Fauci Says….Better Listen, Or You Will Lose the Game

As New York’s vaccination passport rolls out, the constant fear and propaganda continue with doomsday predictions of new COVID-19 variants becoming dominant and spring and summer travel causing new spikes in cases. Hardly a day goes by without seeing some mainstream media headline stating, “Fauci says [insert fearmongering line here].” It seems as if Simple Simon would be jealous of all of the attention that a bureaucrat who has not practiced medicine in years is getting because his popular game has been replaced with “Fauci says” predictions and advice. Even using science-based data and studies is not good enough for the powerful establishment and the sheepish populace that eats up every word of the propaganda. Fauci has become the authoritative religious figure of our lifetime, and anyone who challenges his “infinite” wisdom is a heretic of the Covid religion. Separation of science (false science, in reality) and state has become a taboo concept, and dissenting voices are constantly silenced.

In a recent Gallup and Franklin Templeton poll, participants were asked to state how many people who contracted COVID-19 must be hospitalized, and the majority said that it was over 50%. Yet, the actual answer was 1-5%, and the fearmongering propaganda that Americans have been subjected to for over a year now has clear implications. Most people will not accept the idea that far less than one percent of all people under the coronavirus’ spell die, and despite the idea that Americans who blindly wear their masks, social distance, and adhere to the state guidelines think that they are following the science, the true facts do not favor a need to have most restrictions that are in place. In fact, most studies prior to about one year ago showed that cloth masks did not prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, but after the Fauci switch, randomized trials were utilized to justify widespread mask compliance, despite growing evidence that masks do more harm than good. Plus, of course, there is the concept of security theater (see Rand Paul rip Fauci) and virtual signaling that motivate people to take what is deemed as the correct course of action.

But again, science does not matter because we need to stick to what we have been told from the beginning. Despite all of the projection models being incorrect, the virus trajectory graphs showing that the virus follows the same pattern regardless of the mitigation measures, the low casualty statistics (including analyzing countries or states), and the contact tracing data showing that places that were shut down during the early months of the pandemic were not where the spread was occurring; people still do not want to move past the narrative that the virus is lurking around every corner and that every aspect of life must be sacrificed to fight it. And what about the fact that both the warm-weather states of California (strictly locked down for about a year) and Florida (free of any restrictions for months) have roughly the same per capita deaths and cases, despite Florida being more densely populated and having a more elderly population (the critics have been saying for some time that states that opened too early were hotspots for deaths without any data to back up the claims)?

Lockdowns and other mitigation measures have failed at every turn, yet this is not how it is portrayed by government officials or in the media (constant death tickers and warnings of the next spike are constantly flashed in people’s faces). This is how effective the propaganda has been, and if it were not so serious and sinister, it could really be applauded for the effort at turning the United States from a semi-free nation to a collectivist haven in a matter of weeks and retaining it throughout the pandemic. They have turned the critics of failed policies into villains, and the majority of Americans still think that government officials did the right thing in all of this (or at the very least, that it was the right thing to do at the time given the limited information available), even though countless lives have been destroyed.

To most people, vaccine passports seem like the ticket out of the pandemic and all of the restrictions that come along with it, but what are the implications of this? Will it eventually become the only way to be able to participate in society and make the necessary transactions in life? Will they become state-mandated applications and a symbol of compliance? Will people be ridiculed and driven to the fringes of society without them? What about the possibility of them being used to track and monitor citizens and add to the growing surveillance state? These are all concerns, and even if the passports begin as voluntary, will it eventually no longer be viable to resist?

Israel’s Green Pass has already been in use for about one month, and it is required before entering gyms, hotels, theaters, concert venues, and restaurants. The European Union, the United Kingdom, and Japan have plans to follow suit, and although the data at this stage in the United States will be stored between corporations and individuals (we all know how reassuring that is), eventually governments could either force this on individuals directly or mandate businesses to implement it (much like with mask mandates or the Green Pass). There are, of course, privacy, data breach, and fraud concerns, but what should really concern people is how this technology can be used for surveillance (have we learned nothing from Edward Snowden’s revelations?). Because this is seen as the great normalizing equalizer, people will believe the propaganda and go along with whatever tyranny is brought their way.

After former CDC director, Robert Redfield, stated his opinion that COVID-19 had to have escaped from the lab in Wuhan, the WHO and Fauci have been doubling back and arguing that this could not possibly be the case. Being that Fauci funded research (gain of function) on the jump of coronaviruses between bats and humans in the very same city where the virus originated and was warned by scientists that a leak from the lab could cause a pandemic, the favorite American icon most certainly has an interest in swaying public opinion from that viewpoint. Yet, Americans will continue to believe the propaganda and go against the most logical explanation in favor of the several coincidences theory (it happened to develop independently and naturally in the same city where research on the very same line of viruses and host animal was being conducted).

Fear and propaganda have been the preferred tools of government officials and the media, and if we do not wake up soon, the end of freedom may become a reality. The masses have been conditioned to accept the new collective utopia, and one day, we will look back at this moment in history and wonder why very few people stood up to the tyranny that was in its infant stages and regret our inaction. Just like with all past totalitarian regimes, the people will have succumbed to the propaganda of the day. The major difference in the present is that we have corporatism to give us the illusion of choice and the perception of freedom.

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Published on March 31, 2021 14:55
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