Seven Scary Feehan Books - Celebrating Horror Week on Goodreads!

Since it's Horror Week here on Goodreads I thought I'd share my picks for my scariest books. Below is a list of books from each series and the title I felt was the scariest in the series.

My question for you is- Do you agree it's the scariest in the series? Which would YOU choose as the scariest?


Dark Series-Dark Carousel

GhostWalker Series- Murder Game


Leopard Series- Wild Fire


Shadow Rider Series-Shadow Warrior


Torpedo Ink- Reckless Road


Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart-Air Bound


Drake Sisters- Hidden Currents

Now tell me your picks!


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message 1: by Jamilynn (new)

Jamilynn Yes for sure on the first book, but I think the second would be a toss between Murder Game and Shadow Warrior. As for the rest excellent choice 💖

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Bhear I haven't read Reckless Road yet. The Shadow Riders series & GhostWalkers series weren't really thing so I haven't read them all & can't give you a fair vote. But as for the rest of them I'd say you picked the right ones. Give you a little shiver here & there.

message 3: by Marybelle (new)

Marybelle I’ll give you my vote after I read Wildfire and Reckless Road (LOL). However, I think your Scarletti Curse and Lair of the Lion were pretty scary.

message 4: by Ruth Ellen (new)

Ruth Ellen Fire Bound was scarier for me than Air Bound. but to each his own. Murder Game for sure. Hidden Current for sure and no pic for the Shadow Series or Leopard series.

message 5: by Carol L (new)

Carol L Cridge 'Murder Game' for sure and I thought 'Judgement Road' was rather scary- Reaper, wow. Wasn't sure if he was going to kill Anya or what? Thank God he did more of the ummm,, "what" with her. Still, his past trauma and the horror's he suffered made it "edge of your seat" reading. Love all the HEA's in your books.

message 6: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Breault Actually a reader is right, Scarletti Curse and Lair of the Lion should get mentioned along with other singles.

message 7: by Seward Bell (new)

Seward Bell I have read all of you books, and agree with your choices and lair of the lion and scarletti curse. But dark curse and dark slayer and fire bound deserve a nod also. Just have to say this though cause i love dragons so much dark storm is such a fav I've read it 3or4 times, adding it to my audible collection was so the right choice.

message 8: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Bhear That's true. I love how Dax & his "old one" dragon spirit are almost always arguing over something. It's funny!

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