New Corpse Smell is now available, exclusively from Amazon.

New Corpse Smell features fifteen short stories, including Shades of Cray, Blood Falls, Murder Your Darlings, and the titular New Corpse Smell. Most of the stories are science fiction or action/adventure.

Shades of Cray: The story of the first transracial individual.

Blood Falls: An expedition to the Antarctic goes south, after a rock wall collapses.

Murder Your Darlings: A writer finds himself convinced one of his characters is trying to kill him, after his loved ones start getting hurt.

New Corpse Smell: Observing decomposition.

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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Gallagher What a prolific guy. Will have a look.

message 2: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Wilson Thanks, Michael. I've got hundreds of short stories, from my younger years. Many, maybe even most of them, are certainly the first fishes that tried to breathe on land, and aren't worth calling attention to. But there's also a lot of fun stuff. I'm happy to be sharing those fittest survivors. This is what happens when you write for a decade, with deadlines for weekly chapters/stories. 8 unpublished novels, a novella or two, and hundreds of pieces of short fiction. It feels like I revise 5 sentences for every new sentence I get to write!

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