Harem (ハーレムもの hāremumono, “harem works”) in anime and manga is an emphasis on polygamous or love triangle relationships characterized by a protagonist surrounded amorously by three or more members of either the same and/or opposing gender, sex, and/or love interests. When it is a yuri or male-hetero oriented harem series, the polygynous relationship is informally referred to as a female harem or seraglios. When it is a yaoi or female-hetero oriented harem series, the polyandrous relationship is informally referred to as a male harem, reverse harem, or gyaku hāremu (逆ハーレム). ...more

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Signs of Cupidity by Raven KennedyTrickery by Jaymin EveFour Psychos by Kristy CunningGypsy Blood by Kristy CunningMonsters by Katie May
Reverse Harems with Mate Bonds
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Super Sales on Super Heroes 2 by William D. ArandCherry Blossom Girls by Harmon CooperIncandescent Guardians by D.R. RosierSupers - Ex Gods 2 by Jamie HawkeSilver Seraphs by D.R. Rosier
Superhero Harem books
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Fimbulwinter by E. William BrownWild Wastes by Randi DarrenSuper Sales on Super Heroes by William D. ArandTamer by Michael-Scott EarleBlack Coven by E. William Brown
Male Lead with Multiple Lover
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Phyllis Chesler
A harem is not a brothel, as so many Westerners erroneously believe. It is merely the women's living quarters. Male relatives can join them -- but no male nonrelatives may do so. It is hardly a den of eroticism.
Phyllis Chesler, An American Bride in Kabul

Dora Levy Mossanen
There was a spectator. A man. He had mad eyes. Like Raven. Moon Face’s words resonated in her mind: “One thing is certain. Children inherit the madness of their fathers.
Dora Levy Mossanen, Harem

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