Recommendations Are Now Available For the First Time in Our Updated Goodreads for iOS … And They’re Addictive!

Posted by Sarah on November 13, 2013
Warning! Using the updated Goodreads for iOS is potentially addictive and you could end up with a sky-high Want to Read pile!

The newest version of Goodreads for iOS includes a fun and easy way to see book recommendations – personalized just for you. Our recommendations engine analyzes 20 billion data points to come up with suggestions based on the books you’ve rated and your favorite genres.

We have to confess, though, that when we were testing this in our office, it resulted in some of our teammates playing for hours as they added more and more books to their Want to Read shelf!

To give you an idea of the enchantment of the Goodreads iOS recommendations, check out this 30-second video of the recommendations feature in action. Irresistible for all you book lovers, right?

But there’s more … we’ve also improved the speed of one of our members’ favorite features on Goodreads for iOS – the barcode scanner. The scanner now opens up and focuses faster so you can pull up the information about a book more quickly. We find it’s especially handy when you see a book when you are out and about and want to check out reviews from your friends and the Goodreads community to learn more about it. (We’ve also heard of members—and plenty of employees—using the scanner to efficiently catalog every single book on their shelves at home!)

Our Goodreads app for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini is updated for iOS7 and is now available so be sure to update the app if you already have it. To try it for the first time, you can download it from here.

Let us know what you think!

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message 1: by Glynis (new)

Glynis Is it available for Android?

message 2: by Adarsh (new)

Adarsh Android??

message 3: by Javi (new)

Javi Great, but the Android app is too outdated... How long to get an update? We also exist!

message 4: by Bill (new)

Bill Please release an Android version soon (there are a lot of us out there).

message 5: by Jinto (new)

Jinto Menachery Why no android ?

message 6: by Suzanne, Goodreads employee (new)

Suzanne Hi Glynis, Adarsh, Javi, Bill, Logan and Jinto,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, we love Android too! (In fact, we introduced recommendations on Android first.) You'll be glad to know we're working on updating our Android app but don't have timing to share on its release. We know a lot of our members use the Android app so want to make sure we provide a good experience for you.

Stay tuned for more details!

message 7: by Amy (last edited Nov 16, 2013 03:45PM) (new)

Amy No thanks. As long a GoodReads insists on signing me out of Facebook when I sign out of GoodReads, I won't be adding any kind of GoodReads app to ANY device I own.

Oh and I won't be connecting to my FB account either.

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