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I attended the NOLA StoryCon event last weekend and it was so wonderful to meet and talk to readers. I wish I could travel to every state and meet everyone in person. But, since it's not likely that I can meet everyone, I wanted to share with you that I do participate in some online social media. So, we can "meet" in some way.

Obviously, I'm here on Goodreads. I love that I can do more long-form blogging here and talk about whatever feels fun to talk about. I do try to answer comments as often as I can. I also participate in the Q&A, so do leave me questions if you have them!


My online community is here- Christine
Feehan Online Community

Though it's not exactly the same as social media, I do have an online community on my website that you can easily sign up for and get "goodies" you can't get anywhere else. And I do read the posts sent to me and respond to them.
Here you get things early like the book trailers and first chapters. But, I also have content that is exclusive to the community.


I'm on Facebook here- Facebook

There is where you'll find more about my books, some contests, fun quizzes, that sort of thing. I'll occasionally put up more personal posts, but primarily we talk about books.


I'm on Twitter here- Twitter

I am on Twitter nearly every day. I enjoy it and I do respond to people who tweet to me, even if it's just a "like" or retweet. I put up fun graphics, talk about current topics, what's trending, my books, and to other authors.


I'm on Instagram here- Instagram

I'm relatively new to Instagram, but I really love it. It's so easy to put up photos. So, you may find some unique things on Instagram that you won't find on the other social media sites.


I'm on Amazon here- Amazon Author Page

If you use Amazon you can actually follow me there and get information about when my books will be released.

There are a lot of ways we can talk and learn about each other. And a lot of ways to find out about my books, or for you to let me know what you think of my books. I know it's not the same as meeting in person, but it's still fun!
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Janice I need to get on social media. I just don't bother. Have a great day.

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