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I hate when my crazy angry cursing works….

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments Well, I hate it cuz is weird… look y’all I have anger problems… I’m the first to admit to that, that being said, I fucking hate how it don’t matter where you call trying t get costumer service you always get a fucking machine who gives you options that somehow never seen to be the one you need… seriously I hate those fucking machines with their condescending voices telling me how they value me so much! But never enough to put a real person to take care of me and my insignificant problems… today when I go to my store mad shit was wrong… fine that’s the usual deal what else can I expect? I work witch a bunch of monkeys for Christ’s sake! Anyway i was trying to call a bank to see a what time they close to see if I could make a run for it… all I wanted to know is a what time they fucking close on Saturdays… but this stupid machine just kept sending me to different menus and all I wanted was a person! After like 10 minutes of navigating the telephonic labyrinths that they have (to confuse you and put you in a state of complete desperation so they look like saviors when somebody finally listens to you) I well got piss off!!!! So I screamed: mother fuck, I just want to talk to a real person god damn it! And the fucking machined said: you have select to speak to a representative, is that correct? And I said yes… and a person pick up the phone and was really nice and gave me the information that I needed and told me to have a nice day… seriously, I’ve never been more confused in my life (well maybe that time when 2 lesbians gave me some chocolate cake in B&N)… for once me screaming like a maniac worked… now I’m afraid cuz I think the world is coming to an end or something like that… I know useless rant… but it was weird y’all!! Weird I tell you!

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You ever heard how you get more flies with honey than vinegar?

It's bullshit!

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments Well I don’t know I get more shit from people when I’m nice… but that was weird experience… I wonder how many people have screamed the same shit to the point where the finally decided to make it an option.

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I was just kidding.

I heard about this on This American Life. They're trying to keep you calm with all their soothing voices and "we care" stuff. Then if you start shouting and cursing, they realize that it isn't working. You get to cut in line to the operator!

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Dave Russell I remember watching a CNN story about this a few years ago. They invented a device that gauges a caller's anger level and when it gets high enough they put you through to a real person.

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So, everyone, start huffing and puffing immediately! No more waiting!

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments So… what you saying is that I can patent for my voice while i scream and curse like a maniac for people who feel like that… but don’t my cursing skills??? Dude I could make mad dough out of that!!! I’ll call it the pocket ‘fonso! It rants, it curses it screams like a maniac! It will get you what you want!!! Order now only 19.99 + shipping and handling….

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Dave Russell The Talkin' Takonator?

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments for 20 bucks... sure why not

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