A Push in the Right Direction

It looks like today is the day I finally start my blog. I've really wanted to for a while now, but I guess I was just waiting for a push in the right direction. This past week, three nudges got together and gave me a shove. The initial nudge was that Eternal Mercury was reviewed in my local newspaper, the Idaho Statesman. http://www.idahostatesman.com/2013/10...
I didn't expect that to happen because it made the book highlight section of the a couple of weeks ago. I figured that meant it was a pass for the reviewer. I was a little bummed, but it was still so cool of her to feature it in the paper. So there I was a couple of weeks later perusing the Sunday paper when the cover of Eternal Mercury caught my eye on the front of the Sunday Life section. I did the only thing I could do: fling it at my husband and run away. Granted, I was in the next room, but could he read any slower? I was able to start breathing again when he said it was a good review.

Like I said, that was just the initial bit of encouragement. Here comes the amazing part. Preface: This IS NOT a sob story. I have a five-year-old little boy who's had a pretty tough journey in his sweet life. He's had a steady stream of medical problems since birth. They're all minor, especially compared to so many other kids we've met along the way, but let me tell you, that doesn't make it any less heart-breaking. Back to the point - he had appointments with both his ear doctor and his stomach doctor this week. I'll tell you all about his ear in another blog because it's the whole reason I got the chance to start writing. But the condensed version is that we were pretty sure his rebuilt eardrum was going to have to be removed and that we would have to take another approach. But no. Last week the doctor looks in his ear and tells us we'd better buy a lottery ticket because it's a stroke of luck. And all I could think was, "That's not luck-he's been healed." And then I take him to the stomach doctor and she tells me that his esophagitis is healed. At the last appointment, she said maybe it would be better in a few years. But now she's standing there saying it's better now. If that's not encouragement from up above, then I truly don't know what is.
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Published on October 15, 2013 21:11
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