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Something is Killing the Children

Something is Killing the Children, Vol. 1

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When children begin to go missing in the town of Archer’s Peak, all hope seems lost until a mysterious woman arrives to reveal that terrifying creatures are behind the chaos - and that she alone will destroy them, no matter the cost.


When the children of Archer's Peak—a sleepy town in the heart of America—begin to go missing, everything seems hopeless. Most children never return, but the ones that do have terrible stories—impossible details of terrifying creatures that live in the shadows. Their only hope of finding and eliminating the threat is the arrival of a mysterious stranger, one who believes the children and claims to be the only one who sees what they can see.

Her name is Erica Slaughter. She kills monsters. That is all she does, and she bears the cost because it must be done.

GLAAD Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (The Woods, Batman: Detective Comics) teams with artist Werther Dell’Edera (Briggs Land) for an all-new story about staring into the abyss.

Collects Something is Killing the Children #1-5

128 pages, Paperback

First published May 20, 2020

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About the author

James Tynion IV

1,581 books1,118 followers
Prior to his first professional work, Tynion was a student of Scott Snyder's at Sarah Lawrence College. A few years later, he worked as for Vertigo as Fables editor Shelly Bond's intern. In late 2011, with DC deciding to give Batman (written by Snyder) a back up feature, Tynion was brought in by request of Snyder to script the back ups he had plotted. Tynion would later do the same with the Batman Annual #1, which was also co-plotted by Snyder. Beginning in September 2012, with DC's 0 issue month for the New 52, Tynion will be writing Talon, with art by Guillem March. In early 2013 it was announced that he'd take over writing duties for Red Hood and the Outlaws in April.

Tynion is also currently one of the writers in a rotating team in the weekly Batman Eternal series.

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Profile Image for Anne.
3,918 reviews69.3k followers
October 5, 2021
4.5 stars

What the Fuck is Killing the Children?!


I've been hearing about this comic forever. Brag, brag, brag, went my friends when they talked about it. So when I finally got the chance to read it? Well, I was a tiny bit nervous that it had been overhyped and I would expect too much.
But it was actually a really cool story.
About monsters.
Killing children. <--Muahahaha!
Why does that make me so gleeful? No idea. But we're just going to ignore that and move on.


Monsters being hunted by monster hunters isn't really anything new. So, it isn't that this is some crazy genre-ripping ride. It's just very well written and has characters that come off the page in interesting ways.
And it doesn't hurt that the art is kind of perfect for the story.


And what's up with BOOM!? This publisher is suddenly all over my radar, just cranking out some incredible comics right now. If you haven't looked at their stuff, you may want to take a gander at these guys. I'm lucky that I have a group of friends who basically take me by the shoulders and point me towards great stories that I never would have found without their help.


Lots of fun & Highly Recommended!
Profile Image for s.penkevich.
855 reviews5,868 followers
March 28, 2023
Something is killing the children… and it is some intensely fucked up shit. This gore galore horror fest is so packed with tension and intrigue that you won’t care that it keeps you up at night because you’ll be wanting that time to keep reading anyways. Not for the faint of heart, but certainly for those who love a good scare or an awesome heroine who is eternally over everyone’s shit. The children of Archer’s Peak, Wisconsin are going missing, or being found is mass killings horrifically dismembered, and nobody seems to know what is going on. Or ever care that much. Enter Erica Slaughter, a mysterious woman with insight and a plan. This is the first volume of the ongoing, Eisner Award Winning series from James Tynion IV and stunningly illustrated by Werther Dell'Edera and a lot happens here. It will ultimately leave you with more questions than answers as it sets up the series—and the answers you do get only lead to larger questions and greater terrors—and this is an unsettling thrillride of monsters, murder and fun.

I went into this expecting monster horror and that is exactly what I received, and though the aspect of a monster hunter connected to some strange secret (and possibly alien or supernatural?) organizations wasn’t what I anticipated, I am very eager to find out what is going on here. This only teases a larger story with details like Erica’s talking octopus doll and a mysterious person on the phone and it will certainly make you want to rush right out for the next installment. Erica rules too, always looking about with big eyes that are effectively drawn to imply that she has seen some shit. Like really distressing shit and a lot of it. Which…well, she has!
By the time this is over, you too will have seen some horrifying shit! Get ready! Be advised that the violence in this is pretty much entirely children, which can be extra distressing. The gore is pretty well done, but everything about this is visually stunning. It plays with some classic tropes in creative ways like vigilante justice attempts gone wrong and snarky (half drunk) coroners saying wow yes that is gruesome and is just full of mystery, surprises and interesting characters I’m excited to follow. By the end it turns into some fun action that is more thrills than chills but is certainly building to something complex and exciting I can’t wait to read more.
Profile Image for Gabby.
1,236 reviews26.6k followers
March 22, 2023
Ahhh, this was so interesting, I immediately got hooked! I knew this would be horror but it’s even darker and more disturbing than I thought it would be. I got a little confused at times by the layout of the panels, but otherwise I had a great time and can’t wait to continue in the series 😍
Profile Image for Tina Haigler.
293 reviews99 followers
November 28, 2021
I generously received this as an ARC from Netgalley for review. Thank you so much!

Honestly guys, I had no idea what to expect, and I was a little worried. I love horror, but typically I do not handle things involving kids very well. Was this going to be a gorefest? I really hoped not, but I prepared myself for it anyway. Did the author take a different route? A psychological thriller perhaps? Would it be a man instead of a monster? Was it going to be a slow burn, or would it jump into the story pretty much right away? I couldn't wait to find out.

Well friends, I'm happy to say, this was superb! I read it as soon as I got it, and it did not disappoint! What fun! I didn't have to sift through pages and pages of background info, bored out of my mind. It only took a few pages for the action to begin. The story was intriguing, and it was paced so that I didn't get bombarded with information. I got just enough to keep me interested, while also making me want to pick up the future volumes that I'm sure will go deeper into the mythology as the series goes on. The art was very pleasing to the eye, and the color was gorgeous. The lines were sharp when necessary but muted in other places, thereby controlling the scenes and how they were seen by the eye. I never got the different characters mixed up, or panels confused, and the dark tone of the colors matched this story perfectly. The whole book was absolutely wonderful.

I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who loves the horror genre, in all its forms. I believe this is appropriate for ages 13 and up.
Profile Image for Sam Quixote.
4,484 reviews12.8k followers
April 9, 2020
Something is Killing the Children is both the title and the plot summary of this awful comic to which I would append: - And It’s Not Worth Reading Any Further!

Monsters in a small town are killing children. So some random chick comes to town and starts killing monsters. It really is that simplistically braindead.

Questions like: who are these monsters? Why are they killing children specifically? Why here and now? Who is this girl, the improbably named Erica Slaughter? Why is she killing monsters? Who is she working for? None of those are even posed let alone answered. Well, the latter is hinted at except what we see only raises more questions.

No, instead we need to introduce more forgettable characters to witter on about nothing to one another while monsters kill children and this girl kills monsters. It’s such a boring, uninvolving story.

Werther Dell’Edera’s art is really ugly - Matt Kindt-level trash. Really flat pictures, very pencilly, dull colours - just hard to look at. The monsters are your generic giant bug monsters with glowing eyes - such unimaginative designs.

I should’ve expected this given James Tynion IV is such a poor writer - he’s yet to write anything worth reading and Something is Killing the Children is just more drek to throw on the pile. I’m really worried about the future of Batman now that this guy’s behind the wheel (for now).
Profile Image for Tim.
476 reviews613 followers
March 19, 2022
So, I am a horror fan, and as such I try to keep up with the genre in various formats, be it literature, film or comics. Comics tend to the be the one I keep up with the least, not because I don't like horror comics (I do), I just find it generally the least interesting of the three.

That said, I've heard so much hype for this series that I knew I was going to have to try it eventually. I mean, a horror nominated for an Eisner, consistently reviewed well by most professional critics and is apparently becoming a movie or series by the guy who directed Haunting of Hill House for Netflix. I'm interested…

Despite the hype though, I knew nothing of what this was about. I saw some images of a blond woman wearing a teeth mask and covered in blood. I assumed based on the title that it was about, well, something… and that said something was killing children. Was she the something? No clue.

Time to find out…

Holy hell, I liked this more than I expected. Yes, yes, I know. There was hype for a reason, and whatnot. No, this was better than I expected. The story is interesting, the world we're shown horrific, the art a wonderful combination of nice looking but unpolished (as opposed to the usual super hero everything sleek look many modern comics choose). This is everything I ask for in a horror series. I want to know what happens next, I want to know more about our characters and yes, damn it, I want to see more monster designs.

A wonderful horror series and one that I will assuredly continue. 4/5 stars
Profile Image for Bookishrealm.
1,909 reviews4,799 followers
July 20, 2022
If you're a fan of horror, I would definitely recommend checking out this series! 4.5 Stars

Prior to reading this trade, I had read the first two issues of the series. I was immediately enthralled with the concept that Tynion developed with this series. If you didn't know, it centers around a town where the children have been disappearing (more like being eaten alive) and a woman by the name of Erica Slaughter comes to town to take care of their monster problem. This comic is fast-paced and gruesome and quite difficult to read in some parts. I know that it is often compared to Stranger Things, but I haven't really watched enough of Stranger Things to give a definite comparison. The artwork is abstract in some areas which usually isn't my taste; however, it works very well for this story. When going into this trade, it's important to note that this is a set up for the plot and characters. There is A LOT that happens; however, I think that readers will end up with more questions than answers. Because of this, I think that it would be a great idea if you have the second trade available as soon as you finish this one. This comic is completely grotesque and full of gore; however, it's a compelling an interesting read and I highly recommend it.
Profile Image for emma.
1,825 reviews48.4k followers
October 12, 2021
This is a really good book to read if you like Stranger Things.

I don't really like Stranger Things, but I like spooky graphic novels with pretty art and female characters I can fall in love with, so this did the trick.

Bottom line: Not exactly my stuff, but good stuff all the same!


happy halloween (i'm celebrating starting now)

update: i recommend everyone give my strategy a try.

review to come / 3.5ish
Profile Image for destiny ♡ howling libraries.
1,659 reviews5,138 followers
November 4, 2022
Volume 1 ★★★★★
Volume 2 ★★★★★
Volume 3 ★★★★★
Volume 4 ★★★★★
Volume 5 ★★★★★

Oh, man, I loved this SO MUCH. My heart hurt for poor little James and everyone else in this town, but it's hard to focus for long on the tragedy of these missing and murdered children when this incredibly badass monster hunter, Erica Slaughter, arrives. I loved everything about her character and I seriously need to know more of her back story ASAP. Everything from her character design to her snarky attitude to her fearlessness in the face of monsters had me totally rooting for her and I can't wait to read more!

Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
Profile Image for Chad.
7,717 reviews868 followers
May 6, 2020
I absolutely loved this. It's Tim Seeley's Imaginary Fiends crossed with a rated R Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The first five issues are pretty straight forward with little hints about larger worldbuilding to come. In a small town in Wisconsin, children are dying. Not only dying but being brutally ripped apart. Enter Erica Slaughter, a badass Goth Buffy going from town to town stopping monsters from killing children. Tynion knows his horror. He quickly sets the mood and a sense of dread hangs over the entire book.

Werther Dell'Edera's art reminds me of a less cartoony Tim Sale. He has a good use of shadow. It works really well with this book.

Received a review copy from Boom and NetGalley. All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned.
Profile Image for Mel (Epic Reading).
904 reviews275 followers
August 2, 2020
5/5 read. These first 5 comics will make up the trade paperback coming out soon (depending on distribution and printing given the virus situation we are all in).
This is one of my new fave series of the last year. It’s got intrigue, a lead gal, crazy scary monsters, dump police, a secret society (I think?), and missing children. I mean what more can you ask for? Oh yeah and girly uses knives and a chainsaw to fight. Yeah that’s right a chainsaw.
If you don’t like children being injured/killed or too much gore this may not be the series for you. If, like me, reading that made you think ‘sweet sign me up’ then you should grab this new horror series immediately. You’ll be on the cutting edge of what I think could be the next Walking Dead or Monstress series in popularity.

Side note: the bandana she wears is badass and I need a mask like it to wear when I’m getting groceries. —it’s odd two months ago I would have had people think I was nuts to cover my face to shop; now it’s standard procedure. *shakes head* And this is why we need fiction that is more horrific than reality... to keep us all sane. Because at least we aren’t living in a world of “something is killing the children”.

Profile Image for Sean Gibson.
Author 6 books5,718 followers
August 16, 2021
Tynion is clearly aiming to usurp Snakes on a Plane’s coveted “Title That Tells You Exactly What’s Coming With Absolutely No Metaphorical Meaning Whatsoever” award, and he may just get it with this twisted, gory, violent, creepy tale of a grotesque monster (the titular “Something”) that is titularly Killing the titular Children (heh heh…I said “titular” like 37 times).

It's grim and dark, but it’s a fun read (which makes me sound sadistic, but, well, it is what it is). Looking forward to Vol. 2.
Profile Image for Chelsea Humphrey.
1,439 reviews78.1k followers
April 13, 2020
This might be the fastest I've ever gotten to an ARC in my life! I don't read a ton of comic books or graphic novels, but I like to dive in occasionally, especially when they feature a dark mystery/thriller vibe. The reviews of Something is Killing the Children Vol. 1 have been overwhelmingly positive, and after seeing my friend Destiny give this bind up such a glowing review, I had to start it immediately. This is one of the best YA comic series I've encountered; it had everything! The graphics are crisp and gorgeous, the storyline had me on the edge of my seat, and we get some closure while also receiving a bombshell to set up the next segment of the story. I can't wait to find out more about Erika and her backstory, and in the meantime I will be checking out Tynion's other series The Woods, Vol. 1: The Arrow, which happens to already be on my bookshelf. Highly recommended!

Content Warning-

*Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.
Profile Image for Dave Schaafsma.
Author 6 books31.3k followers
June 17, 2020
Well, that title basically tells you all you need to know. In sleepy Archer's Peak, Wisconsin, something like 19 children are killed or missing, and Erica Slaughter is just in town because she kills monsters. It's very gorey, it's horror, it's super-hyped, it's 2020 Eisner Award nominated, It's your worst nightmare and we have no idea why it is happening. I was not that engaged, though maybe it will change. I doubt it.
Profile Image for Michelle .
257 reviews78 followers
July 3, 2021
I already want to stop everything on my TBR to run out and devour the rest of the series!
Profile Image for James DeSantis.
Author 19 books1,123 followers
March 16, 2020
James Tynion IV has come a long way. He was always a solid writer but goddamn his recent output has been great.

Something is killing children is by far the best horror book since Sink for me. So now that we got that out of the way, what is it about?

Well it starts off like any good spooky story, with a spooky ghost story. James, our main character, begins to tell all his friends at a sleepover about a creature in the woods. Ohhhhh scary, huh? Well except soon after all these kids end up slaughtered, ripped apart, and killed in disturbing ways. All James was trying to do was tell a damn story....

Soon into the first issue a mysterious girl with a skull mask comes out of the woods, bloody, holding a big ass butcher like knife. With cryptic dialogue a little girl asks her if the big bad monsters are gone and this bloody young woman assures her all is good.

When James and this mysterious monster hunter meet things get even weirder, better, and scary.

Honestly, this is easily one of the most captivating books of the year already. With amazing dialogue, really good pacing, excellent tone and art, and a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more, it's gotta be on everyone's recommended list. A super easy 5 out of 5.
Profile Image for Alexander Peterhans.
Author 2 books172 followers
March 19, 2020
It's It: The Comic! Now that lazy comparison-blurt is out of the way, this is a book about a town, where children have been disappearing for a while now, and it turns out something is, in fact, killing those children. Luckily, there is a kickass teenage girl that is hunting the somethings, and now she is being helped by a young boy who narrowly escaped the somethings while all his friends got brutally murdered.

It's a real case of First Volume Syndrome - characters are introduced (and they are believable, interesting people), the monsters are introduced, there are more supernatural events, and all of it is unexplained. We'll have to keep reading to find out where all of this is going. My interest is certainly piqued, and that is enough for now.

I really liked the art - nice and scratchy. If I have one criticism, it's that the design of the monsters isn't that inspired.

3.5 stars (for now)

(Kindly received an ARC from Boom! Studios through Netgalley)
Profile Image for Jim Ef.
310 reviews59 followers
December 1, 2021

Something is killing the thing that is the killing children.

This is a nice set-up for the series. You get enough information to get hooked, but no so much to figure out what is going on. There also scenes with monsters, blood, bodies and all the other nice things you want see in a horror story.

I'm looking forward for more character development and world building.

P.s. Erica Slaughter is such freaking cool name.
Profile Image for Bradley.
Author 6 books3,968 followers
August 17, 2022
All right! I guess I kinda expected something more like a horror/mystery rather than a straight-up slasher with some nice supernatural elements on either side of the slash, but I’m down for it.

Pretty decent art, simple story, and gratuitous violence in a small town. What more is there?

I guess if I keep my expectations narrow, it turns out perfectly fine. :)
Profile Image for Drew Canole.
1,434 reviews1 follower
October 4, 2022
This was a fast-paced monster horror. It didn't hook me enough to continue reading the series, so I seem to be in the minority.

A bunch of children have gone missing and the adults have no clue what's killing the children. A mysterious monster hunter comes to town to kill the monster. I wasn't a big fan of the monster hunter character.
Profile Image for Helen Power.
Author 13 books468 followers
June 20, 2020
Volume 1 of this graphic novel is just what the doctor ordered.

Hauntingly grotesque and gorgeous illustrations? Check.

Badass and inscrutable monster-slaying heroine? Check.

Mysterious mythos and hints at more complex worldbuilding to come? Check.

My only complaint is that this instalment isn’t nearly long enough. I need more Erica Slaughter and I am dying to find out what happens next.  Erica is mysterious and has a dangerous edge to her, and her big beautiful haunting eyes are quite creepy, fitting the tone of this graphic novel perfectly. She isn’t completely jaded and hardened, however.  I don't want to say more at the risk of spoiling anything.  I will say that she is definitely a fascinating character that I look forward to getting to know better.

Volume 1 of There’s Something Killing the Children only scratches the surface of a fascinating and unique mythos. I’m very eager to dig deeper once Volume 2 is released.

Something is Killing the Children

This is recommended to those who are looking for an atmospheric, thrilling, and compelling story about a small town that’s being plagued by something that’s killing the children...


This review appeared first on https://powerlibrarian.wordpress.com/

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My 2020 Reading Challenge
Profile Image for Kadi P.
785 reviews97 followers
March 7, 2021
*Read as single issues*

BANG! - That's how this vol starts. And that's how it continues. And that's how it ends.
There's no dithering, no beating around the bush, no half-hearted action. We've got a monster devoted to its children-killing ways, a monster-hunter devoted to her monster-killing ways, an adult devoted to stopping the monster-hunter's ways and a kid devoted to getting in the way. Oh, and a stuffed octopus toy devoted to being as unhelpful as possible (don't ask).

It was just fantastic! There were more questions posed than answers answered BUT that worked to it's benefit and left me wanting to read more after every issue. I loved the hints that were dropped that showed a wider world, a wider monster-filled world, and I can't wait to see how that's explored later on in Something is Killing the Children, Vol. 2...
Profile Image for Louie the Mustache Matos.
949 reviews67 followers
May 17, 2023
Something is Killing the Children is hard-core horror in sequential art form. It takes the antiquated horror maxim that children are sacred, and untouchable in a horror story, and refutes that with the very title of the book. The plot begins with mysterious characters that the reader is unsure how they connect, and builds the suspense from there. Erica Slaughter is the protagonist who says that the disappearances of the children are tied to monsters and only she can kill them. The art work is incredibly graphic in detail with a trigger warning for those who prefer their horror a little more tepid. I for one loved it and couldn't wait for the next page. The pencils were detailed. The panel design is claustrophobic and lush. Much thanks to NetGalley and James Tynion for the opportunity to read this. A very high, horror recommendation.
Profile Image for Stories of Storm.
81 reviews40 followers
May 17, 2020
Something is Killing the Children, with its gruesome title and captivating cover, has all of the initial hallmarks of a gripping graphic novel read. From the cover’s depiction of monster-infested woods, unexplained events and a woman ready to fight back I was expecting this story to keep me on the edge of my seat and awake at night.

Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Instead, Something is Killing the Children moved at a slumber-inducing pace that seemed to detract from the story’s attempt to build an intense atmosphere. The images were sufficiently gruesome (in a light horror kind of way) and the gore was present early on in the story. As you’d expect from a GN of this genre. The images’ dark tones and vivid splash of red were eye-catching however they failed to truly gain my attention. Once I’d read a section of the story I wasn’t inclined to go back to stare at any particular spread (as I’d usually do, if in awe of the artwork).

While the story attempted to weave multiple facets of the mystery surrounding the monsters’ appearance in the town – the lost children, James’ near miss while his friends were murdered, the police investigation – this wasn’t very effective in keeping my interest. The characters were hard to connect to and with the exception of Erica Slaughter I wasn’t overly invested in their story.

The mystery around Erica and her appearance in the town was the most interesting part of the story and kept me reading until the end. That said, I wouldn’t say I’m interested enough to read Vol. 2. It was a decent horror read but not one I’d read again therefore I’m rating it 2.5 stars.

2.5 Stars
Profile Image for Jim C.
1,509 reviews27 followers
November 8, 2020
Actual rating is 4.5 stars.

This is a collection of comics where the name basically describes what is going on. In a small rural town children are either missing or found dead. Erica Slaughter is a young woman who is backed by an organization that knows what is going on and she is determined to remedy the situation.

I noticed this collection and I was on the fence about reading it. Then my Goodreads friend Melissa loved it so much and recommended that I read it. Thank you so much for that Melissa as you were right. I have read reviews where they compare this to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that is a fair comparison. This is a more horror and darker version though. Right away the reader is immersed in the horror aspect of this collection as the author does an amazing job with the atmosphere. It just comes pouring out from the pages. As for the story I couldn't wait to find out more as there is the mystery aspect throughout. This is also the reason I could not give it a full five stars as I was hoping for some background information. We never received it and I believe this collection could have been one issue more. It will probably be in the next collection. I really enjoyed the artwork too. It isn't bright or pops out of the page but it is perfect for this type of story.

As you can tell I thought this was excellent. It has been awhile since an original story in graphic novel form has grabbed me like this has. It is less than a month for the next collection to come out so thankfully my wait isn't too long. I will immediately jump into the next one.
Profile Image for Trish.
1,931 reviews3,403 followers
August 15, 2022
Well, as the title suggest, SOMETHING or SOME THINGS are hunting and killing children all across the country. Usually followed by a mysterious young woman hunting and killing them in turn.

But this time, in this small town, something is off. Something is different. We as well as Erika find out what but why the intel Erika was provided with was so wrong is definitely part of the mystery.
And as if blood-thirsty monsters weren't bad enough, small town idiots think they can and should get involved too. *sighs*

The art was a weirdly deliberate ugly-ish. It definitely was meant to highlight certain features about certain characters. It was also appropriately dark most of the time.

The thing is, though: we now know WHAT is killing the children. And we have several volumes to go. So I really hope that this wasn't all there is but that a deeper mystery will be uncovered.
Profile Image for Lukasz.
1,310 reviews210 followers
April 2, 2020

Tynion IV doesn't pull any punches but he knows what he's doing. In Something is Killing the Children, he finds a perfect balance between a morbid, disturbing atmosphere and dramatic writing. Add haunting artwork to the mix, and you get something special.

Loved it.

ARC through NetGalley
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