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Beverly for letting me in the door. You read a lot; that's good. I'm adding this Celan to my to-read. I have SO many poets who I have not studied yet (I'm an old woman, so it's terribly unseemly). This is why I like to peruse other people's lists.

Thanks. Happy to meet you!

Mimi Hi, Beverly, nice to meet you. I'm just getting the hang of this site and have just started. What can possibly be unseemly about not getting to read all the luscious, gorgeous, haunting,moving, magnificent books there are out there in the world?
And a reader is ageless, it's all ahead of us, no matter what our chronological number.

Celan is a devastating poet. You might want to read John Felstiner's biography of him, it's fabulous. Google 'black milk + Celan' and you'll get his most famous poem. Good luck with all that's waiting for you.

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