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I'm about 60 pages in and I'm still finding "Room" to be extremely tedious. Should I keep reading? I don't see yet what's all the fuss about this book.

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Caitlin Vail I think it's meant to seem tedious... it helps the reader relate to some of the frustrations and limitations the mother must be feelings on a regular basis, having known a world outside Room. I say read on...
Jennifer YES! It is an amazing book. It's definitely worth it in the end. After the first little bit, I couldn't put it down.
Pablo Life is too short. Move along.
Collette Anne I'm probably in the minority, because I hated this book, especially since it was based on a true story. I found it depressing, badly written, tedious, and silly. There are so many wonderful, inspiring, good books in the world. No need to read this one. I would place it in the category of books to be avoided, like that dreadful Fifty Shades of Rubbish!
Elise Nina--Then I guess Emma Donoghue made a big mistake. An author has 50 pages to grab a reader, and that is all, in my opinion.
Keyana I'm with you on this. I don't think I can read anymore.
BRandy Thomas Don't. I wasted my time. It doesn't get better.
Cathryn Kendrick Keep reading! The beginning is a bit slow, because of the POV of Jack and his limited world but things do pick up after about page 80. Hope you truck on!
Nina My review of this book says "I was riveted, after about page 75". And I was. Hope this helps!
Alisa I think people read for several reasons. One is for the story, the plot. As a reader, you're driven to find out what happens next. Another is for character--the way people are and how they transform. Some people read for setting, for the pleasure of being whisked away to a different place or time or even universe. Others read for the message, and still others read to experience the beauty of language and literary technique. I tend to be a plot reader--I think that's true of most people. Room, though, is definitely a character book.

I was transfixed from page 1. I immediately settled into Jack's thinking and speaking and trusted him to tell the story. The first part of the novel is exposition, and the rising action doesn't begin until near the middle of the book. At that point, there's a lot of suspense, but it falls off quickly. Room is also definitely a message book, and the message is more profound than just "It's hard to adjust to the real world after you've spent seven years in captivity." It's about survival and adjustments and coping. Room is also a language book. I saw one complaint in the comments below about the bad grammar. ACK! The narrator's a kid--of course the grammar could use some work! And his mom corrects him, for pete's sake.

If you're looking for lots of suspense, this probably isn't the best choice for you. If you're looking for something with a close inspection of character, then I think it's excellent.
Shaily NO!!!! If you're not enjoying it now, it's NOT going to get better. I learned that the hard way.
Larry Chrispyn I listened to it on 9 CDs from the library. I would recommend listening to some of the first and 2nd CDs and most of the 3rd. Then by near the end of 3, finish all of it. I do think that Emma Donoghue misses the early chance to get the Reader's interest in the early part of the book. I do Not agree that the reader needs to be bored to understand their lives.
Michelle I didn't even find the beginning tedious at all. It's a great book, but maybe it's not for you?
Ann Meighan I'm only about ten pages into the book and am calling it. I can't/don't want to read any more. Don't want to waste my time. Maybe I'll pick it up again in the future. Winter is too depressing as it is.
Monica Oldenburg-Crans Tedious? I find it not one bit tedious. It's a fabulous portrayal of a 5 year-old's peronality and mind.
I am a lover of languages and words and meanings. I totally love how Jack uses language, how he discovers new words and the world behind them. I love how intelligent he is, what an original mind he has.

I am also interested in how the mind works, in feelings, emotions, trauma. That probably helps. Also I am listening to the audio book. That is probably the biggest difference.

This book reminds me of : What maisie knew by Henry James. Which also presents the world from a child's perspective.
Jessy Tallent I normally wouldn't recommend this, but watch the film staring Brie Larson. If you want to know the story but can't stomach the writing the movie really does good. The book is too much from Jacks's view, maybe that's why you cant get into it. The movie is much more broad and open from both characters views so you get a more engaging feel.
Hopi I was hooked by page 3, the detail the author went to in expressing the world from a child's point of view was extraordinary, how she did it I will never know but I read the book in about 6 days --the middle transition of locale was intense and gripping but way before that, the way she knew how a child would express thoughts of his world and construct those thoughts with missing words and give names for things as friends etc etc, it was one of the most profound unique reading experiences ever-- and I am an English Lit major ;) cannot wait to see the movie, and if they are able to tell it from his POV as the book did
John Ervin You know? Read the intro for yourself or through the first chapter if you are unwanting to buy then rent it from the Library or read a synopsis on line at Goodreads or Amazon....Never buy or read a book based upon someone else's 'opinion'...If while reading the book you are not 'feeling it' put it down and read something else until you are ready to reengage. other-wise continue reading being you already devoted 60 pages..Ultimately reviews are just another person's experience that may not be yours 'to No' fault of the author..
Kellie Coleman Keep Reading! Worth it!
Fifi K I'm 40 pages in and I stopped reading for 2 weeks now. I usually read books in less than a week. I don't know what to do with this one.
Lauren Keep reading! The book is slower to start, but all that information is vital in understanding the rest of the novel!
Betty LaVelle Dialect is very difficult to write. I believe Donoghue did a brilliant job with the format, drawing the reader into the characters' realities.
Vanessa John When I commenced reading I came to a point early on where I thought we'd stop hearing from Jack. I felt slightly irritated, but then I as I kept reading, I felt I had to be there for Jack. I love kids so it wasn't hard. How clever to be able to write through the eyes of a child so young.
Rosemary I felt the same way but I persevered because it was a book club pick. It doesn't get much better. Not a book I would have chosen on my own but that's why I am in book club, to "expand" my reading experience.
Leah Krawczyk I read until page 50 and was completely bored. My Mom always said to read a book until 50 pages and decide from there. I guess I will check it out again based on these reviews!!
Ivy it only picked up after around page 140 for me. After that, i read the rest in one sitting.
Peggy Read on. It gets better and better. I didn't like it at first, but ended up giving it a 5 star.
Haizurah I read it. And it grabs my attention from page 80 onwards. It's really interesting and I'm finishing!
Sebastian Angelosante It does get better, you discover the back story of 'Ma' and how she ended up in the room and how she tried to escape and so on. *Spoiler* Not the entire book is spent in the room, they escape at about halfway
Trish I started to read it too. I found the same. I then watched the movie and picked the book back up. It was better, because you could skip over the tedious parts.
Sarah I had the same experience, finding the first fifth or so incredibly boring and quite hard to tolerate what with the unique perspective and (deliberate) poor grammar. I came very close to giving up (something I hardly ever do with a book) but then sat down and got a good 100 pages done and I'm so glad I kept going!
Jennifer I felt the exact same way and almost put it down but I promise if you keep reading you will grow to like it. I had a hard time reading it at first but as his character develops so does your perspective.
Taylah Murie When I first began reading this book, I thought the same thing. I persisted with the book and I found that the tediousness of "Room" was one of the main factoring reasons why this is one of my favorite books.
Henriette I am also struggling with this one, but I guess I should try to get to page 80 or so before I give up on it.
John Dufresne I hope that you were convinced to at the very least leave the book and come back to it (as I did) because it is well worth enduring the very tough start to get to the rest.
Christie Claus keep reading dear.. you'll know why this book is amazing.!
Kristy That's a toughy. I'm trying to make myself finish the books I start ... I have a bad habit of not doing that. However, The last half has been hard. It's very drawn out and boring, in my opinion.
Marie F A friend who recommends it says it picks up after about the first 80 pages, if you can trudge through the unenthusing pace of the beginning... I, personally, haven't tried it yet.
Julia YES!!! I felt this so strongly! Then, about 100 pages in it became worth it
S. Gregory I found it terribly boring. As someone who has finished it, it's not worth your time. I see from the reviews that I'm in the minority. I hate bashing other author's work as I know that not everyone will care for mine either but I can't fathom how this became a National Bestseller.
Amy Lucas It gets better... I admit it was a bit slow at the beginning but the end is worth reading it for
Patty Yes! I couldn't put it down about 1/3 of the way in.
Janet Blake I agree, I'm on 74 and I'm ready to put it down for good.
Jcb No. The book crawls to an unimpressive finish.
Debbie Deleeon I feel better that I too am struggling to "get into" this book. I'm going to keep going in hopes that it picks up. I just feel like it's saying the same thing over and over. I realize that they're in a room and can't leave, but still....Hard to hang in there sometimes.
Patricia Joyce Elise, I had the same experience as you, could not get into this book, found it boring, will not be rushing out to buy Emma Donoghue again, as like you, I could not see what the fuss was all about!
Rosaria Keep going. I felt the same way. It's worth your time.
John Middleton Yes, you should stop reading it. Read "Lolita", then go back and read "Room" again.
Cheryl the beginning is tedious even on book tape...but by 1/3 way in you are gripped! stay tuned...
Megan I had the same problem when I was reading... Definitely worth finishing the book though.
Kimberley Absolutely not! Put the book down and walk away...I did.
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