. Do you really need a deeper reason for her being there? she was simply great. I wish Shadow could've talked more to her, I looked forward to their interactions.
Gbolahan Who was Sam Black Crow?
Don't remember who she was...and don't really care.
Everything in the book was pointless.
We should all just read Neverwhere only. Good book.
Hannah See, my response to that is that there isn't a point to the book, which just frustrates me.
Negative Spirit I think she's a Daughter of a god but unaware of it just like shadow in the beginning of the book..
Jeremy Morenzi
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Jam Sinclair Good question. I gave up trying to answer all these wtf questions half way through. Was still just as confused when I finished. meh.
Jack Chory that she was the daughter of "whiskey jack".
Anna Maria anonimia What was the point of the whole book, Hannah?
Saharra George I think the answer is that Gaiman is a stream of consciousness writer who doesn't put much thought into anything that goes onto the page.
Andrea I believe the white buffalo head is a symbol of the land. I don't know what significance of Sam Black Crow, other than to show how people know each other and run into each other. (for example, Shadow meets Sam's sister.) I think that the thunderbirds (along with the white buffalo) show Shadows connection to the land. The land was trying to influence him in the way the "war" was going between the gods. Shadow put the flowers in her hand. I don't know why she didn't notice, but he does know a lot of "slight of hand".
Phillip Atencio Hahha, her being Atsula makes sense and then it makes no sense. Oh discordia, she does have the traits of Atsula even though she was with Shadow she did not believe in him. Like her long ago ancestor had no faith and she is doomed to suffer the same fate as the long dead Atsula.
Ivan Marzan Just not my cup of tea is all...
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