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January 16, 2017

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Greetings, and thank you for joining us in the phenomenal yearly celebration, that we call, “Concordant Vibrancy’s Book Release”. Every year, thus far, we’ve had an amazing collection of authors collaborate in narrating their interpretations of that year’s theme question.

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The very first Concordant Vibrancy revolved around the theme of Unity, represented by the element of earth. In that collection we had amazing talents come together to bring us stories like “Butterfly Mask”, “Lester’s Release” and “Coalesce”.

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The 2nd installment of Concordant Vibrancy, called Vitality, was focused the question, “What moves your spirit?” This was embodied by the element of wind. In this remarkable collection we had the combined components of literature and essays, some of which were, “An Ocean of Questions”, “Arvum” and “Letting Inspiration Take The Wheel”.

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Today, we present the 3rd installment of Concordant Vibrancy, called Lustrate, which is exemplified by water.


What embodies the composition of fluidity?

This is the query of the third installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, presented by All Authors Publications & Promotions, entitled “Lustrate”.

Nine incredible writers unite—through a combination of poetry, essays, and short stories—to produce unique responses flowing with vitality.

Works include:

Unsui” by Harmony Kent

Exiled” by Carol Cassada

The Satiationship” by Synful Desire

Twin Planets” by Y. Correa

Threes” by Queen of Spades

Luster Lingers” by Adonis Mann

The Boo Thang Convention” by C. Desert Rose

Overcome (Holy Water)” by Beem Weeks


The Bunny” by Da’Kharta Rising


You can go out and get your copy today!

With Concordant Vibrancy there is something for everyone.

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On Kindle
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December 22, 2016

Hello. The SASS here, venturing from her cave to give you a cover reveal by Y. Correa.

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Hello and thank you for visiting!

Today, the members of All Authors P&P bring you a spectacular cover reveal for a phenomenal story. But to know more about this story, you must first understand its origins.

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In 2013 Y. Correa brought you a Historical Romance for the ages. It was called “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”.

[image error]

Within its pages you found a compelling story that could leave on mark on the soul of those who read it. Many compared it to “Tristan and Isolde” as well as “Romeo & Juliet”. However, “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis” was much more than that—it was a love story AND an adventure. Riddled with magic, mayhem and drama, “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis” was a story to be reckoned with.


[image error]

The year 1585. The Anglo-Spanish War. England’s greed for Spain’s crops, land, and supplies gives birth to the inertia of intolerance on both sides. Yet, even then, Love surges forth.

MarcoAntonio, a Spanish gentleman and knight, defied all boundaries of color and culture, when setting eyes on the English lady Amaryllis. Although to others, he may be a bit reserved, he dares to lower his defenses solely for her.

Amaryllis is an English lady. One with an open heart, gentle spirit, and shining eloquence. She knew that she should not desire MarcoAntonio. Still, a love feeling so right couldn’t be so horribly wrong!

Travel with MarcoAntonio and Amaryllis as they duel with internal and external forces threatening to tear their powerful love apart. In the midst of troubles the likes of which have no compare, MarcoAntonio and Amaryllis find themselves having to fight the most unexpected of adversaries, just for the right to love each other.

Discover why their LOVE is the result of ALL things conquered!

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Now, three years later, Y. Correa brings you the story of their son, MarcoAntonio Jr. and the legacy that their story left behind.

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What happens when the Legacy of Love intersects with Legend?

For many years, legend spoke of two instruments—a sword and a shield. Together, they would act as catalysts to destroy the indestructible. At one point, all elements were in play, with the end result being a substantial sacrifice, along with the ultimate personification of love. That symbol is MarcoAntonio Junior—the Legacy of MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis.

With the legend seemingly at rest, fresh starts are on the horizon. A decade has passed, and Aishe and Damian—serving as caregivers for Junior—choose Borinquen as their new stomping ground. MarcoAntonio Junior is still haunted by the loss of his mother and father, but his budding friendship with Taino youth Yarisneth offers a shine of promise to counteract the sadness.

When fulfillment of legend is unsatisfactory to some, forces emanate to deliver their own resolution—affecting a positive present and blossoming future for all involved.

Will the Legacy show that Love is still the result, or will these tenacious energies—antiquated and modern— give proof that the legend is a farce?

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December 12, 2016

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All Authors Publications and Promotions is rejoicing in the forthcoming release of the third installment of “Concordant Vibrancy”, a collection that is part of All Authors’ yearly tradition.

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Unity (Concordant Vibrancy) Full Trailer: Remastered Edition from All Authors PnP on Vimeo.

First, there was “Concordant Vibrancy: Unity”, the first book in this multi-genre anthology collection.

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Then there was “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality”, the second book in this unique series.

[image error]

[image error]Today, we celebrate the Cover Reveal of “Concordant Vibrancy 3: Lustrate”.

[image error]

First a little about the book …

The Blurb

What embodies the composition of fluidity?

This is the query of the third installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, presented by All Authors Publications & Promotions, entitled “Lustrate”.

Nine incredible writers unite—through a combination of poetry, essays, and short stories—to produce unique responses flowing with vitality.

Works include:

“Unsui” by Harmony Kent

“Exiled” by Carol Cassada

“The Satiationship” by Synful Desire

“Twin Planets” by Y. Correa

“Threes” by Queen of Spades

“Luster Lingers” by Adonis Mann

“The Boo Thang Convention” by C. Desert Rose

“Overcome (Holy Water)” by Beem Weeks


“The Bunny” by Da’Kharta Rising

Now, without further ado, All Authors Publications & Promotions presents you, our precious readers, writers and precious patrons with the cover of the upcoming “Concordant Vibrancy 3: Lustrate”.

[image error]

Learn …

What embodies the composition of fluidity?

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December 4, 2016


Hello everyone! Author Synful Desire is in the giving spirit and does not care if you are naughty or nice.

For a limited time, she is offering not one but TWO of her novelettes, absolutely FREE on Amazon!


Genre: Contemporary Urban Drama


What happens when passion blinds reason? The ardent fire of desire meets the shocking and harsh blows of reality in this Prelude of Prism. The convoluted relationships of three individuals morph into a rainbow of disarray.

Grab Your Copy Here




Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance



Never underestimate the steam of a hot caffeinated beverage infused with the flavor of imagination. Wake up your senses while savoring “Kona”.


A simple ad gives a curious skeptic a lot more than he was bargaining for. Check out the hair-raising experience while combing through “Tresses”.


Darbi has her share of bad luck. She is unexpectedly in job purgatory and has no chance of ever getting a promotion. Her online dating profile sat months without any responses. Why should she continue?

As she signed on to delete everything entirely, three responses catch her eye. All are different but each has something about them which makes Darbi want to meet all three. Ade appears to be the guy next door. Boyde looks like a supermodel. Choise looks like the rugged type.

When all is not what it seems, Darbi has concluded that her love life is mating with her job status in purgatory. Will anything come in handy to turn her luck around?

This version of “Handy” includes an epilogue, as well as Darbi speak.

Erotic, Experimental, and Entertaining—All come in Handy when experiencing a Good Release.

Grab Your Copy Here


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November 24, 2016

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You know, EVERYBODY loves a FREEBIE! Why not come and get this one?

Do you enjoy a good read and a free book? Here’s is one that you can curl up with along with your favorite beverage and giggle while you page turn.

C. Desert Rose’s “Nethayel’s Lady Lune”
[image error]Blurb:

Even the moon has secrets …

Traversing the globe—from Louisiana, USA to New Zealand—on an enterprise to discover the hidden secrets of the moon, Nethanyel finds that everything may not be as it seems. Accompanied by a consequential companion named Jax, Nethanyel is taken to a place … even a time … that he would have never expected.

Set in the year 1940, is Nethanyel’s Lady Lune exploration, fate or both?

What Are Readers Saying?

Nethanyel’s always been captivated by the legend of the lady in the moon, when he gets a chance to go on an exhibition to explore the myth, he jumps at the chance. With his newfound friend, Jax, the two of them set out to learn the truth and when they met the mysterious Rona, they’ll realize there’s more to the legend than meets the eye.

This is the third book I’ve read by the author and what I love most about her books is how she infuses the genres of fantasy and romance together. The mythology of the lady of the moon is what drew me into the book, but the romance element added a perfect touch to the story as Nethanyel sought to seek answers about the moon’s enchantress who captivated his heart.

Out of all the characters in the story, Jax was my favorite. In every scene, he stole the show and added humor to the story. I loved the banter he had with Nethanyel, one of my favorite parts is how Jax refers to Nethanyel as “Nate Mate” throughout the story.

If you’re in the mood for a story that combines the elements of fantasy, romance, and a dash of humor (courtesy of Jax), I recommend Nethanyel’s Lady Lune.

~ Author Carol Cassada

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotThere are so many things in this world and beyond that we know little about. Mythological creatures, sacred places, and old folklore, all add to those mysteries. In the novelette, Nethanyel’s Lady Lune by C. Desert Rose, we run head on into a time and place where the legendary past meets the present (in this case…the 1940s).

Nethanyel’s Lady Lune drops us into the lives of Nethanyel and Jax. Two very different men, from different parts of the world, but have one thing in common – to find the remains of Rona – the legendary moon goddess. I won’t go into any more details of the story, as the secrets of the moon are to be revealed when you read.

The story flows well from start to finish; is well told and easy to follow as we weave in and out of Nethanyel and Jax’s journey and quest. The backstory and the insight into Rona’s past and legend all comes together in due time. I enjoyed how C. Desert Rose drew on all elements in the story and brings them together in a fast-paced ending.

~ Author A. Lopez Jr

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotI found the banter between Jax and Nethanyel absolutely hilarious! It reminds me of the back and forth between a certain person and me (who I will not name at the moment). One of us is full of words, and that would be yours truly. The other party prefers to just keep it to one word or one liners. I could picture myself in the majority of the scenes and going, “Oh, I definitely would say that” or “I would so do that”. This type of familiarity does keep one’s attention, particularly at her intended target audience.

~ Author Synful Desire


Nethanyel could hear someone stumbling in, drunk and disorderly. This was nothing new. Things like this happened in bars all the time. What happened next was new however. The man who had barged in obnoxiously called, “Bartender, pour me a cold one, would ya?” Nethanyel considered that the man had a funny accent, but could not place it and furthermore said nothing. He didn’t so much as turn around to acknowledge the drunken bastard.

The bartender poured the stranger his drink, as the man came waltzing over to sit right next to Nethanyel. “You’re not from around here.” the bartender commented matter-of-factly.

“No, my good man. Indeed I’m not,”

“Where from?”

“Far from here, my good sir. Oceans away …” he said as he extended his arm, waving it in one large circle towards the horizon.

“That didn’t answer my question,” the bartender was an older man. I’m too damn old to play “name that accent” with this fool, thought the bartender. So he kept his conversations straight and to the point.

“Ah, well,” the odd stranger commented with a subtlety that made the words slip off his tongue, “I am from New Zealand, mate.”

“Why you callin’ me ‘mate’? You don’t even know me.” the bartender said in an unvarnished tone then turned his back to the drunkard.

Feeling the awkwardness of the moment the man’s eye shot to the floor and then looked around the room, lifting his glass to whom ever made eye contact with him. Tilting his body’s weight into Nethanyel, he murmured, “Lively crowd we got here.” sarcasm absolute.

“Mhm.” Nethanyel hummed. Why must idiots like this insist on bugging me? Nethanyel pondered, then attempted to turn away from the man. No luck.

“Well …” the man huffed “it must be the weather then,” thinking his comeback was funny. It wasn’t. Extending his hand towards Nethanyel and offering a handshake, the inebriated man attempted to introduce himself. Nethanyel was in no mood for chit-chat, formalities, or anything of the sort. Nethanyel grabbed his drink, offering his back as a response to the drunk nitwit’s attempt.

Not catching on to the hint, the inebriated fellow maneuvered his already extended hand to Nethanyel’s shoulder and patted it, then continued with his conversation, “Jax here. Nice to meet you.” Then intentionally talked through his teeth, “Not that I actually met you, or anybody else for that matter. Wow! And I thought that Louisiana was a friendly place. You know? Considering the Mardi Gras and all.”

By now Nethaniel was very uncomfortable, so he stood up, taking his drink along with him and sat a few feet away. Attempting to find a new chatting partner Jax, the intoxicated New Zealander, turned to the bartender once more and asked cynically, “So are parties this lively all the time?”

“Just about.” the bartender replied with a nod. Noticing that Jax wasn’t going to give up on trying to form conversation he asked, “What brings you to Louisiana? It’s not Mardi Gras season.”

“Yes, yes. That I’m well aware of, mate. I’ve actually come to America to do some research. Louisiana, is merely where the boat docked. So, here I am. Tah-dah!

“Oh.” was all the bartender replied, not once asking Jax to elaborate. Truth be told, he wasn’t even interested.

[image error]

From Friday, November 25th, 2016
Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
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May 16, 2016



Today we are celebrating the release of the 2nd installment in the Earth 8-8-2 Saga, “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion“.

To celebrate this release, it’s imperative to share with you the concept of birth of the Saga.

DeepBlueDividerIn 2014 Y. Correa was preparing a concept for the then “soon to be released” Concordant Vibrancy: Unity. Being that Y. Correa is a Multi-genre author, who’s an immense lover of Science Fiction and the theme of that anthology was unity, Y thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to unify genres and various fictional beings?

Instantly the premise of the Earth 8-8-2 Saga was born. Part Science Fiction, part Paranormal and part Dark Drama, the Earth 8-8-2 Saga encompasses the life of a being which was created to be the Savior of Earth 882’s Mankind. Traversing parallel universes, multiple earths and various lifeforms, the Earth 8-8-2 Saga tells that tale of Genesis, a being which is a hybrid of an 882 Earthling, vampire, goddess and superhuman.

In the first installment, “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project”, Y. Correa lays the foundation for the saga by telling the tale of Genesis’ creation.

In this NEWLY RELEASED installment, “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion”, Y. Correa further elaborates on Genesis’ enterprise to obtain reprisal.

IMG_0373cooltext182350479929388Chapter 2

The beeping sound which resounded amidst the silence of the scarcely occupied room did nothing to alert anyone, for those there were already at attention. Endeavors such as these were bound to have an audience.

Three sets of eyes peered into the mammoth glass, liquid filled container that housed Project Armageddon (Code Name: Experiment Eight-eight-two-dash-five-point-one); General Townsen’s, Doctor Theodor Belt’s and Acinom Zenit’s. The tank: a matrix created to nourish and sustain Project Armageddon—grow and strengthen it to its fullest capacity.

Acinom pushed a button then flipped a switch on the rotundus supercomputer which covered over half the wall and the sound ceased.

“Acinom,” called Doctor Belt, his voice raised, as though she were in another room, “check his pulse.” Acinom’s eyes shrank to slivers, the disdain of being yelled at pestered her.

“Yes, Doctor.” Acinom reached over, pushing another button which caused a spectacle of waves and numbers to appear on the computer screen in front of them. “Normal, Doctor.” she concluded.

“Good, good.” responded the happy Doctor.

Before any more hoopla could transpire, General Townsen trumped the tangible glee in the room, his voice filled with animosity. “How much longer before Experiment Eight-eight-two-dash-five-point-one is activated?” the dryness in his tone leaving much to be desired. Acinom frowned then squinted; chomping at the bit to put him in his place, although that was not necessarily her place.

Doctor Belt interjected, “Well Commander,” he walked towards the titanic, rectangular, transparent glass cistern which had a wide array of tubes and mechanisms affixed to it, and placed his hand on the glass, as though attempting to touch his creation. “It shouldn’t be much longer.” The gleam in Doctor Belt’s eyes was akin to a maniacal scientist basking in the glory of his creation—mad and euphoric. Doctor Belt pressed his forehead to the glass and shut his eyes, then released a long sigh of gratification.

Inside the immense vessel, attached to innumerable contraptions, floated the inanimate body of being liken to an Earth 8-8-2 man, but not.

General Townsen huffed his satisfaction, turned, pivoting like a soldier about to march, and left the room.

DeepBlueDividerFor a limited time only, you get can get “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project” FREE on Kindle!

But … don’t delay!


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May 11, 2016


Yo, the Slightly Anti-Social Socialite here, leaving the Asylum Gates open for some epic sci-fi stuff.


A little over a year ago, at the same time Boundless Limits was released, the first book of Earth 8-8-2 was out also, called “The Genesis Project”. Although it was first proposed that we do our releases together, I knew that it was going to take me a lot longer than a year to put together the 2nd installment of the Transcendent Choice. However, I didn’t want that to stop my guest at this time for doing her thing. Plus, she’s kind of the impatient type anyway.

So … please give scratches, howls, and growls to Y. Correa.


Hey Sci-Fi Chic. I know the next book is coming out May 17th and it’s rumored that there’s a pretty intense character “phucking shyt up”. So, I got to thinking—which is more challenging to you as an author: creating an innately good character or crafting a bonafide bad ass?

Hello Da’Kharta, thanks for having me.[image error]

This is a great question. I would have to say that my biggest challenge is creating a “bonafide bad ass”. The thing is, typically I get this idea of who the character is in a generalized form. Yet, it takes a lot of research, plot preparation and imagination to make that character into a believable agitator. I think that it’s particularly important to give said character a credible backstory as well. This is because a conceivable backstory can set the tone for unquestionable zealot with an unfathomable endeavor.

Creating an innately good character seems simpler to me, because it’s all about heart & honesty—those are the primary attributes of a good person. A bad person tends to be a lot more complex.

Thank you again, for having me.

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May 1, 2016

The S.A.S.S. is here, to chat about “Boundless Limits”, Book One of the Transcendent Choice collection.


So … why is it being deemed a collection, as opposed to strictly a “saga” or a “series”?

Well, technically speaking, it’s a jambalaya of both.

The first three books in the Transcendent Choice collection revolve around three characters—Therice, Felipe, and Marina. Due to that being the main focus (although there are lots of supplementary action), these books are saga-esque. In other words, you won’t be able to understand “Efficacious Ennui”, Book Two of this collection, without having read “Boundless Limits”. Even if you were to scavenger the Transcendent Choice website (coming soon), there still isn’t enough information to fill in the missing gaps.

**Side Note: A Spring 2017 estimate is floating around for the 2nd book, but you didn’t see this here.**

The remaining three (or four—I haven’t quite decided) in the Transcendent Choice collection will be focused more on the celestial realm, in particular Amare, Vindicta, and this angst about the Spirit Visitation debate. As of this date, I have decided to write those as stand alones—which classifies them as serial as opposed to saga works.

What’s not to read in “Boundless Limits”? There are so many good elements as well as good excerpts. I couldn’t stop at just one, so I shared my favorite snippets.

FlySkullDivider From Chapter Four

Mother Nature continued not to take any prisoners. Purses and cell phones were not the only things incurring the wind’s wrath. The black umbrella in Mana’s hands fought and lost the right to keep its shape.

From Chapter Six

The sun started its slow descent to make way for the moon. Felipe was not ready to call it a day. The little girl playing at the end of the beach held his attention. She didn’t have his skin tone or even any of his facial features. But the girl’s hair—the way a few strands fell over her eyes while other wisps stuck out in rebellion against the rest …

From Chapter Seven

Yeah, the whole ghost visiting thing … a myth! A spirit was not allowed to visit a loved one after she had died. The reasoning, Therice was told, was because it helped the loved one to heal from the loss.

In that regard, Therice was an emotional sadist. She didn’t want Felipe to heal. If he healed, he may forget. She never wanted Felipe to forget her, and she never wanted to forget him. Their love was the rebellion against the rules, even those ordained by Heaven.

From Chapter Eight

“Amare, typically I’m anti-establishment but in this case, they have a point. On the surface, it seems like a great idea and it pleases the deceased. What about the living? They have a right to move on with their lives—meet different people, create new memories. Where does nostalgia end and torture begin? These spirits can’t tell the difference, so we have to do it for them.”

From Chapter Nine

Vindicta’s image took a back seat to Therice, whose whole essence illuminated when speaking of Felipe. Amare never felt that type of genuflection or rapture. Was there something lacking in his discarnal life? If so, why did it take just one being—Therice—to puncture the shield of contentment that thousands of others had failed to penetrate?

From Chapter Thirteen

Vindicta’s blood rushed like calescent lava, fused with an alacritous rage. Her body shook, the only visible sign that her body was losing the battle of emotional containment. The skin of Vindicta’s inner ear cracked, red liquid spewing through the seams. The sensation to open her eyes became incessant.


All right, assignment has been slayed. I’m going back to my cave and resuming my bid for this new blade I saw on eBay.


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April 29, 2016

What? You back at the Asylum again? Well, since you’re here, might as well peep this post.

I was going to spread this out but since this thing had a deadline and between looking at some ratchet reruns on Roku, trying to outbid this douchebag on this fly sword, and sleeping, I didn’t ask for more time … I’m going to have to make this a homerun in one post.

Whether you read this in one shot … um, that’s up to you. Not like I’m going to jump out of the bushes and stab you if you don’t do it. On second thought …

Let’s get down to business.


Continuous Drips was a concept developed by fellow author Queen of Spades, and she invited Synful Desire and myself to tag along for the ride. Since the front of the cover would have been too chunky to put all our names on there, we decided to call ourselves “The Collective”. I like it cause it sounds like we’re the short story mob or some such. Unlike Desire I don’t have time to go into the history of the thing but I do want to give the crowd some excerpts from my short stories—“Unrest”, “Omitted”, and “The Kutters”.

From “Unrest”

Spywrit hopes her mom doesn’t pick up on the shift in tone before she hops in the shower. As drops beat against the pores, she hears his whisper. Before a year ago, there are no recollections of his timbre, yet Spywrit is no longer functioning without his melody tickling her ears.

Spywrit matches her breathing with the hiss of the steam. She drifts when his whisper transforms into an urgent rasp. She does not want his anger, only his joy.

From “Omitted”

Have you ever met someone and just knew he was the one you were supposed to love for a lifetime? That was how I felt about Jacob the first time I saw him. He sat in the far booth at the corner café. Dark black hair with ocean blue eyes. Deep naturally tanned skin. Frame not overly stocky but one could tell he frequented the gym. While everyone else held Kindle Fires, he held a paperback book. Occasionally, he’d use his forefinger to push up his black rimmed glasses. Apparently, they preferred to stay balanced on the tip of his nose.

The fourth time the glasses slipped, I offered my finger instead. He looked up at me and smiled. His dimples appeared, and my heart began skipping beats. That finger marked my pathway into his life.

From “The Kutters”

Nora had done her job well. The market was looking for something fresh—something that hadn’t been regurgitated and repackaged to appear different. The Kutters was a mix of conflict, action and tough decisions, and it became one of his highest selling books.

With the success of The Kutters, the bar had been raised.

Jonas had written three more books since then. Two of them had a warm reception but managed to place of the Best Sellers list. Jonas’ last book was a bit more experimental with style. Perhaps he was high off The Kutters’ fame, or maybe he was tired of his staple writing formula. Whatever the case, the last book was considered a publishing bomb and readers, critics, even Nora, began to wonder if Jonas had lost his magic.

My twist on Unity was reflected in my story “Coalesce”.

From Chapter Four of “Coalesce”

Visha put the cover over the toilet seat, pulled down her pants and lowered herself on the diaphanous material. There were new items written on the stall door—a mixture of philosophies conjured from the aftereffects of illegal substances, along with scribbled phone numbers of girls rumored to be easy. The reading of these added an extra eight minutes to her bathroom stall visit. While wiping the excess urine, Visha twisted her lips in confusion. Beige looking flakes were mixed in with the dampness. She dropped it in the toilet, pulled up her pants—making sure that her long tank top didn’t accidentally get tucked in. The automatic flush activated and the tainted tissue disappeared in a blink.

Can the average, awkward girl fall for the hot, handsome guy? I took quite a bit of liberties with interpretation in my short tale “Inside Me”.

Excerpt from “Inside Me”

My eagerness ebbed to an immeasurable high. I threw hesitation out the window and sprinted, closing the distance between us.

“Wait!” she barked but I was already behind her. The lower part of my body made the intentions clear—entrance into her innermost secret place. I couldn’t tell whether the groan was hers or my own.


As far as whether I’ll be doing any more C’s (like Concordant), I did miss out on the 2nd one. I spilled my T in an earlier post but I am looking to be a part of the 3rd one.

Just have to stay tuned at this spot for details. Well, not exactly stay put here because that’s some stalker type behavior and I don’t like stalkers.

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April 28, 2016


Dear Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons,

Cheers and welcome to this Cover Reveal Celebration of Multi-genre Author Y. Correa’s next installment to the Earth 8-8-2 Saga.

The first book, “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project” marked the commencement of a Sci-Fi Mashup of epic proportion.



Could Science Serve as Salvation?

One-fourth Human.

One-fourth God.

One-fourth Superhuman.

One-fourth Vampire.

For Dr. Scott, the combined strengths of each life form represent the answer to the onslaught of malice and tyranny plaguing his Earth. When his creation—Genesis—begins developing, the lines between scientist and father become blurred. Soon the time approaches where Genesis is expected to fulfill her purpose. Does she go along willingly, or will her rapid evolution obliterate everyone’s best laid plans?

In the newest installment, “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion” Author Y. Correa endeavors to start where the last one ended and continue the adventure that is the Earth 8-8-2 Saga.




In the second installment of the Earth 8-8-2 saga, Genesis is heartbroken, disillusioned, but most of all … angry: angry that she has no say-so in the narrative of her own purpose.  In the absence of choice, the only response that makes sense is rebellion.

As Genesis elicits the intensity of her powers, General Townsen must act quickly to develop a counterbalance to this previous experiment gone askew. Will the General’s army rise effectively against this unlikely nemesis, or will all see the literal overtures of what occurs when powers that be attempt to regulate true evolution?

FlySkullDividerNow, without further ado, we are pleased to present you with the cover of “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion”.



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