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William Gaddis
“How ... how fragile situations are. But not tenuous. Delicate, but not flimsy, not indulgent. Delicate, that's why they keep breaking, they must break and you must get the pieces together and show it before it breaks again, or put them aside for a moment when something else breaks and turn to that, and all this keeps going on. That's why most writing now, if you read it they go on one two three four and tell you what happened like newspaper accounts, no adjectives, no long sentences, no tricks they pretend, and they finally believe that they really believe that the way they saw it is the way it is ... it never takes your breath away, telling you things you already know, laying everything out flat, as though the terms and the time, and the nature and the movement of everything were secrets of the same magnitude. They write for people who read with the surface of their minds, people with reading habits that make the smallest demands on them, people brought up reading for facts, who know what's going to come next and want to know what's coming next, and get angry at surprises. Clarity's essential, and detail, no fake mysticism, the facts are bad enough. But we're embarrassed for people who tell too much, and tell it without surprise. How does he know what happened? unless it's one unshaven man alone in a boat, changing I to he, and how often do you get a man alone in a boat, in all this ... all this ... Listen, there are so many delicate fixtures, moving toward you, you'll see. Like a man going into a dark room, holding his hands down guarding his parts for fear of a table corner, and ... Why, all this around us is for people who can keep their balance only in the light, where they move as though nothing were fragile, nothing tempered by possibility, and all of a sudden bang! something breaks. Then you have to stop and put the pieces together again. But you never can put them back together quite the same way. You stop when you can and expose things, and leave them within reach, and others come on by themselves, and they break, and even then you may put the pieces aside just out of reach until you can bring them back and show them, put together slightly different, maybe a little more enduring, until you've broken it and picked up the pieces enough times, and you have the whole thing in all its dimensions. But the discipline, the detail, it's just ... sometimes the accumulation is too much to bear.”
William Gaddis, The Recognitions

Emil M. Cioran
“Only those moments count, when the desire to remain by yourself is so powerful that you'd prefer to blow your brains out than exchange a word with someone.”
Émile Michel Cioran, The New Gods

Emil M. Cioran
“To live entirely without a goal! I have glimpsed this state, and have often attained it, without managing to remain there: I am too weak for such happiness.”
Émile Michel Cioran

Emil M. Cioran
“We rightly scorn those who have no made use of their defects, who have not exploited their deficiencies, and have not been enriched by their losses, as we despise any man who does not suffer at being a man or simply at being. Hence no graver insult can be inflicted than to call someone 'happy', no greater flattery than to grant him a 'vein of melancholy'... This is because gaiety is linked to no important action and because, except for the mad, no one laughs when he is alone.”
Émile Michel Cioran

Jacques Derrida
“I believe in the value of the book, which keeps something irreplaceable, and in the necessity of fighting to secure its respect.”
Jacques Derrida, Paper Machine

Donna Tartt Hearts to Fart (Select)
1 chapters   —   updated May 13, 2015 06:30PM
Description: A brilliant little something written on a small piece of paper when I should have been working.
So you want to be an author. (Nonfiction)
1 chapters   —   updated Sep 23, 2013 11:36AM
Description: Some thoughts on bad books.
Adventures in Fighting, Food, and Concrete. (Outdoors & Nature)
5 chapters   —   updated Feb 25, 2013 01:57PM
Description: 2013 trip to World of Concrete.
Non-adventure of Food and Unfun. (Horror)
1 chapters   —   updated Jan 13, 2013 06:00PM
Description: This is like a shitty fan-fiction version of AIFAF.
Fishing (Select)
1 chapters   —   updated Jun 20, 2012 08:40PM
Description: Something I wrote that is probably pretty terrible, but I thought I'd share.
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