So if you haven't gotten it from one of the other e-tailers, you can now snag Ghost Dust for free here. So glad Amazon caught up to the rest of us!


Update: There seems to be an issue with the international Amazon stores' prices, and this price change. International readers, feel free to email me at nicwilson.writer at (You know what to do with the at). I'll send you a free copy. Hopefully they'll be able to sort it out, but in the meantime, you can still get it free from other e-tailers, or contact me for a copy.
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Published on May 28, 2013 11:29 • 85 views • Tags: free, ghost-dust, new-release, price-change, price-drop, sale, short-story
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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Gallagher Hi
I have no objection to payin .97 cents but you said it was free maybe you wantg to know it is at .97 today at 17:00 28 May 2013
Take care

message 2: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Wilson So strange. The main amazon page still shows it as free-and the Amazon UK page doesn't show a price at all. I wonder if this is some kind of glitch, because it definitely shows as free, and is registering free downloads. Do you think your computer might be loading a cached version of the old price? I wish I had a second computer to check from, see if there's any variation in the price there, as well.

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