The Vaccine Passport Tirade

The Excelsior Pass, as well as other states’ versions when they are released, will, of course, be advertised as a voluntary and free market solution to get people vaccinated. However, what people making this argument fail to forget is that a precedent has already been set with mask mandates. In New York State, nobody can reasonably argue that businesses chose to require masks, as there have been threats of hefty fines, shutdowns, and revoked licenses for businesses that do not comply (the argument for volunteerism could currently be made with Florida, which has performed significantly better than the locked down state of California, by the way). Therefore, businesses were coerced into becoming law enforcement entities of the state.

If anyone believes that this new vaccine passport will remain voluntary, I should remind you that the two weeks to flatten the curve argument is well on its way to becoming two years of restrictions on Americans’ lives. These types of arguments are often sold to the people in order to avoid public backlash, but governments do not just relinquish power that easily and would be more than enthusiastic about procuring another means to control the populace.

Have we learned nothing from what Edward Snowden revealed to us in 2013? Are we really going to trust governments with the further ability to track and monitor us? I have been hearing arguments that we already have cellphones and are being monitored anyways, so what is the big deal? This is like arguing back in 2001 that if you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to worry about. Why make the government’s Fourth Amendment violations any easier? Why should we have to sacrifice our privacy because the majority of Americans desire a false sense of security? I guess the idea that you have a right to your own body only applies to the murder of unborn babies. Why do some argue that you should have to present proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, theaters, and other establishments in society, but then they get outraged when you have to show identification to vote? It seems as if people’s fear and faith in government have blinded them to the reality that is before us.

And what about Big Pharma? Who is really profiting off these vaccines (and passports)? Why do some condemn the military-industrial complex or the prison-industrial complex, but at the same time, advocate for creating a public health-industrial complex? Why do we accept that the federal government shields the vaccine manufacturers from liability for any harm caused by their product? How does any of this constitute as the free market? Sure, there is an illusion of choice and the perception of freedom, but how easy would it be to set up the framework for fascist corporatism? Even if the vaccine passports stop short of integrating into a totalitarian system, the precedent has been set in the last year with lockdowns and mask mandates. Governments will not soon forget how easy it was to manipulate the public and condition them into accepting violations of their liberties on a massive scale (and this was for a virus with a far less than one percent death rate).
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Published on April 01, 2021 15:16
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