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Where I Left Her

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The Bookstore on the Beach
Where I Left Her
The Country Guesthouse (Sullivan's Crossing, #5)
Danger in Numbers
Sisters by Choice (Blackberry Island, #4)
One Perfect Summer: A novel
Red Sky Over Hawaii
The Unwilling
The Yankee Widow
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The Kill Club
The Secrets We Bury (The Undertaker's Daughter #1)
Lelaki Kiriman Tuhan
The Yankee Widow
The Dead Travel Fast
Danger in Numbers
Her Dark Lies
Good Girls Lie
Night of a Thousand Stars
The Dark Enquiry (Lady Julia Grey, #5)
Silent on the Moor (Lady Julia Grey, #3)
Silent in the Grave (Lady Julia Grey, #1)
Silent in the Sanctuary (Lady Julia Grey, #2)
Where I Left Her
Don't You Cry
The Good Girl
The Stepsisters
Sisters of the Great War

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He kissed her lightly on the nose, and she laughed. Blue eyed her with faux seriousness. "How was that? Any weakness?" "No. But I don't think there would have been anyway." "Well, then, how about this?" His lips brushed hers, his mouth teasing her lower lip, and her eyes closed and she shivered as his fingers caught her hair. And then suddenly, there wasn't any space between them. The sensation of drowning was there, but it wasn't like her strength was leaving her. It was like she wanted to be ...more
Sarah Cross, Kill Me Softly

Yuji Iwahara
Until reality is fixed, a possibility is never zero.
Yuji Iwahara, ディメンション W 11

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