What Defines Courage- Lethal Game


When I think of Malichai, the hero in Lethal Game, I think of his courage. He had a particular fear. A real fear he had to face. Then, he had to decide how much that fear controlled him.


Sometimes we pay a price for our fears. Sometimes we have to deal with those fears being as bad as we imagined. You may think you can’t conquer your fear, but people are resilient. And if you have courage, you face your fear whether you feel you’ll conquer it or not.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” – Nelson Mandela

Lethal Game, to me, is a story of courage. Malichai faces his own fears, but so does Amaryllis, our heroine. She’s running from something terrifying, but she’s needed where she is. Do you stay or do you go? Fight or flight? Then, the two meet and there’s off the charts chemistry. Is love, or the promise of love, enough to make you want to overcome your fears?

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision,” – Sir Winston Churchill

Even as they work together they are faced with the challenges of their fears. But, having someone strong at your side allows you to lean into that strength and face your fears head-on in a way you could never have imagined before.


Courage manifests in different ways for different people. Whether it’s a fear of heights, a fear of spiders, a fear of dying or a fear of living, they are require courage to move beyond that fear. Perhaps that’s just to take a step, move beyond the place you thought would be outside your comfort zone. Maybe it’s something even bigger. Malichai and Amaryllis are examples of what I feel courage is. I hope you’ll enjoy their story.

What is your favorite quote about courage and personal strength?


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Published on September 29, 2020 09:57 Tags: christine-feehan, courage, inspirational, lethal-game, quotes, strength
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message 1: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Gianinio Loved Malichai’s determination to keep going and acting, to allow himself to be Vulnerable...to people and situations
"Vulnerability is not winning or losing. It's having the courage to show up when you can't control the outcome." Brene Brown

message 2: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Gianinio "Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't." Rikki Rogers

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
Lao Tzu

message 3: by Carol L (new)

Carol L Cridge I love those quotes! People dwell in darkness of their own making sometimes and fear the shadows that surround them, stifled, afraid to move...but when they turn on the light and have the courage to face what's in front of them, and deal with life and all it's uncertainties - life happens. Sometimes even love happens. (Sometimes) Think I will read Lethal, again. LOL

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy I loved this book. Watching you develop Malichai’s personality through each book and then seeing it in it totality was awesome. His strength and courage is incredible. Any man who is able to acknowledge their fears and face them is a man worth keeping!

message 5: by Janis (new)

Janis Paige Elephant, moth, penguin, big cat and who knows what! Malachai is truly an all around soldier!! But the most important thing is that Malachai is not afraid to stand for those who have no one else, regardless of how he feels, what he's afraid of or anything else! He just gets the job done with no fan fair!

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