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What is a good age to read this book?

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Sara I first read it when I was about 13, and then re-read it when I was 18. I really don't think age matters.
Jackie I admire people who actually made it all the way through at a young age. I found it mind-numbingly boring as an adult, and can't imagine reading it as a child. There are so many fantastic books written for kids these days. Why not read them, and then if you feel like you have to read this book, do it as an adult.
Marie-anaïs Rostaing I think it can be one of those books where reading it again later in life will only add to your perception of the story. Don't limit yourself, if you want to read it, whatever your age, read it !
David Leung I read it probably at 16. I might have read it again at 21-ish. I don't remember. Very good book. This is how I think of vampires now, not Twilight.
Ertyu Tyui Here are some good samples of the book for you to judge yourself

"...and I sank my teeth into his skin, my body rigid, that hard sex driving against me, and I lifted him in passion off the floor. Wave after wave of his beating heart passed into me as, weightless, I rocked with him, devouring him, his ecstasy, his conscious pleasure."

"... the sleeping corpse of a woman ravaged by a vulture with a human face; a naked man bound hand and foot to a tree, beside him hanging the torso of another, his severed arms tied still to another branch, and on a spike this dead man's staring head."
Alissa Depends on the person. I think smart teens who love to read, especially those who might feel like outsiders or misfits, could enjoy this book in their early teens. I've heard a lot of people say they first read this at 13 and adored it. If the reading level and interest is there I wouldn't stop any young teen from reading it. Some people may not be ready for it, mentally, intellectually, or emotionally until late teens or even early 20s. It's all about the reading level and maturity of the reader.
Soren I first read it when I was 10 and again when i was 15. I got more out of it when I was older but I think it depends on a respective kid's maturity/reading level.
Jade Hernandez I first read it when i was in fourth grade, and reread it when i was in 7th and i am currently reading it again, while I'm in 10th. Even though i read it at e very young age I still interpret it all the same. So for me age didnt really matter
Julesofwisdom If you're easily swayed by others & don't have a good sense of yourself, then it's never good to read this book. Besides that, I would say after you've finished high school.
Elmer Completely agree with Marie-anaïs Rostaing. The book is not explicit, that's a good thing with this book. It will depend more on how open is the reader's mind. I first read it at 18 and even at that age there were a lot of things that I didn't get and now that I read it again I did get.
Oscar 13 yo is a good age but some people rise the bar to 17
Filomena I read this book as an adult and I loved it. Great story well told. If I want reality, I wake up to it daily :) so I like a book such as this one.
Lisa I am 42 and reading it for the first time and I am loving it!!
Helen I read it at 16 and liked it but I think I would have understood it better if I was older.
Elena This book is good for teens.
David Eydelnant There really isnt a good age to read this book. As a teenager you will only understand the surface of the story and read it like an entertaining action film.

As you get older you start understanding the characters and their dilemma's. The urge to be immortal, and the crushing weight of being immortal. Anne Rice in my opinion is an average author at best, however she is an incredible story-teller who understands what intimacy and the human condition are.

In short, its a lot deeper than you think at first.
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