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Of Stephenie Meyer's books, which one is better? Twilight or The Host?
Chelsea Slone Chelsea Jun 03, 2012 08:38PM
I personally prefer The Host because I love reading it and it is very interesting. I admire Stephenie Meyer because I don't know how she came up with such brilliant stuff. She has an awesome imagination.

Definitely The Host. I fell in love with that book. I love the characters and the whole story about the invasion, the two mind in one body.
I hope she'll write a sequel !

I love both, but if must choose between, i would say Host

While I enjoyed the Twilight books it was The Host that captivated me. Both sets of novels were easy to enjoy and her writing style was descriptive and fun to follow. However, between the two I would have to agree that The Host was a brilliant novel and I enjoyed every page.

I personally enjoyed The Host much more than the Twilight Series. I think that the characters have much more depth than the characters in the Twilight series. They are just more relatable as well, which drew me into the series more.
Also this book seemed more thought provoking in terms of themes, as opposed to Twilight. I really think that she was able to break away from the less mature writing style she used in Twilight and was able to write in a more mature manner. I appreciated it a lot. All in all, The Host was better written and over all more enjoyable a read.

I have to say the Host. In that book you have the story of Wanderer, who at first I didn't want to like (from the whole soul-takes-over-earth thing) but I could see her point of view and soon she became a great character. The Host as much more elements in it than Twilight. It also gives you a far better window into Meyer's imagination, in the way Wanda describes the planets and their inhabitants.
Also I think I just prefer books like the Host, with the entire alien-world-take-over, and the two-minds-one-body scenario.....

I love the Host it's much better than Twilight, but Twilight are also good books, but the story in Twilight is sometimes a little bit boring and I really love the chatacters in the Host ♥

The Host!

Nichole (last edited Jun 05, 2012 05:04PM ) Jun 05, 2012 05:03PM   0 votes
I liked The Host because Meyers has a great imagination that correlates with my imagination, and she was able to actually write a captivating novel regarding it. However, I found at least 50% of The Twilight Series (spanning over all 4 books) to be somewhat more enjoyable. Twilight flowed better and sucked you in as you read it, while with the first 200 pages of The Host, I was having trouble staying interested and actually had to force myself to just finish it. I also found The Host to be emotionally flat. It did not suck me into the story to feel what the characters were feeling.

andreavictoria The host was rich in emotion, like Velvia said, it is one of the strengths in the book, or atleast what I noticed. But then again, to each is own :)
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The Host is infinitely better. Twilight is all right but it doesn't really compare.

This is a really difficult question lol because it was Twilight that made me read books in the first place - first fave book. But I absolutely LOVE The Host and I hope that she's planning a sequel!!! (That ending!!!! ahhhh) I would say Twilight, because that was the book I first loved, but The Host is a good second! :)

I was really into the whole Twilight thing when I was reading the series, and I really enjoyed it and I cried at the end because it was over and all that stuff, but now that I've read so many other books, I have to say that I don't really like the Twilight books. I don't like the main characters, Bella annoys me so much, her whole world revolves around her love interest and she doesn't care about anything else, except for the fact that she wants to be with Edward. She basically dumbed her family, because she wanted to be a vampire and live with her boyfriend forever. That's just stupid. But I loved The Host, I cried so hard and I loved the characters, especially Wanda and Ian. The Host is definitely in my top ten favorite books list. So I think that The Host is better, just because it has to do with other things rather than love, like friendship and selflessness. Wanda and Melanie were so much stronger and better characters than Bella.

The Host, hands down.

I've never really been tempted by the twilight books. I enjoy a good story with paranormal elements but they just didn't do it for me. Before reading the Host I was n't sure if I would like it. Once I picked it up I was hooked. This book was amazing and the characters were so well developed. It wasn't just about aliens taking over the world but the human experience. I liked how she played on our strengths and weaknesses as humans. For me, the Host was a much better book.

I absolutely loved this book.... until about halfway in when it changed from a really good sci-fi into a bad high school bf/gf drama. I never finished it. The movie is worse. I never finished that, either.

The Host. No vampires, so yay! ;)

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The host

The Host was better! Both books were good and worth recommendations, but I felt The Host was something new, and a better love story. And with Twilight it was easy to put down but The Host was like glued to my hand the whole time I was reading it!

i like the Host because the story is special and very different in comparison of others books i read

Personally, I like the Twilight books better because there are more of them. Although I absolutely loved The Host, it's not a book in a series. I know that the titles of the second and third books have already come, but I'm beginning to believe that the books themselves never will. So if I have to choose, I would choose the Twilight books, seeing as there are four of them. However, I LOVED both Twilight and The Host.

The Host yes sometimes it was really hard to get through it but I found that it was much more enjoyable


The Host

the host. definitely.

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While I can certainly see why Twilight has captured many a teenager's heart, it was The Host that caught and kept my attention. It persuaded me to see Myers as an author of which to take note.

The Host

The Host is amazingly well written, the plot is gripping and the characters have depth and dimension, and some real themes are conveyed.

The Twilight series is shallow, poorly planned, and the characters are archetypes, it was painful to read. That being said, it was hard to stop reading for the sole reason that I wanted to know how the saga ended.

Twilight is better in my opinion. I couldn't get into the host at all

The Host 100%! Very glad to see how many people agree! x

The Host. It has a certain hold on people who read it. It's different, more so then sparkleing vampires.

I liked the host better. I found the story to be WAY more interesting than Twilight but I was disappointed that Meyer still felt the need to throw in an unhealthy/abusive relationship.

The Host. It's so disappointing that because the movie didn't fair well Meyers had indefinitely put the sequel on hold.

The Host!!!

The Host! No Doubt!

The Host alll the way! It is definitely better. I read the series and The Host very long ago and even though the memory of both are fuzzy but the of the two The Host stuck.

Twilight. Only because I couldn't get through it.

I think The Host is a better book but the movie was horrid. Like kick you in the crotch spit on your neck awful! To be fair, I don't really like the Twilight movies either but I can watch them and laugh at how awful they are. The Host is just unbearable

sn: SO over the love triangles!

I would definitely say The Host. Don't get me wrong the Twilight Series was good but, I personally love the hosts coming from space and entering human bodies better than vampires and werewolves fighting over a girl.

I would vote for "The Host".

Wish the author would release a sequel.

The Host is better by far.

Please... as if Twilight could possibly be better than the awesomeness that is The Host.

Definitively The Host was better. The main character has a lot more character and the story is more profound with a stronger theme. The Host was not just romantic, but it touched in other facts of humanity, good and bad. I had a hard time reading the Twilight series, because the main character was always so weak. I enjoy books were the main character is strong and sensitive, and the host portrays that better.

The Host because it was like a whole new idea, what with all the vampire thing lest and right. So I liked it better :)

i think there both good but the host is alittle better

The Host for sure. I mean, Stephanie Meyer isn't a very good writer, but she managed to create something with The Host. Twilight is just terrible. The writing is subpar, the characters not well-written, and the plot twists weird. I mean, a vampire baby? Really?

The Host was one of my all time favorite reads of last year so I would definitely have to say The Host because it's a very unique
apocalyptic book

I liked both books for different reasons. The Host was hard for me to get through the first hundred pages.....after that, I loved it. The different relationships among the characters was wonderful. It was hard to put down. It left me wanting more.
I love the Twilight series for a quick read, no brainer. It was a nice fictional love story.

The host all the way.

The Host by miles, just wish she would finish the trilogy. If she didn’t have an outline for a trilogy why say it?

The Host, hands down.

you can't really compare's for high school aged folks and one's a bit older in a sense. i think that they are both stories that are so well written that you picture it all in your mind, and i think that what SM does really well is that she writes a book that is CRAZY LONG yet you don't want to put it down and you end up reading it in 1-2 days.

i can't wait to see the host though when it comes out later this year!

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