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When Kristi isn’t riding her Harley or working her day job, you can find her in front of her computer, hammering out exciting suspense stories, or chatting around on social media.

Although she has honed her writing craft for 30+ years, she only published her first book in 2012. Her strange and varied work history - having held jobs from a hotel housekeeper, a car wash attendant, an insurance underwriter, an electronics assembly line worker, a data entry tech in auto parts warehouse, a blueberry nursery shipping coordinator, a local delivery driver, and a truck driver and owner of her own trucking company - gives her a broad base from which to build her characters and storylines. Now a billing specialist for The Arc of Lane County, she suppo

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Kristi Cramer My best method of attack on writer's block is to just sit down and pound something, anything out. Sometimes it is only a paragraph at a time, but I mu…moreMy best method of attack on writer's block is to just sit down and pound something, anything out. Sometimes it is only a paragraph at a time, but I must write!. I can always go back and delete it if it is true crap, but often the scenes I write this way do work, with some (or a lot of) tweaking.

For me, writer's block doesn't stem from a lack of ideas. I have at least half a dozen books clamoring in my head waiting for their turn to get out.

I think my writer's block comes from this belief that I can't write if I don't have this huge block of time set aside for writing, and currently, that huge block is not available. But if I just sit down and write something, it carries over and I find I can build upon that paragraph, and the next time I sit down I'll write two, and the time after that, four, until suddenly I'm writing whole scenes in one sitting.

Truthfully, my writing time is limited because I don't put my writing first. I let too many other things get in my way. Social media being chief among the distractions. But if I can resist checking my facebook feed, my twitter feed, my goodreads feed, my instagram feed--all truly valid things for a writer who wants to engage her readers--if I can resist making that my first activity then I end up getting a lot of writing done.

And after all, if I don't write anything new, there won't be new stories to talk to my readers about. So, I had better go. Got some writing to do....(less)
Kristi Cramer I'm currently working on Book 2 of my Boys of Syracuse, Kansas series. Book 1 used to be titled Blinding Justice, but I renamed it to fit with the ser…moreI'm currently working on Book 2 of my Boys of Syracuse, Kansas series. Book 1 used to be titled Blinding Justice, but I renamed it to fit with the series concept. It is now Last Shot at Justice, and will be re-released November 21st, 2014. (There are only minor tweaks to Justice, so if you've already read it, you won't need to re-purchase the re-release--unless of course you want to.)

Book 2 is called Last Second Chance, and it features Mitzi's brother, Tim, who just got out of prison and is trying to start his life over. He asks Mitzi for help, and she agrees to sponsor his move to Syracuse. Once he is there, he meets the cast of characters who make up the town of Syracuse, Kansas, and the Lazy J Ranch. He also meets Janie, Blue's sister and the town vet, and his attraction to her grows as they get to know each other while tending to a sick horse together. However, he is keenly aware of his status as an ex-con, and he resists acting on his attraction. At first he doesn't want to subject himself to the humiliation of her rejection when she finds out about his past. Then he doesn't want to subject her to 'his kind of trouble', the stigma of being a criminal.

See, Janie has had plenty of trouble in her life. She was 17 when she gave birth to her daughter after the father ran off, and she endured the whispers of the people in the small town of Syracuse, as well as the 'usual' challenges of being a single mom. She had just about resigned herself to staying single when Tim shows up and awakens desires she had given up on long ago. And since Cody, her daughter's father, turned up in town again, she is all kinds of confused. Cody apparently wants back in her life, but Janie is pretty sure she won't get past her anger to let him in. And Tim...she doesn't know what to do with her interest in him.

Lurking in the background to all of this romance, someone from Tim's past is hell bent on tracking him down. Someone who wants to reel him back into the life of crime he thinks he's left behind, or failing that, make him dead for getting caught in the first place.(less)
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New Release by AJ Adams - The Beast and the Sibyl

[image error] The Beast and The Sibyl

By AJ Adams


Universal Sales Link To Amazon, B&N etc.

75,000 words

The Beasts, those inked macho men from Prydain, are back!  The latest
novel follows the story of touchy, proud, bad tempered Siv and Bliss,
the sexy healer who has some super special paranormal talents.

The Beast and The Sibyl is a paranormal romance, and although there are cameos from chara Read more of this blog post »
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Published on March 13, 2017 21:08
Last Shot at Justice Last Second Chance One Last Song
(3 books)
4.03 avg rating — 110 ratings

A True Prince To Make a King Should Monarchs Stumble
(3 books)
3.85 avg rating — 20 ratings

To Make a King
(1 book)
really liked it 4.00 avg rating — 11 ratings

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Should Monarchs Stumble (Literature & Fiction)
2 chapters   —   updated Sep 03, 2016 08:34AM
Description: The new king of the Bonnie Isles has worn his crown for nearly four years, and he hasn't gotten much done. He wants to be a great ruler, but instead of moving forward, he's stumbled into a hole of setbacks. First, he has been unable to complete repairs on the city, needed after the witch's rampage. Second, he hasn't been able to settle on a queen who meets his exacting requirements. Is he just a bad king, or has he been led astray by conniving ministers and his own petty desires? Ruth is a jester on a mission. Her unique ability to harness the magic in the Ley has allowed her to become the best juggler, tumbler, and jokester in the Bonnie Isles. Her talent for reading a crowd has made her invaluable to someone who has a score to settle with the inept king. As she infiltrates the king's company, she finds the man who wears the crown may be more than anyone has guessed, including the king himself. Can she go through with her mission to put another man on the throne? Should Monarchs Stumble is Book 3 in the Bonnie Isles Trilogy. It is a complete story arc, but deeply enmeshed in the trilogy's overall storyline. Readers are encouraged to read all three books in order, for the best entertainment value. <b>*** Spoiler warning! ***</b> If you haven't yet read To Make a King, reading this will partially spoil the ending for you. (You'll find out which brother won, but not how he did it.)
To Make a King (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
6 chapters   —   updated Jun 10, 2016 02:30PM
Description: Five years have passed since Sebastian learned his heritage as a true prince of the Bonnie Isles. Now the king is dead, but Sebastian isn’t ready to wear his father’s crown. His whole world crumbles around him while every eligible woman in the kingdom competes for the crown prince’s attention, driving him to distraction. Mari is the youngest daughter of a baron from the smallest estate in the kingdom. Between her mother and elder sister’s scheming to win the future king’s heart, and the dozens of other beauties making their play, she entertains little hope of even being seen by the crown prince, much less attracting his attention. She has only come to Fair Haven to pay her respects to King Isaiah, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the man destined to become king, but a chance encounter changes everything. Unseen forces use dark magic to undermine Sebastian’s succession, and Edward is encouraged to take action against his half-brother in a plot to usurp the crown. Before the sun sets on coronation day, brother will face brother and swords will be bared. Will royal blood be spilled, and evil reign in the Bonnie Isles? Or will love truly conquer all? To Make a King is Book 2 in the Bonnie Isles Trilogy, and is a complete story arc. There is no cliffhanger. However, it should be read after Book 1, otherwise the reader will miss out on information key to the enjoyment of the series. It is available for Amazon pre-order at
A True Prince (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
9 chapters   —   updated Apr 09, 2016 09:07AM
Description: Aslynn and Sebastian have been friends nearly since birth. A friendship cemented by a tragic common thread: Aslynn's mother died giving birth to her, and Sebastian had been found floating in a sea chest after a storm. Though a magic spell had protected him, there was no clue as to his identity or his origins. Aslynn's father, King Isaiah, took the boy in to be raised by his swordmaster, and the two motherless children shared a wet nurse, and a great deal of time over 15 years. But now the forces of Change are moving, converging on the small island kingdom they call their home. In a storm to rival the one that brought Sebastian ashore, a Stranger is shipwrecked, and rescued by Sebastian and Aslynn. In his gratitude, the traveling mystic offers to solve Sebastian's Mystery. In the course of his investigation the stranger uncovers clues, but events surrounding his arrival stir up more than just the past.
One Last Song - Preview (Romance)
2 chapters   —   updated Feb 02, 2016 09:57AM
Description: Jax Belamy has been in love with Kylie Thomas since he first realized girls don't really have cooties, but she doesn't see it. She just wants to sing, and maybe break out of Syracuse, Kansas. A scout for a new talent show seems to be her ticket out, but it is a ticket to a house of horrors, not a ride on the express train to success. (Book 3 of Boys of Syracuse, Kansas series)
Knight Before Dawn - Preview (Romance)
2 chapters   —   updated Feb 02, 2016 09:52AM
Description: When kidnap victim Cassandra Reyes meets Alaskan bush pilot Nicolas Knight, she doesn't know if she should trust him, or run like hell.
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Listening for Coy...
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Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne
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The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
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Listened to the audiobook, very much enjoyed Will Patton's performance. Have plans to listen to the whole sequence.
Kristi Cramer rated a book it was amazing
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams
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I find it hard to fathom that I read this before. The story just comes alive as a radio show -type production. Very enjoyable. More linear and a bit easier to follow than the first book.
Kristi Cramer rated a book really liked it
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams
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Enjoyable, but with the audio being converted to something more like a radio show, it was a bit tricky to follow at times. I read the book ages ago, and don't remember it being quite so bizarre, but then again, it IS Douglas Adams. LOL

The performance
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Winters Heat by Cristin Harber
Winters Heat (Titan, #1)
by Cristin Harber (Goodreads Author)
100 copies available, ends on September 30, 2020 Enter to win »
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See Me by Nicholas Sparks
See Me
by Nicholas Sparks (Goodreads Author)
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This is my first Nicholas Sparks audiobook. I've seen one of two movies.

I enjoyed the romance very much. Had most of the mystery worked out before the reveal, including the bad guy's main goal. The performance was mostly good. Where it loses the sta
Kristi Cramer rated a book it was amazing
A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
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Continues to be awesome!
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Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper
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Exciting conclusion. Very well performed.
Kristi Cramer rated a book it was amazing
The Grey King by Susan Cooper
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The wonderful saga continues.
Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs
"It's been a long while since I've read a book in this genre and it was like coming home. I felt a real sense of place from the beginning. The politics involved were comprehensible. The character arcs were logical.

Briggs did an interesting thing, usi" Read more of this review »
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“In general, I start with an idea and a general gist of how I want the story to end, and I let the characters write through me. Research along the way informs my characters of where they must go and what they must do when they get there. Fate and Chance have roles, too, pushing the characters out of their comfort zone and into circumstances where they must either grow, or die. Well. Grow or get really uncomfortable. (My stories thus far are not THAT heavy.)”
Kristi Cramer

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“Moreover, and we must not forget this, interests which are not very friendly to the ideal and the sentimental are in the way. Somestimes the stomach paralyzes the heart.”
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“Am I in earth, in heaven, or in hell?
Sleeping or waking, mad or well-advised?
Known unto these, and to myself disguised?
I'll say as they say, and persever so,
And in this mist at all adventures go.”
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