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Posted by Goodreads on June 13, 2016
The bittersweet moment Lorien Legacies fans have been counting down to is finally here—the release of United as One, the seventh and final installment of the bestselling series that began with I Am Number Four. The sci-fi epic charts the fate of nine young human-looking aliens who flee to Earth after enemy race the Mogadorian attacks their planet, Lorien. The Mogadorian pursue the nine, or Garde, who have special powers, or legacies, such as telekinesis or incredible strength. In United as One, with the enemy's warships overhead, the Garde's only hope is to unite with the human teens who have begun to develop legacies of their own—if they can find them. The series is written by Pittacus Lore (the pen name of writer James Frey and collaborators), a 10,000-year-old ruling Elder from Lorien now living in secret on Earth. Here the mysterious alien answers your questions about his writing, what's next, and the books that have inspired him.

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Camille: I love the Lorien Legacies so much! Did you get a little bit emotional as you wrote the final chapter? (I know I'm going to be when I read it!)

Pittacus Lore: That's very kind of you, and I'm happy to have brought you such joy. It is an excellent feeling to know so many humans loved the story of my brethren. It was an emotional time for me as I completed telling the Garde's story, but now it is time for them to live their lives free of fear. Hopefully humans now know that they are noble, kind people here to protect Earth and will treat them kindly as the Garde have treated them.

George: What's next for you after United as One? Can you offer us just a tiny sneak peek?

PL: I've had many adventures over my long life, and I love to tell stories. There will be more tales to tell in the future.

Claire: I'm a huge fan! Out of all the members of the Garde, who do you think you are most like and why?

PL: The Garde are all fellow Lorien, so I love them all equally. They each have qualities that make them special in different ways. It's one of the main similarities we Lorien share with humans.

Mwansa: What book (or books) inspired you to write science fiction?

PL: I've been inspired by many books and people of Earth throughout my many years here. Michael Bay, JK Rowling, Norman Schwarzkopf, Eoin Colfer, and my old friend, the Thales of Miletus, are just a few friends I admire.

Max: You're my favorite author! When did you first start writing?

PL: Thank you for your kind words. I'm a very old being. I began writing long before you were born, when I was a youngster on my home planet. After seeing Earth and how much your people enjoy stories, I felt compelled to tell my most important one.

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Cg: Have you ever regretted (or just felt really bad) about killing a character off? If so, which character?

PL: Every time one of the Garde was killed by the Mogadorians or a human life was lost to their evil deeds, it was a devastating blow.

Raquel: How has your life changed since writing this series?

PL: My life—though long—feels much more complete after sharing the heroic tale of the Lorien and humans' battle against the evil Mogadorians. It was of utmost importance to tell my people's true story so that the Mogadorians couldn't spread their messages of hate, intolerance, and oppression disguised as "progress."

Erica: What advice would you give to aspiring writers? What advice were you given before you became a published writer?

PL: Read obsessively. It will make you a better human and a better writer.

Michael: A fun/silly question! A genie offers to give you a million dollars but with a catch: Every time you sneeze, you are teleported to a random location on Earth (on land, at least). Would you accept the genie's offer, even with that catch?

PL: I have no need for money, so I would not accept the million dollars. Plus, after taxes, it wouldn't be enough for the constant inconvenience of moving to new locations.

Alyssa: Do you believe aliens exist?

PL: Of course. Though long a resident of Earth, it is not my birthplace.

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message 1: by Jolanda (new)

Jolanda De Jong I'm really looking forward to reading United as One!!!

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Walters Oh no!! I didn't realise this was the last book! I am really worried now...

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara I'm so excited for United as One! PL is my favorite author(s)!

message 4: by Cadence (new)

Cadence I can't wait till I can read it!

message 5: by Griliezer (new)

Griliezer sarah really die?

message 6: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Rebello Griliezer wrote: "sarah really die?"

That was my question, too. Well it sounds she did in the summary., but I do wish this book starts with Six developing healling powers or John teleporting and healing her. I see the point of making the story more dramatic, deep inside I didn't want her to die, though.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Very fun interview :)

message 8: by Booklovermarel (new)

Booklovermarel I love PL, but I'm also still mad at him for killing Eight

message 9: by Julia Rose (new)

Julia Rose Booklovermarel wrote: "I love PL, but I'm also still mad at him for killing Eight"

OMG YES. Eight was my FAVOURITE.

message 10: by Gayathri (new)

Gayathri Sajeendra Pittacus Lore,
Do you ever think to say, "There is another world out there, I know it!"
I always say that to myself. I know one thing for sure, 'There are many dimensions of Earth, that we the book-lovers has never seen. But, if we try out hardest, we always will find a way to the "Other" Dimensions. We always will.

I wish Lorien existed! The way you describe it through your words is amazing and exquisite. I wish there was a world out there.. Don't you Mr. Lore?

message 11: by Hilary (new)

Hilary Thompson Do you guys think Setrakus Ra is dead? And, if so, how do you think the plot will go, the Mogs falling, or rising?

message 12: by Bbhall (new)

Bbhall I "read" the audiobooks and just love the man who narrates. Love the voices. Especially NINE. I wish I could make a movie based on his version of that character. LOL

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Do you guys think Pittacus Lore is a alien? I love you Mr. Lore.
Is this real? Do aliens exist? I love Adam. He's a Mog. I love all of the Loric. I mean maybe you are a alien Mr. Lore. I love Sam. I love Nine. I love Five. I love Marina. I love Six. I love John. I love Ella.
I love all of the characters. Please bring Eight back.

message 14: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Also I believe in aliens but I know Pittacus Lore is a fake name for James Frey. I love aliens but Donald Trump wouldn't be happy with you. He really wouldn't. I love Generation One. I miss Eight.
Sometimes I wonder if this is real. If is and the Loric can come to my house and I can meet them. I want to meet all of the Loric.
I really do. I do.

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