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message 34: by Kelsey

Kelsey Thanks for accepting!!

message 33: by L

L Dear Alicia,
Thanks so much for acepting my friendship request here on Goodreads! I love your novel ECHO and cannot wait to read more of your books.
Kind Regards
Lucinda x

Eugenia (Genie In A Book) Thank you so much for accepting my friend request 
I look forward to reading and discovering more of your work.
Best wishes for more books in the future,

Nenia ✨ I yeet my books back and forth ✨ Campbell Hi, Alicia! Thanks for the add! I forgive you. ;)

Great author pic by the way! You look very pretty!

message 30: by Dee

Dee (dees_book_blog) Hi Alicia!

Thanks for accepting the friendship and for the *wave* on my profile! *waves back*!

message 29: by Teresa

Teresa Hi! As you have thanked me for sending a friend invite, I thank you for approving. Looking forward to seeing you on this site a lot. Hopefully, you can match up to my awesomeness, which should be hard, I tell you :)

message 28: by Penny

Penny Hi Alicia. You make a good point, it isn't the best magical system, but was a series I rather enjoyed. But your comment is exactly why I'm adding friends on goodreads - for opinions and ideas that haven't occurred to me that will improve my reading experience by either introducing me to new books or helping focus my critical eye. Thanks! :)

Aleeeeeza hi! haha yes i always become completely moronic when someone asks me something about myself. *shrugs* hopefully while we we book-nerd it down up here you'll find out yourself! :)

message 26: by Tamara

Tamara Rose Blodgett HI Alicia and thanks for your friendship :D

Elizabeth(The Book Whisperer) Just bought Don't Call Me Angel for my Kindle, looking foward to reading it.

message 24: by Katy

Katy Hey! Yeah, I thought we were already friends here, too ... Hrmph. OH, well, now we're set :-)

message 23: by Rachael

Rachael I'm glad you're a fan of unicorns c: By the way, I saw that earlier you commented on my "yum-yums" shelf. The story behind that is I used to have a shelf called "favorites", but it got too big, so I created another shelf called "favorites". Obviously 2 shelves can't have the same name, so I asked my cousin what is another word for "favorites" and she said "yum-yums" c: I'm kind of weird but it's okay :D

& Thanks for accepting my request!

MrsJoseph *grouchy* Damali wrote: "And now Amazon is totally sold out of the paperbacks! You need to make some phone calls. They're costing you sales.
I know I'm not the only one who plans out their weekend reading on Fridays. :D"

Oh, Damali beat me to it, lol.

MrsJoseph *grouchy* Grrrrrr. The book is gone again! *cracks whip* Get on it, girl! I want a DTB. *pouts*

Lawrence Hello Alicia....thank you for accepting my friendship into your circle of friends. Happy Reading!!

message 19: by Damali

Damali And now Amazon is totally sold out of the paperbacks! You need to make some phone calls. They're costing you sales.
I know I'm not the only one who plans out their weekend reading on Fridays. :D

message 18: by Damali

Damali Why isn't your ebook available on Kindle yet?

message 17: by Nora

Nora Weston LOL...Twizzlers! :) They are addictive!

message 16: by Lissa

Lissa Hi Alicia, thanks for the friend request! I haven't read Mistborn yet but a friend recently gave me a copy so I will get to it one day soon! And I completely agree with Hermione - she's just so awesome!

message 15: by Steph

Steph Sinclair Thanks for the friend request, Alicia! I see you around so much that I thought we already were friends. I seem to be saying that a lot to people lately!

message 14: by Kenya

Kenya Wright Your bio is insane! I think its time that your family and I hold an intervention for you!

message 13: by Amanda

Amanda The Book Slayer Thanks for the Friendvite. I am always looking for new great books and discussing those that I love! ;o)

message 12: by Daniel

Daniel Chamberlayne Hi Alicia!

I appreciate the friendship!

Check out my book, "The Kingdom Hall No More"....you will enjoy the read!



message 11: by Dianna

Dianna Hardy Thanks for accepting :)

message 10: by Chris

Chris Neal Thank ya, yours is quite nice as well!

Lorian Jones hey thank for the add can u comment my pics i need ur true opinions bout them i want 2 kno wat u see and wat is saying 2 u and also pleaz have ur friends may leave a comments on my pics

Thanx u!!! :)

message 8: by Eliza

Eliza Brand Hi. Thanks for the friendvite, and congratulation on publishing your 1st book.

Pamela Hey Alicia...Thanks for accepting my friend request.

message 6: by Jessa

Jessa Callaver Allie's a kind supportive and constructive critter and a kind spirit. Really happy to call her a friend--in however many venues I can. =)
Just wanted to say that.

message 5: by Tammy

Tammy Yay, you added me. Thanks for the friendship!

Alisha Sci-Fi/Fantasy Alicias/Alishas, unite!

I totally agree with you re: cliffhangers. There are a few that are done well...but far too often, they're blatant "hooks" to make readers invest in the next book...and the next...and the next. :p

Looking forward to chatting books with you (and scooping some ideas for future picks from your "read" shelf ^_^)!!

message 3: by Moses

Moses Siregar III Me, too! :-)

Alicia Alicia wrote: "Another Alicia who likes fantasy books! Were we separated at birth?"

I just saw this post, so sorry I didn't respond more quickly.

But yeah, I though that was pretty cool too!

message 1: by Isis

Isis Another Alicia who likes fantasy books! Were we separated at birth?

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