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Worst book ever written in history !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Jessica Feb 19, 2012 09:00AM
the book had no point all all only that the main character is a huge slut sleeping with every one

So far I hate it. The author aka Zoey is dissing on Emos, and goths! She should be used to them by now I mean I see like fifty in a day and I'm not bothered in fact I think the hair style is beast. She has no right to diss on other kids because of how they dress, what they do, or even their hair style I personally think the beginning chapter is Bull.

My standards where really low when i first read this book so i really liked it, but 150 books later, i tried to reread or at least read the most recent book, i just couldnt do it because i realized it was a bit boring and pointless...

deleted member Feb 19, 2012 09:02AM   0 votes
the book has a point if you read the entire thing. it's the beginning to a series which, in my opinion, gets better. and technically she doesnt sleep with anyone.

The worst book ever? Hardly. You can't have been reading long or much if you think that. Is it spectacular? No. But it's hardly godawful either. (See the Twilight series for something truly horrendous.) It has its problems and I wouldn't nominate it for any good writing awards but trust me, there are far, far worse books out there.

I personally loved it!! Im on the 6th one and its good but i have to say the first part on marked was confusing but if ya give the book a chance and read the 2nd one i think you might like it(not for sure because people like diff things) but i have to admit i dont really like Erik..he is so jealous even though Zoey has like 3 boyfriends!!

Zoe is a ho. That's all that needs to be said.

I liked this series until the third book =(

I read all the books up to Awakened. I really liked it, was surprised that I would. Had it not been for my teenage daughter I never would have even thought of reading it.

The series was really good at first, but when it came to the third book, it all went down hill.

I also have noticed that the story is going down hill, I have the last book in the series that is out and have not been able to get into it. I think I read a chapter when i first got it to see if I was going to be able to get into it, but no such luck, so i put it to the side. Several months later I still have no desire to pick it up. Not like me at all. So if that says something well, then there you go. I would not say that its the worst series, but i think she could have stoped a few books back and it would have been fine.

I think the series had a lot of promise in the first book but as a franchise it went off trail. I don't think by any stretch of the imagination that it is the worst book ever. I also don't get how many women are into slut shaming (not that I think Zoe had that many lovers).

I like the series, granted it's not one of my favorites, but I still enjoy them. I read Marked like 3 years ago, and read all the ones that are currently out. Throughout the entire series things tie together that might not have made scense in the first couple. But not everyone has the same tastes in books.

D Apr 06, 2012 11:31AM   0 votes
I agree, I read the first, due to a friend nagging me. I started the second, but didn't even make it halfway through, it was so bad! The books were so poorly written, and the main character is such a slut.

The series was really good at first, but when it came to the third book, it all went down hill.

Nice slut bashing. Seriously. And then we complain when men call us sluts.

When I first read these books I wasn't such a big book reader so I didn't know what a good book or bad book was. Well Now I do and it's these books after about the the 49th(Dramatic I know) one I was getting bored. These books are going no where. I don't even like most the the people in it. Heath is dead, why bring him back? Zoey calling other people sluts.....Shall I name the endless names she has slept with or gone out with.
These books to me are one big hypocrite! Zoey is supposed to be all good , she is powerful but useless.
If Zoey gets killed off then I say these book might redeem themselves.
To me these characters are only a reflection of the authors esp When they went to Scotland.
Pc Cast said that Zoey is after her daughter , then she should lock her daughter up! NOW!!

12 FRIGGING BOOKS!! 12!12!12!12!

i loved it up until the 5th book then i was like ..are these every going to end ? now i don't even bother adding them to my wish list when another one comes out ...the plots have become pointless

As much as I currently despise the series, the first book was not all that bad. I just feel like P.C. Cast is writing for the sake of writing (and making money) and after the third book, the bulk of the series is just fluff and/or Zoe's "love" interests...

It's a shame because I liked the premise of a world where vampires weren't forced to live in secrety, and I thought we'd see more of the issues regarding cohabitation with humans. But helas, I was wrong.

Matea (last edited Feb 26, 2012 06:57AM ) Feb 26, 2012 06:56AM   0 votes
The beginning was promising. There were funny moments, and the plot was okay- but as the series spreads it becomes worse. I stopped reading after the seventh book. Zoey annoyed me like hell with her multiple boyfriends and drama. I started to hate her. And where's the point in reading if you hate the main character?

I read up through the fourth or fifth book and lost interest. I didn't think they were the most wretched thing ever written. They were decent. I'm just not a huge YA fan.

I just finished Marked and thought it was pretty good. I was looking forward to the 2nd book, but now I don't know, lol! Reading all of the negative comments doesn't help, plus to find out Zoey is a ho doesn't help matters, lol! I had a tough time getting into the book in the beginning, but I said sometimes books start-off slow and then become great. I was "okay" with it the whole time. It didn't blow me away, but I still wanted to finish the book. I think I still want to read the series, so here goes...

Paula Margaret Its very detailed, Melissa. Like a history book. But you can't stop reading it. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book in the series. ...more
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Melissa Williams Awesome, I am definitely going to have to grab it and start reading it Thank You.
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I read about half of the first book. It's so full of bad writing and cliches. Plus its like BAm oh I'm bitten so I'm going off to some random place and leaving everyone behind. Where did this come from? There needs to be more explanation then this. I'm kind of temped to finish just so I can try to figure out where this is going. I didn't even make it to the school part that's how frustrated I got.

This book was absolutely HORRIBLE. I gave up after the fourth one. It was just ridiculous. I don't think I've ever read anything worse. And yeah, Zoey was just a hoe.

Mikaela (last edited Feb 26, 2012 05:14AM ) Feb 26, 2012 05:13AM   0 votes
the story goes like this: zoey is a whore. end of story.

The books are basically about Zoe being pretty slutty. Even though she doesn't actually have sex with that many people, you can't say what she did in the books was respectable in any sort of way. Then the author still tries to paint her in a good girl persona with the whole not cussing thing and some other stuff. It sets a bad example. They were a little bit entertaining, but that's about the most positive I can give it.

Jessica wrote: "the book had no point all all only that the main character is a huge slut sleeping with every one"

I HATED HATED THE SERIES! I mean god zoey was portrayed as a slut in the first book then it just got worse as the series went on. I mean come on if she had feelings for two guys but wasnt dating them at the same time then fine. If she was in a love triangle then ok,but come on you have eric,heath,professor blake then the last guy that saves her in burned who I forget his name then that bird that can talk to her then the guy who wants to kill her. LOL her friend are annoying too. anyways when the movie comes out I am soooo not watchin. ;)

The series started out ok but now it just sucks...we can all admit to that.

The series is not so bad. Actually is not one of the best series I've ever read but it's fine, especially when you have started to read all the books so you need to finshed it. The story is not so original but, it's not so bad :)

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I really didn't like this series bur nevertheless I kept reading to see what type of attemptive plot loops could be thrown into it. I know I've said this on discussions before, but I was offended by how the authors portrayed teenagers. A) We don't talk like that. B) We don't act like that.

And like a few others said, yeah Zoey got everything she ever wanted. She went from being a normal vampire to 'an all powerful' one in minutes. They made her too invinciable for my liking, since basically no one can hurt her.

I enjoyed this series all the way up until the last three. After I think Awakened I just kept reading them for the simple fact that I wanted to know what was gonna happen to some of the side characters. They just keep getting worse and worse and the story is just dragging on and on. The last one out is Destined (i think) and I haven't even picked it up yet because it's just a disappointment.

That's not true at all. The books actually get worse as they go along. So this book, despite being pretty bad, is not actually the worst book ever. Seriously, the main character goes from liking one guy, to screwing three or four behind each other's back. And slowly but surely the characters turn into more annoying stereotypes, all of which refuse to actually cuss.

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