Reverse Harem

“Reverse harem” is, literally, the opposite of “harem”, with a group of males centering round a singular female, usually with three or more males. Quite often found under the romance genre.

For the non-fiction genre, see Polyandry.

Lords of Wrath (The Royals of Forsyth University, #2)
Carnival Hill (The Harlequin Crew, #3)
Mercer (Saint and Sinners Book, #4)
Frenetic (Arcane Mage, #4)
The Magic of Destiny (Emerald Lakes, #4)
Ruthless (Steel Demons MC #8)
Wandering Star (Cricket Kendall, #3)
Hybrid Theory (Noc City Trilogy Book 3)
To Hell and Back (Sin Demons #4)
Raised by Wolves (Bloodline, #1)
Klutz: Phoenix Down (But Did You Die?, #1)
Altered (The Fragile Minds Duet, #2)
A Wolf Scorned
Dead Wolf Falling (Bad Moon Academy #2)
Igniting the Flame (The Ignited Girl, #2)
Lone Wolf (Reach for the Moon #1)
Come Out Swinging (Reach for the Moon #2)
Elemental Awakened (Of Demons and Dragons #1)
Untouchables (Empire High, #1)
Midnight Kisses (Shifter Island, #1)
A Shifter's Sin (Wolves of Hawthorne Cove #1)
Stone Cold Queen (Sick Boys, #2)
Mercer (Saint and Sinners Book, #4)
Wolf Shunned (The Alpha Queen Legacy, #1)
Midnight Lies (Shifter Island, #2)
Trouble at Brayshaw High (Brayshaw, #2)
Wolf (The Brotherhood, #1)
Supernatural Academy: Year One (Supernatural Academy, #1)
Unexpected Shift (Dragon Goddess, #1)
Supernatural Academy: Year Two (Supernatural Academy, #2)
Four Psychos (The Dark Side #1)
Trickery (Curse of the Gods, #1)
Three Trials (The Dark Side, #2)
Persuasion (Curse of the Gods, #2)
The Vixen's Lead (Kit Davenport, #1)
Power of Five (Power of Five, #1)
Gypsy Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)
Den of Vipers
Seduction (Curse of the Gods #3)
Signs of Cupidity (Heart Hassle #1)
Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
Hate (Madison Kate, #1)
Strength (Curse of the Gods, #4)
Groupie (Rock-Hard Beautiful, #1)
Havoc at Prescott High (The Havoc Boys, #1)

Hanleigh Bradley
He would fight any Ren to the death, even a brother, if she was to be his prize.
Hanleigh Bradley, Cursed By The Crown

Hanleigh Bradley
Even with her asleep, magic rippled between them, beckoning him to hold her closer.
Hanleigh Bradley, Cursed By The Crown

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