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Why is even the rating of this book so high? I'm like 100% sure I will give it a 1 star if I read it.

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Brittany S You're "like 100% sure", yeah? But you, um, haven't actually read the book yet? That doesn't make much sense. Maybe the rating is high because people actually like the book. Just because the visible reviews are all terrible, that doesn't mean that everyone thinks the same. In fact, the ratings prove the opposite. As for your 1 star-prediction, it'd be easy to accept that if you had read the book. 1 star because it sucked. Or maybe 5 stars if it was great. You don't know until you read it, so its really narrow minded of you to state that opinion without having any knowledge of what the book, or author, are actually like.
Lianne Van doorn Maybe you need to read the book before you open your mouth. I've read the book and I love it, so read it before you judge it.
Julia Li Don't judge a book by its cover. Have you even read it? It's amazing! But that's simply my opinion. With all due respect, I sincerely believe that you need to remove this rude comment and go find some other place to complain about a book you've never even read.
Sorry if I sound harsh, but I really love this book and it hurts to see other people like you judge it without reading it.
piranha The person asking the question didn't even mention the cover, so why's everyone DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER? Such common "wisdom" often is nonsense. Publishers design covers for exactly that purpose.

I judge a lot of books by their covers, I could show you some of them, and I bet you'd judge them too. ;) I also judge books by their blurbs, and by opening them and reading the hook and a random couple of pages. I judge them by character names ("America Singer" gets an automatic ding). And I judge them by obviously overblown ratings on GoodReads. I have honestly not liked a single new book that I solely picked up because it had a 4+ rating here. It's a reliable reverse indicator, if anything. Especially if it's a heteronormative teen romance, or a libertarian military SF book, high ratings mean it slots straight into a certain group's preferences, which are diametrically opposed to mine.

Those are all perfectly valid choices if you know yourself well and you have a good sense of what does and doesn't work for you. Prejudging sensibly saves us all a lot of time.

Here the cover puts the book squarely into a category that isn't likely to interest me (young girl all dressed up for a fancy ball or something -- very pretty cover, btw). The blurb starts out bad, feels like "The Batchelor", but then the next paragraph sounds a bit better, at least our heroine isn't a money-grabbing harpy. But paragraph 3 indicates a standard love triangle (which bore me).

I wouldn't ever say something is a bad book per se when I have not actually read it. But I can definitely judge the likelihood of it being a book I enjoy. So if you think you might not enjoy this, move on. There are hundreds of thousands of books out there, and while there is some value in reading a classic anyway even if you might not enjoy it, there is no reason to read random, popular fluff if you have no interest in it.
Vaishnavi 🌺 Yep it is pretty bad, you should follow your intuition and just not read it. Its your typical cliche love triangle, whatever whatever. And it is completely and utterly predictable.
Makenna I originally planned never to read this book because i was sure i would hate it but my friend got me this one last week and now i have all but the prince and the guard, and i must say it is amazing!!!!!!
Denice epic book cover judging. i probably would have passed on this book, but having read this review i will now read the series.
Meghan While I generally don't swear to know with absolute certainty whether I will hate or love a book before reading it, sometimes it's obvious from the description. (Sometimes not.) I was wondering something similar as the question posed here. A more useful answer for me would be the reasons why you personally like it. Simply saying "you can't know until you try it" is unhelpful and not completely accurate. I can say (without having tried it) that skydiving is not for me. I don't trust the safety mechanisms. They fail sometimes. Not perfect. And I dislike that "whoosh" feeling in my stomach when I'm in free fall. I guess my point is: tell me what why you like this book so much. What's most appealing to you?
Lorelei Maybe its just your not the right person to read it. I think lots of us read it because we read things like this before.
emi How can you be 100 percent sure if you haven't read it? ok, i understand if you're 100 percent sure you hate it after reading it, but what you're saying now is kinda pathetic. Dude, stop trolling please. You haven't even read the book. So, lol, what r u doing here? leave pls
On It's becoming a movie. Trust me, people like it.
Katie I was recommended this book by my librarian who has similar taste to me. She has suggested several books that I loved. I normal don't do the whole romance and hate the bachelor show which is what i thought this was going to be. But it wasn't the first book is mostly about the whole America lives in and her feels on the selection but they throw enough mystery element in it for me to be hooked. Once I got through the first few chapters I was hooked and have read the whole series. I personally hate writing reviews for books so i rate them without explaining my reason which is what i think a lot of people here of done. That why the rating is good. But you really should at least give it a try. You won't know till you try it to see if you like it or not this book will surprise you
Leticia Porter I think that you even asking that question is you judging a book by its cover. You may think it's all about princesses and princes but really it goes deeper than that. I think you should really read the book before even trying to say that it should be one star. I know lots of people who refuse to read the book because they think it's going to suck but trust me it doesn't.
Anika People tend to write a review when they don't like the book...
El aus Slytherin I was thinking that too. But sometimes it's really refreshing to read a book like this. You should give it a try. You may be surprised after reading this book.
Amy How can you be 100% sure you don't like it if you've never read it. Many people might not like this book because it is simple and uncomplicated with a stereotypical plot but as you can see by the ratings, many people liked it. Including myself. But you can't judge this book by what everybody else thinks. Give it a chance before you make a final decision on it.
Saura I don't think it's fair to rate a book before you read it. Anyway, before I read the book, I thought I would love it. I ended up hating it. I found the protagonist arrogant and shallow, and the world of Illea made no sense to me. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, but it's a matter of opinion. Some people seem to have fallen in love with this book, so you have no right to give it a one star before you read it.
Penelope Sanchez I completely agree with you, in my own subjective, non-offensive opinion, this book isn't my favorite. If you don't like cheesy YA books, then I may recommend another story, such as the Fault in Our Stars or the Hunger Games.
The Writer's Shelf I don't understand either. I read the books and i can't stand them. But taste is subjective. What you think is terrible someone may consider a jewel and so on and so forth. I don't think it's amazing. In fact, I think it's far from amazing, but other people seem to enjoy it enough. Read the books, and then give it what you feel it deserves!
Ebster Davis My guess is that it's marketed very well. Look at the front cover, do you think any self-respecting male is gonna read a book with a girl in a fancy dress on the cover?

It syphon's out readers who would be more critical of the literary style in favor of the type of reader who will lap up the romance element.
TheBohemianBookworm Because people today are obsessed with shallowness. It's quite sad really that books like these with no more sustenance than a twinkie are lauded and read voraciously while so many amazing books go unread. I weep for humanity.
Riri DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER! SERIOUSLY I picked this up thinking that I would give this at least 1 star and I was glad I read through!!!!!

I gave this two stars.
Lexie I gave the book a chance and honestly, it wasn't that bad. It was a rough beginning, but the story started to become more and more interesting as the plot picked up a little. I would at least read the book before judging it. I had some problems with it, but honestly, it was more so because of the main character America, which is why I gave it about a 2.8 stars. I found the plot to be pretty good, actually. Good enough to continue on with the series...
Denz Rui It's bad. Don't waste your time reading it.
Florence Ho I am sure that you will give it 5 stars after you read it. This book is great, so it really worth this rating. Please do not judge it only because of the cover. Thank you
Maddy Yep, DEFINITELY don't read it. It's a horrible book. It's not like you are pulled into the story immediately. Or you cry because of the tension between Maxon and America. It's not even like there's a bad guy. It's not like the protagonist is a BADASS at all. Totally not good at all. Definitely judge a book by its cover. Good choice.
Marti I felt the same way. But I gave in and read it. Well now I find myself suggesting it to people. I thought it would be too Bachelor (which I hate) but it wasnt for me. I am on the 3rd book now and so happy I gave it try. I rated it 5 stars because I loved it. That is why it probably has a high rating.
Jennifer Meek Ummm....Every heard of don't judge a book by the cover. It's kind of harsh to say that if you haven't even picked the book up. It happens to be my favorite book.
Jaclyn Heng And you're saying that even though you haven't even read the book yet. Wow. Okay. Wild assumptions much?
Rin Yep dont read its awful . Just read all the bad reviews there on the review page
Gabi I thought the same thing, i just asked my friend for a book to read after testing. I started it, i didn't sleep that night. I finished it in the morning, it was the, and still is the best book(s) you will ever read. I bought all of the books, and got them signed when she went on the book tour. Kiera is so amazingly talented and i an so amazingly in love with this series. Just try it, you will be amazed.
Jasmine Edrington
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yasuko Well, books are like that. No matter how much a book is hated, or how much you hate it, there's going to be some people who like/love it, and vice versa. Sure it gets on your nerves but that's how it's going to be because it'd be drop-dead boring if it wasn't. I was actually thinking the same thing you were thinking. I'm REALLY picky on the names and when I saw her name was America Singer I knew I would HATE this book if I read it. Sometimes you know the book isn't going to be to your liking. Usually books with this kind of plot are generally met unfavourably but I guess there's something in this book people like. Anyway saying this because I think you had a legit point and were simply wondering why people would like this one.
lily:) You're 100% sure you'll hate it but you haven't read it? Seriously? You should probably read the book before you judge it.
Raiza Safeel well seeing the cover it looks like a girly princess book. but its not that type of princess book, i mean it is about 'the selection' for the queen but stilll its an awesome book, i can guarantee that you'll lyk it!
Maryness Curvelo I don't trust people who judge a book by its cover :) good luck judging!
Amy This book made it to my top 5 favorite books, and I'm pretty hard to impress. Why is the rating so high, you ask? Well, here are my answers. People LOVE this book (including myself). People actually READ this book. People are smart enough to rate it after they read this book. So ya, my point is pretty clear, READ THE BOOK BEFORE YOU RATE ANd INSULT EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO LOVED THIS BOOK. (Sorry for caps lol. Don't mean to hurt any feelings or anything, but, srsly.)
Megan I was seriously so impressed with this book. It is my all time favorite and I really don't like to read. The whole reason I got an account on this website was because I wanted to find another book like it. PLEASE READ!!! I got so caught up in the love triangles and the sense of dangerousness.
Bri You don't know for a fact that you won't like it, and some people DO like it which although is surprising to you, means that some people actually did read it before they judged it.
Mnmgymnast Dont be "like 100% sure" unless you've read the book. Now dont get me wrong, if you dont want to dont read the book. But dont assume it entirely sucks UNLESS you read it. I like it but it is more of a guilty pleasure, because im not a romancy type. Sorry off topic, you could like the book, even though the chance is slim. But the rating is high because like most books, the people who rate care. They either Love it so much they want everyone else to read it, or they hated it and want everyone to know.
Omshi Hey , even I thought that before I read it , but so many people recommended it to me that I decided to give it a try after all . I read the plot and found it boring , but still I read it . It is not all that a GREAT book but absolutely worth a try !
Karla Goodreads ratings are always high (and therefore insubstantial).
Layla stfu. That is all I have to say.
Book Worm My answer for you is that you can't judge it by the reviews OR the cover. You can't give a solid review UNTIL you have read it. Everyone has different perspectives on things, so you can't determine whether a book is good or bad by what other people say. And if you look for other aspects in the book besides love and selections, it's really meaningful. SO READ IT. AND SEE FOR YOURSELF, BEFORE YOU GIVE A SUCKY REVIEW.
Leia Barko Yeah, I read it and it was definitely not worth it. Just a lot of romance, no plot, not action.
Mary Ella
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Anureet Garcha everybody's opinion is different and I think we should respect that.
Reagan Beals To answer your question, I personally thought that the book was amazing. Even if you disagree, that is completely okay, but you honestly can’t predict how much you will like a book without actually reading it first. It isn’t possible to fairly rate a book without having actually read it for yourself.
Batuhan whole series fucking cringe but same time its really gripping. Like junk food
Machelle Honestly, I didn't like the cover all that much (though I thought the red hair was a beaut). My friends convinced me to read it and I told them I thought it would be a book that wasn't going to get me anywhere, but no I was so wrong. Literally couldn't put it down. lol. It took me less than a day to read the book and less than a week to finish the series. mwah! pure masterpiece.
Lizzie Dont judge a book by it's cover. I read the Selection and it is like the best book ever. And you can't be 100% sure you'll hate it if you dont even try it.
Emily Are you serious?
Who knows? Maybe it will be your new favorite book
Ana Fine, you can give it a one star rating. It won't affect the high rating and the love of this book from millions of others. If you want to judge a book by its cover, especially when you haven't read it, why do you have to tell everyone else that?
Jessie Not at all this book is so interesting! I fiscally could not put the book down it was that good!
MummysLilGremlin It is highly entertaining how worked up people are over the fact someone might not like something they enjoyed. SO? Lol seriously its naive and immature to assume a targeted age group or genre of book will be appreciated by everyone. I seriously couldn't believe all the people cussing out this person and telling them that they are uncultured
Or trolling....aren't they do the same by coming on here just to bad mouth a stranger who....gasp....disagree with their opinion. More than half of these people left comments just to be nasty because they could, some of the comments were honest people talking about their experiences with this book. Shame on you for thinking that its acceptable to be horrible to a stranger (this is exactly what I hate about FB) who has a different opinion than you....that's the definition of a bully.
PS- " judging a book by its cover" isn't what this person was doing, second of all the WHOLE reason people make pretty book covers is so when someone sees this book they will do exactly that
Addie I thought the book wouldn't be good too, but I just picked it up and it is amazing! It really surprised me.
Saran Lawson You should read it before you rate it. There are plenty of reasons to give it 5 stars or even 1 star based on taste. However, if you have not read it you shouldn't be rating it. There are real people looking for real responses to either read or not read a book. Rating it before you have read it is misleading and unfair to both the author and potential readers.
Yoelle I hate it when people do this. Quit it. Its an AMAZING book and ur being all sassy and judging this and judging that like as if u have a right to judge a book before u read it. I loved the book SO MUCH IT IS AMAZING AND U SHOULD READ IT BEFORE U SAY ANYTHING THAT US JUST SOO STUPID!!!
rafia then don't read it??? maybe its just not your taste and if its not, don't bother reading it if you know you aren't going to enjoy it.
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Yoelle you should read it before you make another of one of your predictions. you don't even know what its about! it is an amazing book and I advise you try it before putting up another of your comments. I read it and its amazing. maybe if you read it and put a comment like that I would at least respect it. but Noo u just had to make assumptions. so read the book and then you can tell me all about it kay?
Pâmela Lorençoni I don't think you should say something like that about ANY book... You don't know whether you will like it or not until you actually read it!
Ri Everyone has different opinions on this book so maybe read it and see how it goes:) I personally cringed reading it but some people enjoyed it.
Paula24 I respect if you say that you don´t like it if you read it but you judge before you even read it and that´s crap.
Sydney Read the book first, then rate it.
Anjes Barnet-Newton If you don't like it then your crazy.
Murooj Al how would you know?? you D.A.H
Lily Gravett ok, you can never be 100% sure if you've never read it, ok. This is really amazing, and maybe the reason the rating is so high because people actually enjoy the book, ever think about that? You probably haven't, because all you're doing is hating on a great book you haven't even bothered to read. Keep your mouth shut if you're gonna hate on a great book.
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Bailee Bulkley Because this is just so good! It may seem like just a girls love story, but there are so many other things going on that it is just so good. One of the best love stories I've ever read.
sourcherryscones61 How can you say that you'll give this book a 1 star if you haven't even read it? Don't make the mistake of judging a book by its cover or description.
Rachelle I haven't read the book but my sister has and from the little bit she told me about it, the book seems like an amazing and interesting story. I am sorry if what I am about to say sounds rude but I am sick of things like this happening on book websites. I want you to know that my sister said she was gonna read Harry Potter and I thought It SOUNDED like a boring book but then I read it and it is by far my favorite my favorite series.
Ava You cannot be sure until you read the book
andy 🦦 First read the book before judging it.
HermioneGranger You couldn't be 100% sure if you haven't even read it. If you actually read it, you'd then be 100%. Even though the visible views list negative things about the book, you can't always expect the book the go that way. Besides, when you hate something it's easier to make a rant about it-which is why even though the ratings were high, but the visible reviews were very low- and we all know that. Overall the ratings are high, so you shouldn't rely on the visible ones all the time. If you're afraid of wasting your time for a book you didn't like, the watch a spoiler-free review on YouTube. Again, you can't always rate the book without actually reading it.
Z1 How are you even 100% sure if you've never even read it? Also, to answer your question, isn't it obvious? The rating is high because people like it and wrote good reviews about it.
Colleen's Conclusions I didn't think I would like this book when I first read it because of The Hunger Games series (which I now like) but I liked this a lot and read it in six hours instead of doing homework that day. I was crushed by the long wait we had for The Elite.
Gwern_dog this book was so great

who ever thinks this book is crap before they read it, don't judge a book by it's cover. Because you are so wrong. Think before say.

Your welcome,
Eve I'm confused. How can you say "like 100% sure" when you haven't opened the book yet? Read the book then come back on here and tell me that you hated it, I'll believe you then. :)
Yasmine It's a great series. and if you read it you would love it so mabey try reading it first.
Ashley Heyward shut up you uncultured swine
Reva Trivedi Please read it first. :)
Emily Maybe you should read the book first and not 'Judge a book by it's cover' :)
Kayley maybe you should read the book
Celeste Petrova Are you really giving this book a review before reading it? plz go away and read it first before you write a dumbass comment like this. If you still don't like it, whatever. But at least you know what you're talking about.
Marlyn This book is horrible. Don't read it.
Emma Bellows This is an AWESOME BOOK!!!! You should read t before you decide to judge it!
Sydney B One thing first READ THE BOOK! I normally don't like the prince and the princess type stories, but I read the book and loved it.
Lauren This just looks like a princess book.It's actually way more than that! It was intriguing and more action full as you keep reading! Don't knock it till you try it!
Bahareh Taghavi cute fancy cover!....sometimes a sexy picture blurs one reader's sense of judgment!
Kathleen I think you'd find yourself surprised. I originally only read the book in order to get a friend to read one of my favorites, but I soon found out this book is better than it lets on. I HATE teen romance and all that junk, but this is my one exception. You should reallly give it a try, it might just surprise you.
Chasity Frizzell this book is just amazing that's why.
Nikki It's actually a pretty good book. I'm not so sure why you would give it a one star when you've NEVER read it. You can never judge a book from other people's opinion,people prefer different types of genres so they might not like it, but some people can actually like literally fall in love with the story. So I recommend you to READ them before you would 100% for SURE rate the book a 1 STAR. You should keep an open mind when reading books.
Faraworld Ever heard of the phrase: "Don't judge a book by its cover!"
I mean the book was good. At least for me it was!
Book_Gal You should read it before you say that! It may not seem good to you, but it's AMAZING! I was surprised by it's quality, but not I'm so glad I picked it up! Don't judge a book by it's cover!
Charlotte I didn't like the book, but that is just me.
Franchezca i loved it, it just left me hanging in the end so i had to read the rest of the series, but yeh everyone has different opinions and different tastes (IT'S AWESOME)...
hannah magner Read the book! It is amazing it may look dumb but don't judge a book by its cover! The whole series is amazing! I recommended it to my friend and she loved it so much she finished before me!
Cassandra Murphy This is one of my all time favorite books ever. You might give it a 1 star but that's your problem in my world. Some people like books like that some people don't. Apparently most people like that book.

Bobbye Jo I was curious at first too. But then I devoured the whole series like a delicious sweet snack. There's no room in this life for being "too good" for a book. The selection is actually seriously entertaining.
Amelia Actually it's a pretty decent book. I can't say that I loved it (can't say I obsessed over it either) but it's a good book and is fun to read. I will definitely continue reading the series. I know a lot of people LOVE it, I just can't invest myself in the loving it stage. Also, don't judge a book by its cover! I used to think The Vampire Diaries sounded ridiculous and often made fun of it, but reading it I absolutely ADORED it!
Celestia England Uhhh...Wow I know how to help you...READ THE BOOK!!!!!! It's amazing! Don't judge a book my it's cover! (And ratings)
Lily Couldn't the prince just kill her? I'm not done reading the book, but I am loving it so far! What is going happen!
Ana I thought the same, just read it
Rachel Ahrens Already, I intend to read the entire series cover to cover. The main character's name is America, so there's definitely an allegory in here. Our ancestors have fought for freedom to make a nation without a monarchy, without a king, and this book transformed it and turned it the other way around. First, the book starts with two more world wars, America was once part of China, and now we have this Hunger Games meets The Bachelor government. No wonder America Singer thinks it's unfair. She might as well have the embodiment of the Statue of Liberty. This book will teach a lot to readers and show how important our country the United States means to the rest of the world. It's beautiful already and I haven't even read the ending!
Nadja Herondale trust me, I thought that to but then I bought it anyway because I thought every book deserves a chance to be read and so read the Selection in 2 days and it was amazing
Bbgirl28 Stupid people like stupid books
Silje Hella Kristensen I thought the same but decided to give it a chance, but it is absolutely one-dimensional and bland. You can literally sum the book up in a single sentence. It's enjoyable for young girls at a certain age because of the romance portions but honestly, even those are predictable and bland. I'm guessing that's where the high ratings come from though.
supriya I knew that I would hate the book too. I thought It would be about a brat princess and that it would be all lovey-dovey. IT IS NOT. DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. I read action books like City of Bones, and my expectation for this was really low, but this book is really, and truly amazing! this book deserves every excellent rating it gets!
Elias Which is why you shouldn't read it. Some people like some things, and others don't. I didn't like The Selection myself, but don't judge a book before you read it.
Isa i'm just laughing at the name "america singer." don't read this
Katherine Macy Yep, you're right. Don't read it.
Book_Lover_8 And that's totally okay. I love books that other people hated and I hate books that other people loved. It's all a matter of opinion. I personally think I wouldn't like this book very much just because I've read so many amazing dystopic/romance novels, but some of my friends loved it and others disliked it. It has a high rating because obviously some people like it a lot
Holly Eh, for people who fall for super obvious and stereotypical romance? The dystopia aspect is very lacking but if your looking for something light and melt-your-brain simple to comprehend and corny romance, it's an okay book. Honestly I just read it because the cover was pretty.
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