My New Year's Resolutions

I guess it’s that time of year again, so here goes.

Number 1: Read more.
Who doesn’t have this as a New Year’s resolution? I had to stop and think about it, though. As much as I love to read, why don’t I indulge in it more often? (This is painfully obvious by looking at my shelf.) All writers read constantly-it’s part of the job. But for me, it’s not that simple. It’s kind of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time (but not as bad as walking and chewing gum)—basically, I can’t read and write at the same time. So, in order to accomplish this resolution, I need some additional ones.

Number 2: Finish the book I’m writing.
I’m in the thick of writing my next love story. It’s like living in an alternate world at every free moment and coming back out into the light of Earth in-between. It completely dominates that part of my brain, but I love it. First stop after this resolution’s done: Veronica Roth's Allegiant.

Number 3: Figure out who my audience is and find them. (Is that two resolutions?)
Since I took the self-publishing route, there’s the whole issue of marketing my books. Like most things, it’s a lot harder than I’d hoped, which leads to Resolution Number 4.

Number 4: Share whatever I learn with other authors and anyone else it might help, even if all I come up with by the end of the year is a list of things that don’t work. Stay tuned.

Number 5: Develop a method for requiring less sleep because I don’t know where else to get more time. If we could all come up with just a couple more hours in the day...but I digress.

Number 6: Pick up my guitar for at least a couple of minutes every day.
Hopefully, all that practice will benefit my family's ears. And speaking of my family brings me to my most important resolution...

Number 7: Remember every day that I’m in hands much bigger than my own.
I am going to do my best to relax and follow my path, whatever that may be. And no matter what, family first forever.
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Published on January 03, 2014 16:44
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