Library Week: Top Librarians on Their Favorite Recommendations

Posted by Cybil on April 10, 2017
To properly celebrate National Library Week (April 9th through 15th), we asked the recipients of the American Library Association's I Love My Librarian Award to tell us about a book they love to recommend, and why. These librarians were honored for their contributions to "transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning" and were selected from nearly 1,100 nominations submitted by the public. That's another way of saying these recommendations come from the best of the best!

What great recommendations have you received from your local librarians? Tell us in the comments. And be sure to add these suggestions to your Want to Read list. Here are some of the librarians' top recommended books:

Kathryn Cole, librarian at Northside Elementary School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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by Jason Reynolds

"From the very beginning you find yourself rooting for the main character Ghost Crenshaw, a kid who by the end of the story is a mix of trauma and triumph. From the first chapter to the last, Jason Reynolds pulls you into the storyline and connects you with the characters in a way that lasts long after the story is over. A must read for educators and one of my top recommendations to students."

Danielle S. Apfelbaum, librarian at the New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, New York

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Smarter Faster Better
by Charles Duhigg

"One of the things I love about this book is how it has helped me to reframe my idea of productivity in terms of motivation, focus, goal setting, managing others, decision making, innovation, and absorbing data.…For me, this book has definitely been a game changer."

Olga Valencia Cardenas, librarian at the Stanislaus County Library, Modesto, California

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Memory of Light
by Francisco X. Stork

"Stork allows the reader to experience the angst of what it feels like to be a young adult struggling with a mental illness. I recommend this powerful narrative to young adults, and anyone who interacts with young adults, as it may serve as a springboard for deeper discussion and self-exploration in this oftentimes taboo topic."

Elissa Checov, librarian at the Gwinnett Technical College/Gwinnett County Public Library, Lawrenceville, Georgia

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by W.G. Sebald

"Because this work was a remarkable reading and listening experience—I did both. It was unlike any other."

Roosevelt Weeks, Sr., librarian at the Houston Public Library

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Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination That Changed America
by Wil Haygood

"The book is about the contentious Senate confirmation hearing of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. The country is going through the process of selecting the next Supreme Court justice and it may prove to be just as contentious as Justice Marshall."

Lia Kharis Hillman, librarian at the San Francisco Public Library

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Lentil Underground
by Liz Carlisle

"I have many favorite books, but I'd like to recommend this book that I read recently, as Earth Day is nearing and the book's message brings home the importance of thoughtful stewardship of our land and resources. "

Jamille Rogers, librarian at Marguerite Vann Elementary School, Conway, Arkansas

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Beauty and the Beast
by H. Chuku Lee

"This is an awesome retelling of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast centered in West Africa. The illustrations are amazing and the story provides an opportunity for students, especially African-American students, to make text-to-self connections."

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message 1: by Yaaresse (new)

Yaaresse Two thumbs up for a diverse and interesting list.

The only problem is now I have added three more books to my already behemothic to-read list. If I stop adding and read at my current rate, I'll have that puppy licked in...about ten and a half years.

message 2: by PinkPanthress (new)

PinkPanthress I have to second it... this List is quite interesting!!

message 3: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Murphy Same here! My to read list is getting out of control! I'm gonna have to live forever to read them all lol!

message 4: by Jeanny (new)

Jeanny I agree. A very thoughtful & diverse group of books listed.

message 5: by Stephknep (new)

Stephknep I am in the same boat, a huge list and just keep adding to it!! I also added 3 more books.

message 6: by Igor (last edited Apr 16, 2017 03:17PM) (new)

Igor When I was five years old my local librarian often recommenend books for me. It does not happen anymore, because now the librarians more often than not come to know about the books available in their libraries from me:))

message 7: by Ursula (last edited Apr 16, 2017 05:14PM) (new)

A big SHOUT OUT to Kathryn Cole in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!  :D  WOOT!

message 8: by Sumeet (new)

Sumeet Mahendra Thank you so much!

message 9: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Nice list, but I wish the list was a bit longer.

message 10: by Jasi (new)

Jasi Nice list! Add a few of them to my reading list. :)

message 11: by Collingwood (new)

Collingwood A piece of big news for all the book lovers. I always love the recommendations from experienced librarians. I am pleased to get dissertation writing service for my help to complete assignments on time. Recommendations from experienced librarians save my time in selecting a good book.

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