I Am Number Four (Official Movie Trailer)

Author: Pittacus Lore
Book: I Am Number Four

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message 1: by Mig

Mig Now he's just a stripper. (Magic Mike)

message 2: by Cindy

Cindy Chung totally LUV this video!!!!!!!!!! i need to c this movie!!!!!!!!

message 3: by Sarah

Sarah O'Neill This isn't a video about the book, its the trailer of the movie.
Really Good movie.
I love Dianna Agron in this movie.

Stewart W The full movie can be seen on Google/you tube really enjoyed it

Esperanza If they did a second movie , that would be so cool ...

Shailly Haven't read the book. But the movie was awesome !!
It had this novel feel to it....

Destinie Wisenbakaer Dude book is so sad I loved it so much

Autumn I've seen the movie
it was really good

tia mae ive read the book, its sooo good, i really wanna c it...

message 11: by M.J.

M.J. Labrador The book itself is way better than the movie in my own opinion.

Zacharyj Do u know y they didn't make a second one?

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