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Karsten Knight is the author of the historical mystery NIGHTINGALE, SING, the time-traveling thriller PATCHWORK, and the Polynesian volcano goddess trilogy WILDEFIRE (Simon & Schuster)--though some say his writing career peaked at the age of six, when he completed a picture book series about an adventurous worm. He is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross and earned an MFA in writing for children from Simmons College. Karsten resides in Boston, where he lives for fall weather, bowling, and football season. For more information on Karsten or his books, please visit www.karstenknightbooks.com. ...more

Bonegarden #2 and giveaway

Need some scary stories to read around the campfire this summer? To celebrate the release of Bonegarden #2: The Gods of Lava Cove, we're giving 25 paperback copies of the first book in the series, Welcome to Doom Farms. You can enter for a chance to win here.

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Published on May 02, 2019 10:08 Tags: bonegarden, giveaway
Average rating: 3.83 · 11,973 ratings · 1,416 reviews · 12 distinct worksSimilar authors
Wildefire (Wildefire #1)

3.73 avg rating — 8,386 ratings — published 2011 — 6 editions
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Embers & Echoes (Wildefire,...

4.06 avg rating — 2,022 ratings — published 2012 — 5 editions
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Afterglow (Wildefire, #3)

4.18 avg rating — 1,163 ratings — published 2013 — 5 editions
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This Eternity of Masks and ...

3.60 avg rating — 194 ratings — published 2020 — 3 editions
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Nightingale, Sing

4.20 avg rating — 98 ratings — published 2016 — 4 editions
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3.75 avg rating — 48 ratings — published 2017 — 2 editions
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Welcome to Doom Farms (Bone...

4.12 avg rating — 42 ratings4 editions
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The Gods of Lava Cove (Bone...

4.40 avg rating — 10 ratings2 editions
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The Beast from Cabin X (Bon...

4.75 avg rating — 4 ratings2 editions
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A Shiver Down Lantern Lane ...

it was amazing 5.00 avg rating — 3 ratings2 editions
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Wildefire Embers & Echoes Afterglow
(3 books)
3.83 avg rating — 11,571 ratings

Welcome to Doom Farms The Gods of Lava Cove The Beast from Cabin X A Shiver Down Lantern Lane
(4 books)
4.25 avg rating — 59 ratings

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The End of Everything
by Megan Abbott (Goodreads Author)
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The Searcher by Tana French
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The Survivors
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The Guest List by Lucy Foley
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My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell
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They Call Me the Night Howler! by R.L. Stine
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Things in Jars by Jess Kidd
Things in Jars
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This Eternity of Masks and Shadows by Karsten Knight
"This book contained everything I love! Gods from all corners of mythology & folklore, a kick ass female lead and some top notch action scenes. Cairn Delacriox is just like everybody else, except her mother is the reincarnation of the Inuit Sea God Se" Read more of this review »
More of Karsten's books…
“Without missing a beat he said, “This year, Santa, I’d like a pony and an Easy-Bake Oven.”
Raja grunted and pushed him off to the side. “You’ll be getting coal in a place where it hurts if you ever attempt to sit in my lap again.”
Karsten Knight, Wildefire

“Colt has the subtlety of a car alarm.”
Karsten Knight, Wildefire
tags: humor

“Jackie patted her on the shoulder, "you know what you need?"
Ash peeked out from between her fingers."Eight hours of rest before tomorrows exam? Bug spray that repels assholes?”
Karsten Knight, Wildefire


Myth-o-What!!! August group read

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Wildefire by Karsten Knight

goodreads summary-Every flame begins with a spark.

Ashline Wilde is having a rough sophomore year. She’s struggling to find her place as the only Polynesian girl in school, her boyfriend just cheated on her, and now her runaway sister, Eve, has decided to barge back into her life. When Eve’s violent behavior escalates and she does the unthinkable, Ash transfers to a remote private school nestled in California’s redwoods, hoping to put the tragedy behind her. But her fresh start at Blackwood Academy doesn’t go as planned. Just as Ash is beginning to enjoy the perks of her new school—being captain of the tennis team, a steamy romance with a hot, local park ranger—Ash discovers that a group of gods and goddesses have mysteriously enrolled at Blackwood…and she’s one of them. To make matters worse, Eve has resurfaced to haunt Ash, and she’s got some strange abilities of her own. With a war between the gods looming over campus, Ash must master the new fire smoldering within before she clashes with her sister one more time… And when warm and cold fronts collide, there’s guaranteed to be a storm.
  18 votes 31.0%

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

goodreads summary-All teenagers have problems, but few of them can match those of Aislinn, who has the power to see faeries. Quite understandably, she wishes that she could share her friends' obliviousness and tries hard to avoid these invisible intruders. But one faery in particular refuses to leave her alone. Keenan the Summer King is convinced beyond all reasoning that Aislinn is the queen he has been seeking for nine centuries. What's a 21st-century girl to do when she's stalked by a suitor nobody else can see? A debut fantasy romance for the ages; superlative summer read.
  10 votes 17.2%

Betrayal by Mayandree Michel

goodreads summary-Where there is love and power, there is always... betrayal.

At seventeen, Cordelia is an ordinary teen with an extraordinary and frightening secret. A secret that induces vivid dreams which she not only experiences true love, but crippling fear while barely escaping with her life each night.

After a life altering event, Cordelia has an unexpected encounter with Evan, the mysterious boy from her dreams, who reveals who and what she is, a descendant of the Greek gods. At that moment everything she knows of her world is a lie, and she must leave the present and go into the past to assume the role she was put on this earth for, safeguarding her ancient empire amidst evil forces that toil hastily to destroy it.

In a race against time, Cordelia must decide if she is truly a part of this dangerous world, or risk defying the gods, and ultimately lose the boy who has put a claim on her heart.

Betrayal is the debut novel by Mayandree Michel. She is currently hard at work on the second installment of the Descendants series.

you can read this book for free on goodreads
  8 votes 13.8%

The Alchemyst byMichael Scott

goodreads summary-The tomb of Nicholas Flamel is empty. The greatest alchemist of his day supposedly died in 1418, but rumors continue to swirl that he continues to walk among us. Could it be true that this magician/chemist has access to the secret of eternal life? Could the Book of Abraham, which he purportedly owns, hold the key to this elixir? If it does, the theft of this single ancient volume could destroy the world as we know it. An exciting tale.
  8 votes 13.8%

Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs

goodreads summary-A modern girl’s comedic odyssey in a school filled with the descendants of Greek gods.
When Phoebe’s mom returns from Greece with a new husband and moves them to an island in the Aegean, Phoebe’s plans for her senior year and track season are ancient history. Now she must attend the uberexclusive academy, where admission depends on pedigree, namely, ancestry from Zeus, Hera, and other Greek gods. That’s right, they’re real, not myth, and their teen descendants are like the classical heroes—supersmart and superbeautiful with a few superpowers. And now they’re on her track team! Armed only with her Nikes and the will to win, Phoebe races to find her place among the gods.
  5 votes 8.6%

Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

goodreads summary-The Barnes & Noble Review
Bestselling fantasy writer Amelia Atwater-Rhodes takes wing with her fifth riveting novel, this time whisking readers to a world of warring shapeshifters and turbulent attempts at peace.

Forever at war, the hawk-human shapeshifters and serpiente snake-human shifters feel only raging hatred for each other. So when an important serpiente dies in the arms of Danica Shardae, heir to the Tuuli Thea throne, she makes the decision that she's had enough fighting. Likewise, Danica's serpiente counterpart, Zane Cobriana, has also grown tired of losing close relatives to war, and when a peace meeting leads to the two getting secretly married and joining their clans, their decision could mean either wide acceptance or revolt. Thankfully, Danica and Zane's high rank and prestige have a fairly positive effect on the masses, but with assassination attempts and a marriage not based on love, the pair are tested to learn if their own resilience and faith is enough to overcome cultural differences and deep-seeded distrust.

Tense and empowering, Atwater-Rhodes's fifth book won't disappoint her fans. This page-turner is as fraught with battling clans and clandestine relationships as Romeo and Juliet, while peace -- not love -- is the tie that binds the two main characters. Always forcefully grounded and skilled at plot twists, Atwater-Rhodes will be sure to snag readers in her imaginative grip. Matt Warner
  4 votes 6.9%

Moon Spell: Part One in the Tale of Lunarmorte by Samantha Young

goodreads summary-Existing in the shadows of our world are supernatural races; children blessed by the ancient Greek gods with unimaginable gifts, and at present they are fighting a two thousand year old war with one another. Into this war Caia Ribeiro is born...

Caia has lived a life shrouded in mystery, isolated from her lykan pack and the supernatural world she belongs to. At seventeen years old it comes as a shock to be uprooted from her dull life playing human and plunged back into pack life. Returning to her world is not an easy one. It comes with the threat of the global underworld war, pack politics, and an impossible attraction to her Alpha, Lucien. It is also an extraordinary and addictive world, a place she feels she may actually belong. If only Caia could get past the feeling that Lucien and the pack were keeping secrets from her. Dangerous secrets about her heritage and the war. In the end… unforgiveable secrets.

Forgiven or not, when an old enemy resumes his deadly pursuit of Pack Errante, they will need Caia to come to terms with the truth in order to help save them from their powerful adversary.
  3 votes 5.2%

Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline B. Cooney

goodreads summary-Anaxandra is taken from her birth island at age 6 by King Nicander to be a companion to his crippled daughter, Princess Callisto. Six years later, her new island is sacked by pirates and she is the sole survivor. Alone with only her Medusa figurine, she reinvents herself as Princess Callisto when Menelaus, great king of Sparta, lands with his men. He takes her back to Sparta with him where Helen, his beautiful wife, does not believe that the red-headed child is Princess Callisto. Although fearful of the half-mortal, half-goddess Helen, Anaxandra is able to stay out of harm’s way—until the Trojan princes Paris and Aeneas arrive. Paris and Helen’s fascination with each other soon turns to passion and plunges Sparta and Troy into war. Can Anaxandra find the courage to reinvent herself once again, appease the gods, and save herself?

In Caroline B. Cooney’s epic tale of one girl’s courage and will to survive, Anaxandra learns that home is where you make it and identity goes deeper than just your name.
  2 votes 3.4%

Pandora Gets Jealous by Carolyn Hennesy

goodreads summary-Pandora released seven deadly sins—now the first is in paperback!

Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena (or Pandy for short) has the perfect prop for her school project: a box given to her father by Zeus himself. Pandy knows the box must never be opened, but of course accidents happen and soon seven forms of evil and misery have escaped. Now it’s up to Pandora to capture all seven—starting with jealousy—or go down in history as the girl who ruined the world.

“Debut novelist Hennesy’s Hollywood comedian background shows in her witty juxtapositions of modern popular culture and classical Greek legend.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“It won’t be hard to sell this to Rick Riordan fans.” —Kirkus Reviews
  0 votes 0.0%

Temping Fate by Esther M. Friesner

goodreads summary-Until she stumbled upon the Divine relief temp Agency, ilana Newhouse was having a hard time finding a summer job. Apparently, a t-shirt that reads “orC: the other green Meat” isn’t appropriate for an interview. but when she reports for her first day as a temp, ilana discovers why Divine relief isn’t shy about hiring someone a little left of ordinary. ilana is temping for the extraordinary greek mythological goddesses, the Fates. the three Fates are responsible for spinning, measuring, and cutting all the life-threads on the planet. ilana will be working—literally—with life and death. Now her summer is going to be less about surviving a stuffy office and more about avoiding a catastrophe!
  0 votes 0.0%

Enchanted, Inc. by Shanna Swendson

goodreads summary-DON’T MESS WITH HEXES

Katie Chandler had always heard that New York is a weird and wonderful place, but this small-town Texas gal had no idea how weird until she moved there. Everywhere she goes, she sees something worth gawking at and Katie is afraid she’s a little too normal to make a splash in the big city. Working for an ogre of a boss doesn’t help.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, Katie gets a job offer from Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc., a company that tricks of the trade to the magic community. For MSI, Katie’s ordinariness is an asset. Lacking any bit of magic, she can easily spot a fake spell, catch hidden clauses in competitor’s contracts, and detect magically disguised intruders. Suddenly, average Katie is very special indeed.

She quickly learns that office politics are even more complicated when your new boss is a real ogre, and you have a crush on the sexy, shy, ultra powerful head of the R&D department, who is so busy fighting an evil competitor threatening to sell black magic on the street that he seems barely to notice Katie. Now it’s up to Katie to pull off the impossible: save the world and–hopefully–live happily ever after.
  0 votes 0.0%

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“Ashline Wilde was a human mood ring.”
Karsten Knight, Wildefire

“Every day I think, ‘Gosh, you look a bit tired today,’ and it’s just recently occurred to me that it’s not that I’m tired, it’s that this is the way I look now.”
Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies

“He looked as surprised as I was about the kiss and more than a little guilty. "I ..." he started. "I'm sorry. That was wrong. You're my dead roommate's little sister, and I'm here to protect you, not to ..." He trailed off, lost for words.

When I finally regained control of my tongue, I said, "It's depraved and you should be ashamed of yourself." I dropped the bottle into the snow and walked determinedly toward him. "Do it again.”
Karsten Knight, Nightingale, Sing

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Mariya Hello Karsten I'm glad you accepted my invite :) thank you! Looking forward to read your books:)

Perfection *Sherlock's Girl* Oh my gosh for some reason Goodreads didn't show that you accepted the request! Thank you so much!!

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Steph Sinclair Thanks for accepting me friend invite. :)

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Layla Thanks for friending back! I'm about halfway through Wildefire and loving it.
- Layla (fellow lover of volcano deities)

Ms. MiLo Thanks for the add Karsten! Looking forward to reading your books :)

Jasmine Denton Thanks for the ad. Wildfire sounds awesome!

Nafiza I can't wait to read your book either. I'm from Fiji and okay, that's Melanesia but still, I feel it's awesome that the islands are finally getting represented (well okay, sort of, but still! Islands!) in YA fantasy novels. So, yay.

Aleeeeeza hi karsten! thank you for adding me :) i honestly can't wait to read wildefire--i mean, how could i not want to read something filled with lines like this: One second Ashline was standing in the middle of the circle. The next second Rich was curled in the fetal position on the ground, howling in pain, holding his tennis bag in front of him like a shield to prevent further irreparable injury to his groin.

i also LOVE your vlogs!

SATIN SUE    hey thanks for the add...xx

message 4: by Eric

Eric Thanks for accepting my friend request. I can't wait to read Wildefire and its nice to see some guy YA authors, cuase I haven't seen many out there and I feel lonely cause I am the only guy I know that likes to write haha.

Karsten Knight Alexis wrote: "hhahaa. Your blogs make my day, honestly. They are awesome."

Thanks Alexis :)

Timothy Power This is a public declaration of my measureless love for your hilarious vlogs, Karsten Knight! I can hardly wait to read Wildefire.

Ashley Thank you for adding me

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