The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. The natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity.

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Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time
Miracle Country
Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All
The Overstory
No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
A Children's Bible
The End of the Ocean (Klimakvartetten, #2)
Why Fish Don't Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life
Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All
Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park
The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here
The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming
Spirit Run: A 6,000-Mile Marathon Through North America's Stolen Land
An American Sunrise: Poems
Silent Spring
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate
The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History
The World Without Us
The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There
The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World
The Overstory
Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution – and How It Can Renew America
Desert Solitaire
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca SklootMountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy KidderThe Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne FadimanThe Hot Zone by Richard PrestonThe Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett
Public Health
173 books — 94 voters
Harvesting Hope by Kathleen KrullThe Librarian of Basra by Jeanette WinterThe Beginner's Guide to Winning an Election by Michael R. FrenchClick, Clack, Moo by Doreen CroninRosa by Nikki Giovanni
Growing Future Activists
200 books — 184 voters

A Brief History of Time by Stephen HawkingCosmos by Carl SaganA Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill BrysonGuns, Germs, and Steel by Jared DiamondThe Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
History of the Universe and Earth
140 books — 63 voters
The Lorax by Dr. SeussProdigal Summer by Barbara KingsolverThe Beast of Cretacea by Todd StrasserDouble Bind by Seb KirbyIshmael by Daniel Quinn
289 books — 279 voters

State of Wonder by Ann PatchettMother of God by Paul RosolieThe Lost City of Z by David GrannThe River of Doubt by Candice MillardFully Alive by Tyler Gage
Amazon Rainforest
78 books — 62 voters
The Martian by Andy WeirThe Lost City of Z by David GrannThe Invention of Nature by Andrea WulfOn the Move by Oliver SacksThe Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Science Friday Radio Show/Podcast
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Billie-Jo Williams
Hurricanes couldn’t remove you from my mind. You’re my world and I’m incapable of not loving you.
Billie-Jo Williams

Mahatma Gandhi
Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.
Mahatma Gandhi

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For the Love of Art
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Geology and the Environment 7th Edition by Pipkin Trent Hazlett and Bierman Test Bank
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