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July 2, 2019

The King of Malorn by Annie Douglass Lima

Another great story from the Annals of Alasia!



I was given an ARC of The King of Malorn (The Annals of Alasia #5) and because I'd read the others in the series, I knew I would enjoy it - of course, I did.

The story is a YA fantasy adventure with plenty of action and twists and turns. The characters are well-developed; the greatest change being Kalendria...spoilt princess to - well, you'll have to read it to find out.

There is a wonderful sense of place and I was once again immersed in this incredible world.

The two kings are different yet similar in many ways, each with honour to do the right thing. Erik, the bodyguard is complex and I cannot help feeling sympathy for him, although his sense of honour is in-built.

The villains are just perfect for the story and it was entertaining to watch as events unfolded.

Overall, this is an excellent fantasy, with lessons to learn and principles to understand.

I loved it and highly recommend the whole series.



I'm sure you'd love the whole series as well as her other fantasy reads. Here's Annie's Goodreads page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show...

Have a look on Amazon, too: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07...
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March 20, 2019

Changing Angels

My new novel, Changing Angels has been on the back burner for quite some time now. I'd thought of the idea at least two years ago and even started writing it, however, after a few chapters, other things came up - especially in dreams - and I had to write those first.

Nevertheless, the characters continued to nag me and so Changing Angels has finally been written.

The idea for it was sparked by truth and although I allowed imagination to take over (not withstanding the decisions made by the characters), so it turned into a mixed genre - romance, drama, crime thriller and, of course, some fantasy... not many stories of mine are without that.

So then, Changing Angels is here and I hope you'll like it.

Universal Link: mybook.to/changingangels

Paperback Link: https://goo.gl/37LVbo


I enjoyed designing the cover - hope you like that, too.


Jake’s life is not an easy one; he knew he was lucky to be alive. Faith had always been afraid of monsters, but her father’s words vanquished them with words of love and angels.

Their lives were separate and vastly different and yet something was pulling them closer together.

Then tragedy struck and Faith’s life took a massive swerve. While Jake pondered on what would happen next in his troubled existence.

This story is rooted in truth, although, through dramatic licence, takes a leap into the unknown.

This is a mixed genre tale: romance, drama, crime thriller, with a touch of fantasy.

Warning: contains some strong language and violent scenes.


And...it's only 99p! Bit of marketing there. Well, you know I'm no good at that side of things.

Oh, yes, if you spot any gremlins (those embarrassing typos) I'm sorry and please let me know. I do my very best to be professional, but I do everything myself, and sometimes, my brain can slide over those little horrors and miss them.

Thanks so much for your support.
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Published on March 20, 2019 07:17 Tags: changing-angels, crime-thriller, drama, fantasy, romance

January 3, 2019


A new fantasy box set of fantasy /sci-fi stories is here for you from Paper Gold Publishing, called, Legendary.

As Legends and Legacy are best sellers on the Amazon market and elsewhere, it was thought a good idea to produced another epic set of stories for your pleasure.

Legendary includes my story Lost Shadows, as well as thirteen other authors.

Universal link:



Please see Amazon page for further details.

I feel sure you will enjoy the set as much as the previous offerings.

Thanks for your time.
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Published on January 03, 2019 05:20 Tags: boxset, fantasy, legacy, legends, lengendary, science-fiction

The Avalon Trilogy - audiobooks

Happy New Year!

Let's hope 2019 is good for us all.

On the 1st January, Secrets Of The Ice became available as an audiobook - it's #3 of The Avalon Trilogy.

So then, I am offering promo codes for Secrets Of The Ice as well as for #1 (The Star Realm) and #2 (Invasion), in case you'd like to listen to the whole epic fantasy adventure.


The adventure is filled with magic, enchantment, danger, fun and the unexpected. I think my imagination went into overdrive, but it was thrilling to write.

I had to break the story into three parts because it became so big.

If you would like to listen for free, this is what you would do after I give you the code:


1. Go to my book's page on Audible.co.uk: https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/B07MH3J5T3
2. Add the audiobook to your cart.
3. If you are prompted to sign in, please create a new Audible.co.uk account or log in.
4. Go to https://www.audible.co.uk/at/redeem. Enter the promo code and click "Redeem" to receive a credit for the title in your cart.
5. Head back to your cart. Make sure the button that says "1 Credit" is selected and that your subtotal reads £0.00.
6. You may proceed through the checkout by clicking “Proceed to Checkout” and “Complete purchase” on the subsequent page.


1. Go to my book's page on Audible.com: https://www.audible.com/pd/B07MDHSP49
2. Add the audiobook to your cart.
3. If you are prompted to sign in, please create a new Audible.com account or log in.
4. Go to https://www.audible.com/at/redeem. Enter the promo code and click "Redeem" to receive a credit for the title in your cart.
5. Head back to your cart. Make sure the button that says "1 Credit" is selected and that your subtotal reads $0.00 dollars.
6. You may proceed through the checkout by clicking “Proceed to Checkout” and “Complete purchase” on the subsequent page.


Incidentally, The Star Realm (Kindle edition) is now FREE from Amazon, whilst Invasion and Secrets Of The Ice are only 99p each.







Just to add that The Avalon Trilogy is available as an omnibus edition (Kindle) for only £1.49


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Published on January 03, 2019 05:04 Tags: avalon-trilogy, epic, fantasy, invasion, secrets-of-the-ice, the-star-realm

December 4, 2018

Timeless Christmas

Hello, are you ready for Christmas? Are you wondering what to give as a present or looking for something to immerse you into the Christmas spirit?

How about...?




What would you like for Christmas? For those who can’t decide, how about a set of stories to immerse you in the spirit of the season?

Timeless Christmas is a box set of stories through the eyes of nine authors, who will transport you into worlds of the past, present and future.

Enchant your mind, body and soul and let your Christmas spirit soar.

Maxine Murphy
Angela Gray
Regina Morris
C. Forrest Lundin
Suzy Stewart Dubot
Cherime MacFarlane
Julie Elizabeth Powell
Holly Barbo
Ella Medler

Great stories, great talent - available for pre-order now at a great price 99p /99c

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Published on December 04, 2018 02:29 Tags: christmas, future, paper-gold-publishing, past, present, spirit, timeless

November 6, 2018

Weird is here again...!

Phew, well, Henry Ian Darling has been nagging me for ages to finish missive five of the Weird series, but life has taken some downward turns and thrown me all over the place - however, it's finally here!


Henry's also been thrown for a loop - after visiting demon land, he thought he was on his way home...nuh huh, he's now in the Realms of the Fae.

Henry Ian Darling wakes in a cave with a sore head and confusion. Flix, a dwarf-like figure tells him he’s in EverVale, the Realms of the Fae, a map of which implants itself into Henry’s head – though he can only guess what it could all mean?

Was Flix the one to snatch him from the place of demons, and if so, why? What had happened to Clara; Albert, too?

Henry learns of a prophecy that further confuses his overwhelmed senses, but knows he’s in for a puzzling adventure, one which thrusts him into unknown locations, where he must find two further artefacts to fulfil his destiny...but that wouldn’t be the end of it, for sure!

What it’s really all about, Henry can only guess until the clues unfold and perhaps reveal the portent of mystery.

Follow Henry’s quest into the world of weird, but beware you don’t fall in.


I know it's a paranormal series but how can I help where the story takes me? Writers only have a certain amount of control - I'm sure most know that the characters take over and surprise us all the time.

Here are the links, if you're interested:

KINDLE: mybook.to/weird5

LULU - http://www.lulu.com/shop/julie-elizab... (£4.25) Yes, I know, but it's the best I can do.

Usually, these missives are supposed to be short, and yet, the last two (four and five) have grown far bigger. I think it's the fantasy element that has caught my interest.

I was thinking about how the series will develop and I'm sure it'll wend its way back to more paranormal, although, I do like to mix genres. To me, fantasy, science-fiction and paranormal are similar, horror, too, in some ways. It's all about the imagination in my opinion.

Anyway, here are the other four missives:


Missives 1, 2, 3, 4 - http://mybook.to/Weird http://myBook.to/Weird2 http://myBook.to/Weird3 http://myBook.to/Weird4

#1 is FREE!


That's it for now. I hope you enjoy the Weird series.

Reviews welcome.

And please remember that independent authors rely on the kindness of strangers.

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Published on November 06, 2018 06:50 Tags: fae, fantasy, henry-ian-darling, paranormal, weird

September 1, 2018


Hello, everyone - I thought you may like to know that Invasion, #2 of The Avalon Trilogy is now an audiobook, narrated by Arden Black...and what a wonderful job she's done.

Here's are the links:

UK - https://goo.gl/7X6jTA

USA - https://goo.gl/AACBkn

Audible - UK - https://goo.gl/xsw4LF

Audible - USA - https://goo.gl/mZG1hu

Samples there, too.


But it gets better as I have promo codes for the UK and USA, so you can listen for FREE!

So, if you're interested, please just ask.

The children are once again called by the Time Keeper of Avalon and find themselves within the Orb of Caprice, this time joined by Daisy, Billy's unsuspecting grandmother. Together, they must find the Key of Light if all their worlds are to be saved before DarkStar gains control.

The corrupted land of the Dark Reaches is full of mysterious and forbidding creatures, testing friendships and resolve as they battle through this fragmented world in an effort to complete their quest.

Faced with these dangers, they have the added worry about what may have happened to Kimeranet, who has disappeared without a trace.

As the puzzle unravels, not least about Kimeranet's past, a further mystery develops, as the travellers discover part of the Legend of the Kraal, and meet Kaarvok...but should they trust him? And can they remain united as they struggle through this newly found world?

Follow this next adventure and see if they can again successfully fight to save their friend and home.

The Kindle edition of Invasion is only 99p /99c if you fancy reading it, too:

Universal Link: Invasion: myBook.to/Invasion2


Of course, it's part of a trilogy - The Star Realm #1 (The Star Realm: myBook.to/StarRealm) and Secrets Of The Ice #3 (Secrets Of The Ice: myBook.to/secretsoftheice) The latter is now in the process of becoming an audiobook, too.

The Star Realm is also an audiobook by a different narrator (Nano Nagle) if you'd like to listen to that, too (https://goo.gl/jp2EnB) which is also FREE as a Kindle edition (The Star Realm: myBook.to/StarRealm)

All books are in paperback, available at Lulu.




This is what you do with the promo code for the audiobook, Invasion -

Audible - UK - https://goo.gl/xsw4LF

Redemption link - https://www.audible.co.uk/promo/redem...

Add the audiobook to your cart.
3. If you are prompted to sign in, please create a new Audible.com account or log in.
4. At the bottom of the page, click "Redeem a Promo Code." Enter the promo code and click "Redeem" to receive a credit for the title in your cart.
Head back to your cart. After you select “1 Credit” and click “Update” to modify your shopping cart, the price for the audiobook will change to £0.00.
6. You may proceed through the checkout by clicking “Next Step” and “Complete Purchase” on the subsequent page.

Audible USA - https://goo.gl/mZG1hu

The same as above, except there would be a different redeem page but scroll to the bottom and 'Redeem a Promo Code' should be there. I can't give you a direct link because I live in the UK.

You do NOT have to be a member to use the codes.

Quote: 'To purchase an audiobook without a membership, simply find a title you'd like then select Add to Cart (desktop site) or Buy for $X.XX (mobile site). Note: Even if you don't have a membership, you'll be asked to sign in with your Amazon account to place an order'.

So, there you have it - or I hope you will. And if you enjoy it, please think about leaving a review - one or two lines are enough.

Thank you so much!

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Published on September 01, 2018 04:11 Tags: audiobook, invasion, julie-elizabeth-powell, secrets-of-the-ice, the-avalon-trilogy, the-star-realm

July 24, 2018

CINDER-UGLY by Laura Strickland


by Laura Strickland

Genre: Sweet Fantasy Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

From the moment Cindra is born, misshapen and ill-formed in face and body, her beautiful mother hides her away, allowing the world to see only her other three perfect children. Cindra, raised by an aged nurse and assigned humble duties in the kitchen, receives little affection and plenty of abuse from both her mother and sisters. Starved for beauty, she longs most of all for love.

Prince Rupert, newly returned from an education outside the kingdom and forced to take over duties as king, sees the beauty of Cindra’s spirit. In her sister-in-law’s garden, he courts her with rare flowers and nearly makes her forget her mother’s hate. But when war tears them apart, will Cindra have the courage to stand on her own? And when faced with the challenge of leading Rupert’s subjects through a siege, will the strength of her compassion be enough to sustain a kingdom?

I dropped the tray. It fell hard with a clatter that echoed through the room. The remaining tarts—still a generous load—flew everywhere spewing their jam fillings as they went—on the carpet, on my shoes, on the Queen’s skirt and all over the Prince’s sapphire blue legs.

Everything froze. The music paused, everyone stopped talking. Someone laughed in horror and said, “Oh, my God!”

Mother’s face seized in a rictus; she leered at me. For an instant I could see nothing else. Not my father, not Bethessa who, I’m pretty sure, had laughed, not even the mess that surrounded me like the fallout from an explosion.

Just her anger. Her horror. Her disgust.

Then the moment’s paralysis broke. Mother reached out quick as a wasp and slapped me. The blow took me on the cheek and its force turned my head. Instant tears flooded my eyes.

“Stupid girl!” She drew back her hand to strike again. Two things happened before she could: Father cried, “Erikka—it was my fault!” And the Prince stepped between me and my mother, and seized her wrist.

“Please, Madame, do not. It was but an accident.”

No rebuke colored his tone. He sounded exceedingly polite. But I knew my mother took it as a rebuke and a public one. Her face stained with ugly red and she transferred her glare from me to the Prince.

Even at that moment, that terrible, terrible moment I knew she would never forgive me for this.

Award-winning author Laura Strickland delights in time traveling to the past and searching out settings for her books, be they Historical Romance, Steampunk or something in between. Born and raised in Western New York, she’s pursued lifelong interests in lore, legend, magic and music, all reflected in her writing. Although she enjoys travel, she’s usually happiest at home not far from Lake Ontario, with her husband and her "fur" child, a rescue dog. Author of numerous Historical and Contemporary Romances, she is the creator of the Buffalo Steampunk Adventure series set in her native city. Cinder-Ugly is the kind of fairy tale she thinks all children should read.


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Published on July 24, 2018 02:29

July 16, 2018

WEDNESDAY by Victoria Danann


The Witches of Wimberley Book 3

by Victoria Danann

Genre: Fantasy Romance


All things magical and mundane happen for a reason. But when romance is involved, that reason may wear a more confusing disguise than usual.

New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, adds some more night magic to the captivating Witches series.

Wednesday's not just a witch. She's a modern woman who doesn't like being told what to do. It's her turn for the spring rites, but she stuns the entire colony by saying no. She further befuddles everyone by refusing to give her reasons. Hoping she'll change her mind, they recruit her friends to apply pressure and proceed with plans as usual.

The warlock, Rally, met Wednesday at a witches' gathering in Aspen. They barely spoke the entire weekend and he didn't think much of it until afterward, when he found himself waking during the night with her on his mind. He could track her down, but to what end? He certainly had no interest in a relationship lasting longer than forty minutes, but it had been months since the brief encounter and he was still being caught by friends, musing about Wednesday instead of listening.

Then one day it came to him that she must have cast some kind of spell. That was all the reason he needed to track her down.

Perhaps he expected to travel a great distance to find a compliant, cooperative, submissive female with inferior magics. One thing was certain. He was not prepared for an aloof witch who couldn't manage to care enough about the accusation to even pretend indignation. When she laughed in his face, said, "Think what you want," and walked away, he was left standing with an open mouth and the ancient hunter's impulse to chase, the essential masculine principle, blooming to life. In his pants.

Find out why readers call this series magical, enchanting, and witching good fun.

“Earth to Rally,” Aodh snapped his fingers in front of Rally’s face. They sat in a dive bar in Key West hoping the party occupying the table next to the oscillating fan would leave so they could grab it. “Even if you were looking at that little blonde who keeps finding reasons to twitch her butt back and forth, you’ve been out of your body long enough to fantasize all the way to great grandchildren.”

The glaze over Rally’s near-yellow eyes cleared as he focused on Aodh. “Hmmm? No. I wasn’t out of body. I wouldn’t do that in the middle of a bar.”

“It was a figure of speech. Geez. What is the matter with you? What do you think is the matter with Rally?” Aodh directed the question to Jean Mar.

“Maybe he’s just out of it because it’s too humid for humans in this place,” said Jean Mar. “Why are we here?”

“Because,” Aodh said, “we’re doing a twenty city bachelor party tour before Rally’s ensnared in the witches’ web.” He chuckled. “For good.” Aodh turned his baseball cap backwards. “Say goodbye to happy days.”

Rally had gotten one of the witches’ invitations to join them for a weekend in Wimberley. He knew about the weekends and their purpose, but had never heard of a warlock being targeted. “You talk too much, Aodh.”

Aodh laughed. “Since when? You know I’m kidding. And there’s a good chance you’re not the one. Or ones.” Aodh turned to Jean Mar. “How many do they ensnare every year?”

“One or two. I think. But watch your words if you don’t want to end up on the auction block.” Jean Mar seemed to be serious about the admonishment, which irritated Aodh. They were supposed to be having fun, preferably at Rally’s expense.

Rally looked at Jean Mar. “It’s not an auction block.”

“Oh, I know,” Jean Mar said. “Supposedly the men who get picked rave about how they wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“But they’re not us. Right?” Aodh added.

“Yeah,” Rally smiled. “But I’m not a man. Not if you mean it in the purely human sense. The sham of bachelor party just went away as your reason to exist today.”

“You’re not going?” Jean Mar’s question sounded like he might be shocked or might be scandalized.

Rally nodded. “Oh, I’m going to the witches’ little farce, but not because I have to and not because I have any intention of being… what did you say? Ensnared?”

Jean Mar looked doubtful. “Then why are you going?”

Rally’s eyes slid to Jean Mar. “For the food.”

Aodh laughed.

Jean Mar shook his head. “Underestimate them at your peril.”

“They’re. Female,” Rally said as if that explained everything in the universe.

“They are,” agreed Jean Mar. He was nodding, but also not joking around. He looked over his shoulder like he was concerned the wrong person would overhear then toward Rally and spoke in a low voice. “They’re also powerful. Like us.”

Rally and Aodh stared at him for a full five beats before bursting into laughter. When that ran its course, Aodh said, “You didn’t hear me right. I said they’re female.”

“Look.” Jean Mar eyes ping ponged between his friends. “We’re not talking about who can lift the biggest shovel of horse shit. I know you’re old. Older than I am. But if you think it follows that they’re magically inferior because they’re women? Well. You’re wrong.”

Rally started to say something, but Aodh held up his hand in a gesture of, ‘Hold on. I’ve got this’.

“When and how did you become an authority on magical equality?” Aodh asked.

Jean Mar slouched back in his chair, took a drink of something spicy with rum, and looked around the room shaking his head. “You don’t really want to know what I think.”

“Sure,” Rally said. “We do.”

“Alright. In a head to head contest, which to my knowledge has never been done, but if it was? They might win.”

Again Aodh and Rally burst into laughter.

“Okay. Tell yourselves whatever you need to.” Then Jean Mar directed a warning to Rally. “Walk into Wimberley full of piss and pride, thinking you’re a god. See what happens.”

Rally sighed deeply then turned up a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade before surprising both his friends by saying. “I’ve already been there.”

“What?!” Jean Mar and Aodh said in unison. “When?!?”



Romance that is destiny laced, fantasy infused, and dressed in a little night magic.

If he leaves, he can never come back. But is he dumb enough to get in his car and drive away anyhow?

New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, begins a sizzling new series about an enclave of modern day witches who are sexy, philanthropic and living in the Texas Hill Country. They're selfless to a fault when it comes to generosity, but when it comes to the men they choose for themselves, they don't settle for anything less than the best.

"Enchanted from the very first page. I couldn't put it down!"- Night Owl Reviews 5* TOP PICK

While waiting for what would probably be his last acting audition ever, the guy standing in line behind Willem gave him a card with a phone number on it and said, "You're a good looking guy. If you're definitely quitting, try the witches."

Willem took the card for the sake of being polite. He planned to throw it away, but didn't. Crazy as it sounded, it seemed like the card was bugging him. It even kept him awake when he put it in the refrigerator.

He called the number, entered the competition and won. Winning meant getting everything he'd never even dared to dream about.

e cover Witch Wants ForeverWITCH WANTS FOREVER


You don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Only one thing could be worse than never finding the love of your life...finding her and forgetting.

From New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, "mistress of modern romantic fantasy".

"...illustrated that love is the strongest magic of all."

Rachel can't imagine life without Dashiell Fonteneau. They were the kind of couple who believed they were destined to find each other eons before they were born.Married people, but forever lovers.

When Dash goes to Denver on a business trip that was supposed to last for three days and doesn't come home, Rachel finds herself in conflict with the colony at Wimberley over what to do.

The entire community is in complete agreement when they decide magic can't be used to bring him back. They say she'll have to learn to live without him.

"I was tense the entire time I was reading this book. It keep me riveted. I couldn't put it down."

READERS ARE SAYING: It's the perfect blend of angst, humor, and a little night magic.

Victoria Danann is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty romances. For the past four years in a row, Victoria's Knights of Black Swan series have won prestigious Reviewers' Choice Awards for both BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES and PARANORMAL ROMANCE NOVEL OF THE YEAR. This past year three of her series and three of her novels were nominated. Two of her series took the top two places and two of her books took first and second place in the PNR Novel of the Year category.

In addition to vampire hunting knights, Victoria writes other paranormal romance, scifi, fantasy, and contemporary romance.

Victoria co-hosts the popular ROMANCE BETWEEN THE PAGES podcast which can be found on itunes or at → www.romancecast.com

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Published on July 16, 2018 02:13

July 6, 2018

Lies & Deceit by Liza O'Connor

Lies & Deceit

The Extraordinary Life of Amy Winston, Book 3

by Liza O'Connorf8a0e-kindle2bunlimitedGenre: Historical, Regency (right after the end of the Napoleon wars) through Early Victorian

Despite her lack of dowry and cloudy past, Amy Winston becomes one of the most sought-after young ladies in the London marriage mart. Some desire her for her beauty and charm while others appreciate her unique skills of seeing with her mind, healing with her hands, and disappearing in plain sight. By her choice of husbands, she secures her safety. However, her marriage almost brings the English Parliament to its knees.

Amy studied the young man for a moment. “Are you an only child?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Did you like your nanny?”

“Very much.”

“And your tutors?”

“Not so much.” His forehead crinkled in annoyance. “Is there some point to your questions?”

Darby sighed and stared at the ceiling in exasperation. “She is trying to figure out why you are such a pompous ass and expect to have your way all the time. She has no doubt concluded from her three questions that you were spoiled by your nanny into a horrid monster of a boy who has no idea how to make or keep friends, and clearly from your display today, she will conclude you’ve not made much progress since.” He then looked at Amy. “You can move me to the fourth dance if you are still willing to give this brat a chance. In his favor, he’s a very good dancer and can be an interesting conversationalist, if you can keep him from talking about himself.”

Amy ran an arrow to the forth line for Darby and added JM on the third line.

“Why does Darby get more letters?” Marsh asked.

Amy laughed and added vsgd at the end of his initials for ‘very spoiled good dancer’.

“That doesn’t spell anything…”

At this point, Ann felt compelled to intervene. “John, you’ve got your dance, dear. Stop bullying Amy and leave now.”

AmazonAmazon Int'lGoodreads


For some, Amy is an angel incarnate; for others, she is the child of Satan. In her early years, Amy learns the skills of a soldier and discovers she can heal with the touch of her hand. Upon the death of her beloved Uncle John, he stays as a protective ghost to assist the soldiers in their vigilant efforts to keep her safe. Never has a girl arrived at Madam Cousec’s School for Young Ladies with more charm, more friends, or greater protection. She’ll need them all to survive the head girl and set her future in motion.

AmazonAmazon Int'lGoodreads

John turned his attention back to the girl. Her dark hair was wild and matted. In the center of the mats was dried caked blood. No doubt from the stones the townspeople threw.

The girl spoke rapidly in a shrill voice, declaring she was “bad, evil, the devil’s whore, and to go away, go away, go away.”

He suspected the voice was not hers but a mimic of the people who had said these cruel words. Suddenly, her voice dropped lower in a mimic of a man and she quoted dark bible passages about casting out demons.

Dear God, was it possible these were her parents’ words?

“Tell me the name, tell me the name, damn you!” the voice bellowed.

Finally, he heard the girl’s own voice. The pain and misery it held tore at his old battle-weary heart.

“There is no name,” she cried. “There was no man. Only a dream while I rested on the banks.”

“Then it’s the seed of Satan and it’ll not be raised in my house!” her voice deepened and bellowed

Inside the bundle of cloth, she held tight to her chest, a baby’s wail rose, almost as if in protest to her words. The baby’s cry startled her and for one terrible moment, John feared she would toss the child over the edge.

Then her madness dissipated, and she transformed into a young mother fretting over her new child, soothing it with soft words, as she sat down upon the ground. She opened her filthy torn blouse and placed the baby upon her right breast, rocking the child softly while it nursed. Her face held love and adoration for her helpless infant.

John knew he must save this young girl and her baby. She was not yet lost to madness.


When Amy and her friend Domnika arrive in London, she discovers her guardian, Nicolas, is under the thrall of his ‘perfect’ wife. Neither is happy she has come. The only person who seems pleased with her arrival is the handsome valet, Antonio, who turns out to be far more than a servant.

Needing to escape her guardian’s care, Amy and Domnika take refuge at a fellow schoolmate’s home. Antonio leaves Nicolas’ service and becomes one of her many protectors. Unlike the other protectors, he becomes the first of many admirers that vie for her hand.

All the while, Nicolas continues to prove over and over that he is not the fine fellow her uncle had thought.

AmazonAmazon Int'lGoodreads

As Nicolas and his valet, Antonio, sat on a bench overlooking the docks, Antonio interrogated him about Uncle John’s niece.

“Is she intelligent?”

“Frighteningly so. By now I suspect she knows more than most doctors in London about medicine.”

Antonio smiled. “A practical woman as well.”

“I hardly would call it a practical vocation,” Nicolas objected. “No one will ever accept a female doctor.”

“I suppose it depends upon the situation. The next time I get stabbed or shot, I’ll be most glad to allow her to tend my wounds.”

“You don’t even know her.”

“She’s the colonel’s niece. That’s all I need to know.”

Raised in the southern mid-section of U.S., Liza escaped to the East Coast once out of college. She’s worked as a journalist, a radio DJ, a security guard, a stock broker, a strategist, and a business solutions consultant to name a few of her many occupations.

She learned to fly planes, jump out of planes, hang-glide, kayak and scuba dive, to name of few of her ‘let’s kill Liza’ sports. However, her favorite activity is to hike with her dog Jess among the shaved mountains of NJ.


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Published on July 06, 2018 03:23