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A comic book or comicbook, also called comic magazine or simply comic, is a publication that consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes. Panels are often accompanied by brief descriptive prose and written narrative, usually dialog contained in word balloons emblematic of the comics art form.

Most Read This Week Tagged "Comics"

Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #14)
The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #13)
The Black Holes
I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf
Saga, Vol. 5
Star Wars: Darth Maul
Paper Girls, Vol. 1 (Paper Girls, #1)
Star Wars: Darth Vader, Vol. 1: Vader
Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal
Saga, Vol. 6
Strange Planet
Adulthood Is a Myth (Sarah's Scribbles, #1)
Paper Girls, Vol. 2
Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert's Story
Saga, Vol. 9
Beware the Kitten Holy (Lumberjanes, Vol. 1)
Marvel Avengers Alliance #1
Saga, Vol. 8
Dog Man: Fetch-22 (Dog Man, #8)
Friendship to the Max (Lumberjanes, Vol. 2)
鬼滅の刃 12 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 12] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #12)
鬼滅の刃 2 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 2] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #2)
When Stars Are Scattered
Giant Days, Vol. 1 (Giant Days, #1)
The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3: Hotel Oblivion
Star Wars: Obi-Wan & Anakin
鬼滅の刃 11 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 11] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #11)
Paper Girls, Vol. 3
Big Nate: A Good Old-Fashioned Wedgie
On a Sunbeam
Boy-Crazy Stacey
Paper Girls, Vol. 4
Big Mushy Happy Lump (Sarah's Scribbles, #2)
Kristy's Big Day
Eat, and Love Yourself
Star Wars, Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes
鬼滅の刃 10 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 10] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #10)
The Odd 1s Out: How to Be Cool and Other Things I Definitely Learned from Growing Up
Paper Girls, Vol. 6
鬼滅の刃 8 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 8] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #8)
鬼滅の刃 7 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 7] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #7)
Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening
Giant Days, Vol. 2 (Giant Days, #2)
Sheets (Sheets, #1)
FCBD 2018: Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Big Nate: Silent But Deadly
Monstress, Vol. 4: The Chosen
鬼滅の刃 3 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 3] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #3)
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Team Avatar Tales
The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, Part One (The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars #1)
I Am Not Okay With This
Star Wars: Thrawn
BEASTARS 2 (Beastars, #2)
Herding Cats (Sarah's Scribbles, #3)
Peanuts Vol. 6
Peanuts Vol. 7
Happily Ever After & Everything In Between
A Terrible Plan (Lumberjanes, Vol. 3)
鬼滅の刃 9 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 9] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #9)
僕のヒーローアカデミア 5 [Boku No Hero Academia 5] (My Hero Academia, #5)
約束のネバーランド 3 [Yakusoku no Neverland 3]
Big Nate Blasts Off (Big Nate Novels, #8)
Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation
The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins
約束のネバーランド 2 [Yakusoku no Neverland 2]
Shiver: Selected Stories
約束のネバーランド 6 [Yakusoku no Neverland 6]
Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow, Part 1 (Smoke and Shadow, #1)
Big Nate Lives It Up (Big Nate Novels, #7)
Monstress, Vol. 3: Haven
Thor, Volume 1: The Goddess of Thunder
僕のヒーローアカデミア 23 [Boku no Hero Academia 23] (My Hero Academia, #23)
Avatar: The Last Airbender: North and South, Part 1 (North and South, #1)
鬼滅の刃 6 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 6] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #6)
Star Wars: Darth Vader - Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 1: Imperial Machine
約束のネバーランド 4 [Yakusoku no Neverland 4]
That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story
僕のヒーローアカデミア 7 [Boku No Hero Academia 7] (My Hero Academia, #7)
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow, Part 3 (Smoke and Shadow, #3)
Big Nate: Welcome to My World
Big Nate: Thunka, Thunka, Thunka
鬼滅の刃 19 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 19] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #19)
Something is Killing the Children, Volume One
Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too
BEASTARS 3 (Beastars, #3)
White Sand, Volume 1 (White Sand, #1)
The Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 1
Batman: Last Knight on Earth
極主夫道 3 (Gokushufudou: The Way of the Househusband, #3)
鬼滅の刃 17 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 17] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #17)
Peanuts Vol. 5
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow, Part 2 (Smoke and Shadow, #2)
鬼滅の刃 5 [Kimetsu no Yaiba 5] (Kimetsu no Yaiba, #5)
Archie (2015-) #1
A Gift for a Ghost

Stan Lee
Of what import are brief, nameless lives . . . to Galactus?
Stan Lee

Dr. Seuss
Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent.
Dr. Seuss

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