2020 Reading Challenge
Participants 5,366,230
Books Pledged 332,646,441
Avg. Books Pledged 61
Time Left 0 days, 0 hours
Sitesh has read 8 of 52 books in 2020.
  • Never Give Up by Jack  Ma
  • The Upstarts by Brad Stone
  • Normal Norm, 2nd Ed. by James David White
  • Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff
  • Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
  • Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
  • The Culture Map by Erin Meyer
  • How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen
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  • Slow Brewing Tea
  • Mary Me: One Woman’s Incredible Adventure with God
  • Shortcuts Get You Lost!: A Leadership Fable on the Dangers of the Blind Leading the Blind
  • Liminal Thinking
  • Guardian Blood (Primal Shadows #1)
  • Life for Life (Talion #3)
  • The Mental Toughness Advantage: A 5-Step Program to Boost Your Resilience and Reach Your Goals