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Counting Wolves Counting Wolves by Michael F. Stewart
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“I hear a siren and, if we weren’t already in a hospital, I would have assumed they were coming for nearly everyone in this room.”
Michael F. Stewart, Counting Wolves
In the land of the crazies, we are all sane.
Michael F. Stewart, Counting Wolves
“The Goth boy stares at me, and I give him a what-are-you-looking-at stare right back.

“I’m dead,” he says in a dull monotone.

“Pardon me?” Adriana asks, but he keeps staring at me.

“You’re dead, too. Look at your veins. They’re blue.” He points at my forearms where dark veins run their lengths. “You’re rotting like me.”

I glance to Adriana, hands clasped and praying that she won’t leave me here.

Adriana’s stopped crying now and squints at the boy before standing to pull closed the curtain that rings my cot. “Crazy,” she says with an uncertain smile. “You’re not rotting.”

. . . ninety-nine, one hundred . “No,” I reply. “But I will if you leave me here.”
Michael F. Stewart, Counting Wolves
“I start to count. This is the important part. I have to count right. Not too fast, nor too slow. All the way to one hundred. It must be spoken aloud, without interruption. Whispering is acceptable; the count keeps my wolf to the Dark Wood. It keeps me on safety’s slender path.”
Michael F. Stewart, Counting Wolves
“This is how every fairy tale starts. With the storyteller explaining to the reader just how it is. There once was a girl named Milly who was the wolf’s coveted meal. Whose father left her in the clutches of an evil stepmother. Whose stepmother imprisoned her with monsters.
Michael F. Stewart, Counting Wolves