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Posted by Suzanne on March 8, 2016
UPDATE: the new navigation bar is now live for everyone on Goodreads! Thanks so much to those of you who filled out the survey—to those of you who haven't had a chance to do so yet, please be sure to fill out the survey to give us your feedback on the new experience!

Starting today, we're introducing a new navigation bar on the desktop site. With a more streamlined look, the new navigation makes it easier for you to get to all the features of Goodreads you love, search for books, and stay up to date with your messages and notifications.

This new experience will be rolled out over the next few weeks, so don't worry if you don't see it yet—it's coming!

The new navigation is designed to be clean and easy to read. It features a larger search box and adapts to the width of your screen, whether you're viewing Goodreads on a tablet or a desktop computer. If you're browsing Goodreads on a desktop computer, you'll also notice that it remains visible when you scroll down the page, keeping important links accessible at all times.

Under Browse, you'll find links to our popular Giveaways section (who can resist free books!), as well as New Releases, and author interviews and book recommendations in News & Interviews. The navigation also comes with a new spotlight on books from your favorite genres that are trending among the Goodreads community, helping you discover more great books to add to your to-read list.

Community is our new gateway to all things social on Goodreads. Find your Groups and discover new ones, see which authors are answering questions in Ask the Author, and test your knowledge with Trivia and Quizzes.

Once you have a chance to use the new navigation, let us know what you think of it via our survey.

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm really not sure I like the look of it. This'll be something I have to see for myself, but I do hope there's an option to switch back.

message 2: by Emily May (last edited Mar 08, 2016 12:31PM) (new)

Emily May Will there still be a way to view the monthly "popular" lists?

EDIT: I already tried the beta version and I do like the general look/functionality.

message 3: by Emily May (new)

Emily May Meghan wrote: "Emily May wrote: "Will there still be a way to view the monthly "popular" lists?"

Just to clarify, are you talking about popular new releases by month, or some other lists?"

Yes. This list:

message 4: by Petra is Darla in the book (last edited Mar 08, 2016 01:20PM) (new)

Petra is Darla in the book So much time and money spent on new features that reiterate old ones in a different way and still bugs go unfixed. Like the Best Reviews list. Last updated November 8th four months ago. That was such a great feature but I suppose just not important enough to devote any time to in order to fix it. But the link is still there on the new navigation panel.

message 5: by Licha (new)

Licha What I'd really like is to be able to go directly to specific dates in my upfeed without having to scroll back pages upon pages upon pages just to get to a specific date. By the time I've scrolled through 20 pages the system will freeze. And if I hit the wrong icon, it takes me all the way back to the most current page. By that time, I'm so frustrated, I won't even bother going back again.

message 6: by WendyB (new)

WendyB Can't wait to give it a try. I will really like the navigation bar staying in view and not having to always move the screen back to the top to use it.

message 7: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa It actually seems really cute and more useful than the current one. Just an impression, though! As soon as I'll view it, I'll let you know everything via data! :)

message 8: by Ode (new)

Ode No me agrada este nuevo formato. Prefiero el navegador como está.

message 9: by Caronte (last edited Mar 08, 2016 01:55PM) (new)

Caronte Soultaker I come from Mexico and y can't see anything. The bar is just for USA?

Elizabeth (Alaska) Meghan wrote: "Emily May wrote: "Yes. This list: "

That'll be under Browse > New Releases (down on the right, there's a link to "More new releases.") You'll find them there!"

They are also under Explore, which is the old Explore page. A better way to see this, because New Releases isn't the old "Popular."

message 11: by Licha (new)

Licha I've been hating all the new changes done to GR. More new changes scare me instead of making me happy. And they never seem to address real issues people have with the site. If people bring up their issues with the format, they just get ignored.

message 12: by Sandra (new)

Sandra F.P. wrote: "I keep looking over the article above, but I don't see any links (?). (I, too, am having more trouble reading the text here since the changes.) Is there a link somewhere to test the navigation beta..."

If you go to the Feedback Group you'll see a thread showing the beta version & all the mostly negative feedback.

Regardless, they'll just change the system yet again when it doesn't need fixing and just ignore all the real problems.

message 13: by GreenFairy (new)

GreenFairy How about before you start changing things to how YOU (the website owners and runners) want it, you actually consult those of us that use it. I have significantly decreased my time here because...I GET HEADACHES. I have enough issues causing headaches and your crappy set up has made it so much worse.

message 14: by Caronte (new)

Caronte Soultaker Ok, thanks. I'll be waiting. :D

message 15: by Steph (new)

Steph I noticed all of my GR bookmarked links aren't working any longer. This is because where a group link once looked like this:
It now looks like this:

I'm assuming this means there was no automatic redirect put into place when your modifications were made. Will you be doing so at any time? I ask because I have a lot of bookmarked GR links and all are now invalid.

message 16: by Simone (new)

Simone I this I got this update temporarily a while back, is that possible? I'm not a huge fan of this design, I think it looks less elegant than the current design, but as long as I can easily find all the features I use, I'm good. And seeing as I already barely remember what the website looked like before the last changes, I think I'll get used to this too. :)

message 17: by Norma Iris (new)

Norma Iris Dear Goodreads,

Why not have a feature that enables you a grace period of 30 days retrieval of your accidentally deleted account so that the account can be retrieved and with still the information that was last seen?

I believe this will be useful to all. Certainly would have been nice in helping me retrieve my profile account fully with all its comments, contributions and information.

I remain, Sincerely
Norma Iris

message 18: by Gigi (new)

Gigi Romano To be honest, I don't really care if the menu is across the top or in drop downs. What I care about is the other numerous bugs with shelving my books: how annoying it is to delete a book, how moving my books almost never works, how I inevitably end up with doubles of books across my shelves. Please work on making the main aspects of this site more user friendly instead of moving some links around!

message 19: by Lorryn (new)

Lorryn I think I tried a beta version about a week ago. I really liked it. I didn't realize that's what it was so when I get on and it was gone I was disappointed. Glad to be getting it back.

message 20: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Sylvain I want to be able to go to MY book (as an author) and my ad campaign and make changes without perusing the rest of the site. I guess I am still going to have to devote hours figuring out how to use goodreads to my and my readers' advantage.

message 21: by Ręddą (new)

Ręddą Othmąn i need to customize my profile color also, work on this feature too, please!

message 22: by MomToKippy (new)

MomToKippy OMG It is even whiter now! It is blinding and I never complained about this before when others were mentioning it.

message 23: by Mary (new)

Mary MomToKippy wrote: "OMG It is even whiter now! It is blinding and I never complained about this before when others were mentioning it."


message 24: by Jane (new)

Jane Tobio wrote: "I'm really not sure I like the look of it. This'll be something I have to see for myself, but I do hope there's an option to switch back."

Good grief, at first glance it's really horrible but I guess I'll just have to get used to it -- sigh -- I hope we can switch back. How do we comment on anything else but this?

message 25: by Troy (new)

Troy Soos I hope the new layout eliminates "sponsored books" from my updates!

message 26: by Manray9 (new)

Manray9 Change for the sake of change doesn't thrill me. Why fix what isn't broken?

message 27: by Diana (new)

Diana R. You should fix the notifications. We always have to refresh the page if we want to see new notifications. The notifications should appear like in facebook, instantly

message 28: by Steph (new)

Steph Meghan wrote: "This is actually unrelated to the navigation change, but we were able to figure out what is causing this and are working on a fix. Thanks for letting us know!"

That's great, Meghan! Thanks for the f/up!

message 29: by ~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~ (last edited Mar 08, 2016 05:42PM) (new)

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~ There's nothing wrong with how it is! FIX WHAT IS BROKEN! The notifications are so messed up. You have to click it multiple times for the new ones to go away. New ones only show up if you refresh the page, one of my topics always says one new even when there isn't (there's only two of us and it's done this for maybe a year now), and now another one of my topics never says when there is a new comment. And when someone deletes a comment and then someone comments after it, a new notification doesn't show up. Not to mention that even if you have the notifications turned off you might still get an email about something. Seriously fix what's broken. >_<

message 30: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl Manray9 wrote: "Change for the sake of change doesn't thrill me. Why fix what isn't broken?"

Because this is what tech/new media companies do...

message 31: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl I apparently don't have the new bar yet thank God, I like to stay with the old system that I KNOW as long as possible

but I don't understand the difference between Browse and Community. Listopias are Browse but Trivia is Community? Because Trivia is more social? Seems like a kind of meaningless distinction.

Anyway I am banned from Feedback Group so I can't go over there and express my opinion. Apparently I am too threatening to be unleashed on the public.

{U n s o l v e d M y s t e r y} Awesome! I can't wait!

message 33: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl When are you going to fix the bug that doesn't allow gender to appear on user or author profiles? Or is this a new feature rather than a bug?

message 34: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl Please fix the bug in Group Shelves where duplicate books get shelved because a book which is already shelved sometimes does not show up as "grayed out."

message 35: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl Where is My Books on the bar?

message 36: by Lobstergirl (last edited Mar 08, 2016 05:52PM) (new)

Lobstergirl Please fix the bug in STATS, books view, details view, where the horizontal lines do not line up properly with the stars in the left column.

The stars are too high and they run into the horizontal line.

I asked for this in the other blog thread about 90 times, Meghan.....

Firefox latest version.

message 37: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I don't even know why I'm bothering to say this because I've said it until I'm blue in the face in the other threads that you create just to sit back and watch us complain in while you laugh your arses off at us but I STILL have a major issue with the last update you did. The glaring white screen gives me MAJOR HEADACHES to the point where my vision starts going funny if I look at it for too long.

I used to check my feed, commenting on friends reviews and updates, several times a day. I would spend hours on this site, chatting and posting reviews. Now I just can't do that any more so I only come on here for any length of time 2 or 3 times a week. You know why? Because it takes me several days to get rid of the bloody headache that YOU give me! It's so sad that you don't care about your user experience.

To be honest I don't have an issue with the new layout from the picture you posted above, I won't know for sure until I actually see it in action but it looks like it'll be workable. The really sad thing is that you can create the most beautiful, easy to navigate site on the planet (I'm not convinced you're capable of that but hey it could happen!) but it won't matter. Unless you fix the ridiculous glaring background I won't be able to use it and I KNOW I'm not the only one having that problem.

I've seen so many people complain and complain and you completely ignore us. Well that's your right but you're the one who is going to lose out on advertising revenue when we all start deleting our accounts and moving elsewhere. Thanks for ruining one of my favourite websites. I really appreciate it

message 38: by Gene (new)

Gene Well said. I'm very frustrated that some basic functionality of this site gets ignored while useless pretty things keep getting all of the attention.
#1 on my long-standing pet peeve list: allow me to filter by language, especially on an author page. It's impossible to try to figure out what books for a new-to-you author are out there when the list is clogged with foreign language editions. Just allow me to filter those somehow (either in or out, at this point I don't even care)
Just in case you're wondering, #2 would be to allow some simple tag collection algebra (on my own tags). For example: books that are tagged "sci-fi" OR "mystery" - if I pick both tags now, it'll only show me books that are both sci-fi AND mystery, but maybe I want a combined list of all books that fit either category.

message 39: by Erika (new)

Erika F.P. wrote: "Let me be frank:

There are still complaints about the other changes Goodreads made; readers are still getting headaches and having eye trouble when they try to come on here--and this is what you "..."

A+ to everything you said here. I could not agree more. It's like they decide to spend money on making things work even less than to fix the issues they already have that umpteen people have complained about. They're 100% not about the readers (who make their content, btw) anymore. Sad.

message 40: by Erika (new)

Erika Manray9 wrote: "Change for the sake of change doesn't thrill me. Why fix what isn't broken?"

, asked every Goodreads user at least once in their lifetime (if not multiple times).

message 41: by Michele (new)

Michele Why change something that is working just fine already???

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

So I now have the new navigation bar. Looks fine, so now can you focus on the things that actually need fixing? People are telling you what's wrong, so you decide to "fix" the things that are completely fine? It's ridiculous. I spent a day and a half with the number of books on my read shelf and the number on my challenge completely out of sync because I used the scan feature on the mobile app to add books in. Maybe try and do something to stop everything from going out of sync so damn easily?

message 43: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay The navigation drop-downs act a bit weird with Firefox.

Mousing over the notifications window gives me the drop-down, but then right clicking on any of the notifications makes the notification drop-down disappear.

This works fine in IE11 and Chrome. Firefox version 44.0.2

message 44: by Maureen (new)

Maureen F.P. wrote: "Let me be frank:

There are still complaints about the other changes Goodreads made; readers are still getting headaches and having eye trouble when they try to come on here--and this is what you "..."

Just as a friendly FYI, you do know that GR is owned by Amazon, right?
Not to steer you in any particular direction, but have you checked out Library Thing?

Mystereity Reviews JFC can there be one website on the internet that doesn't have those annoying flyout menus? Please?

message 46: by Noah (new)

Noah How to get to the main feed from the new version, where is the Home button located??

message 47: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Noah wrote: "How to get to the main feed from the new version, where is the Home button located??"

You can just click on the goodreads logo. You could always do that in fact, the Home button was redundant.

message 48: by Noah (last edited Mar 08, 2016 09:01PM) (new)

Noah Lindsay wrote: "You can just click on the goodreads logo. You could always do that in fact, the Home button was redundant. "

Thank you so much, Lindsay. :)

message 49: by Sandra (new)

Sandra I follow reviews of folk who read and rate books similarly to me so as to pick up recommendations of authors I might not yet have heard of. Where do I find the reviews of those I've chosen to follow?
And why can't I also see reviews by friends in the same place?

message 50: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay That should all still be in the updates tab? It is on mine ...

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