Torpedo Ink Isn’t in Sea Haven, But it’s Close

I wanted to talk about the differences between the series set in or around Sea Haven.


The Drake Sisters and the Sisters of the Heart are about family, sisters, a sisterhood. The women these stories are about are magical, compassionate, empathetic, loving, funny women. Even with the challenges many of them faced these women had each other and the boundless love and support of one another.
Sea Haven is a town full of magic and the people in the town became like family. The Drakes grew up there and were part of that town. The Sisters of the Heart integrated with the town easily, becoming part of the camaraderie with the townsfolk.
Sea Haven is perfect for those women with their magic and laughter and floating tea cups. But, when I created Torpedo Ink I specifically didn’t put them directly in Sea Haven. They live very close in a small town called Caspar. We could say they are neighbors of Sea Haven who visit frequently.


Caspar is different from Sea Haven and more closely fit the needs of the motorcycle club. The town is real, where Sea Haven is fictional (though based primarily off of Mendocino, California). I’ve been to Caspar many times and there are some wonderful things about the town that made me choose it for the MC.
First of all, the town could pass as a ghost town in some parts. It’s very small and not a lot of people live in the heart of the town. Many live on the outskirts, out in the more rural areas. But, in Caspar itself there’s not even a gas station, a grocery store or a traffic light. Many of the buildings are abandoned, but some are lovely and you can see the love put into them. There’s a store that actually exists in Caspar called Caspar Curiosities that has odd items, strange things, unique art and eclectic antiques.

Caspar has a beautiful view of the ocean, but somehow, in a way, it feels empty. To me, there was a feeling of longing, of wanting to be full of life and vibrancy like its neighboring towns. It felt like the town was waiting for something. It was a perfect match for the 18 survivors who’d formed an unusual family and created a motorcycle club.
These people need the town of Caspar, as much as the town needed them. Of course Caspar in my books is fictionalized with much of it being different from the actual town. I love the town, both the real one and my fictionalization of it. To me, Torpedo Ink’s members longed for a place to call home, to settle down in and be able to be themselves. But, they would never really fit into normal society. Not with the type of abuse and life experiences they had starting as small children. They needed a place off the main drag so to speak, but that would still give them the sense of belonging in the world that they needed. The club and the town were a puzzle with missing parts, that when put together formed a full picture of a home full of hope and family and belonging.


The Torpedo Ink books can’t be like the Drake Sisters series or the Sisters of the Heart because those women were sisters full of compassion and empathy and the Torpedo Ink members are abused assassins without a firm grasp on societal rules and ways. They know darkness because they were darkness. Their lives are completely different from the Drakes or SotH in so many ways that their stories couldn’t be like the Sea Haven stories.
The similarities come in that they have a sense of family. They want to protect people in their club, their town, those they care for or are responsible for. They are in the same general area as Sea Haven and there are relationships (Drakes and Blythe/ Blythe and Viktor) that do cross over, so we will see some of the old characters make appearances from time to time. The club members do have heightened abilities or gifts and you see a little bit of that in Judgment Road.
The Torpedo Ink series is an outlaw motorcycle club romance series which is very different than a magical sisterhood. But, Torpedo Ink offers stories of redemption, acceptance, learning to integrate into normal society, loyalty, brotherhood and struggle. The greatest similarity among the different series is the promise and delivery of a Happy Ever After.

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message 1: by Janice (new)

Janice I think that I most identify with Kate of all the characters in the Sea Haven/ Sisters of the Heart/ Torpedo Ink series, as I'm a big reader, and I work in a public library. Learning about Rikki and Autism, was very interesting to me. Have a great day.

message 2: by Lin (new)

Lin I started Judgment Road last night, I am enjoying it so far and will be looking forward to the other members of the MC having their stories told. I am going to reread the Drakes and Sisters.

message 3: by Kathy (new)

Kathy I am happy to see that some of Viktor's brothers are joining the Torpedo Ink (only a brief mention on brothers in Judgement Road).

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather Thanks for the information about the series. I'm looking forward to starting Judgment Road this weekend.

message 5: by Janice (last edited Jan 25, 2018 07:51AM) (new)

Janice I agree, I hope that all of Viktor's brothers join.

message 6: by Kathy (new)

Kathy I just started Read #2 (to better absorb now that my pace is slower). It is grittier than the Sisters of the Heart, but, then, the Torpedo Ink family is very rough around the edges (due to their childhood). I am looking forward to more in depth meeting of the various members of the family.

message 7: by Kathy (new)

Kathy I am estimating 34. That would put Savage at 32.

message 8: by Kathy (new)

Kathy I suspect it is the mileage not the years.

message 9: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Landow Thanks for the insight, Christine. Judgement Road was a fascinating read. I've enjoyed listening to the podcast too, lots of info which enriches the reading experience. Love my HEA's!!

message 10: by J. (new)

J. Lynn I was a bit shocked by Reapers sroey, So much violence, sex and rough language! I know it fits the character but stil,coming so unexpectedly I had to set it aside for a few days before returning to finish it! Will the remaining stories in this series be as rough?

message 11: by Christine (new)

Christine J. wrote: "I was a bit shocked by Reapers sroey, So much violence, sex and rough language! I know it fits the character but stil,coming so unexpectedly I had to set it aside for a few days before returning to..."

This is a motorcycle club of abused assassins. There will be rough language, sex and violence.

message 12: by Janice (new)

Janice I wish that Sea Haven...was...a real place, as it sounds like one I'd enjoy visiting. Still loving Judgment Road. Have a great evening.

message 13: by Vipsy (new)

Vipsy I just finished Oceans of Fire. Is Ilya so powerful because he is the Seventh son? He seems more powerful than Viktor.

message 14: by Janice (new)

Janice Could very well be. He could be like Ellie.

message 15: by Gerald Haldorson (new)

Gerald Haldorson i cannot wait for vengence road. i wonder how many more children will be found and brought into the family,s.

message 16: by Brenda (last edited Jan 30, 2019 07:22PM) (new)

Brenda I absolutely loved Vengence Road. Got it yesterday and didn't stop reading until I finished it. It was great. Who is the next book about and will it be a year before we see it. Sometime I hate that I read so fast. Can't wait to see Savage meet his mate. Thank you Cristine Feehan for such a wonderful book.

message 17: by Diane (new)

Diane Averbeck I also loved Vengeance Road, from the beginning it grabbed me. I want to know who the next book is about (Ice, Savage, Alena). I'm really hoping to see it out in six months or so. This series could easily run a story for each member of Torpedo Ink. Thanks so much for another awesome read.

message 18: by Terri (new)

Terri Christine, Topedo Ink is a fabulous series! I loved Steel an Breezy’s story. Both Reaper’s story and Steel’s story we heart wrenching to read about what they went thru as children and how hard it is for them to leave that life behind. The struggles they go thru to enter society and to realize they do have a real family just shows that deep down they are good men just wanting to reclaim what was theirs when they children. I cant wait for Ice’s book next!

message 19: by Terri (last edited Mar 06, 2019 11:40AM) (new)

Terri Terri wrote: "Christine, Topedo Ink is a fabulous series! I loved Steel and Breezy’s story. Both Reaper’s story and Steel’s story were heart wrenching to read about what they went thru as children and how hard it i"

message 20: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Tavana I love all of Christine's series, am looking forward to reading her new standalone romantic suspense, but for now the Torpedo Ink series is my favorite. (Sorry, comment has stealers) Just reread the the book about Zyah and Player, and was fascinated by the recovery from brain surgery/ injury suffered by Player . Also the relationship between Mama Anat and the "boys" is awesome to watch, (read about?)

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