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I hate that i voted for a candidate SOLELY because of her name

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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom Foolery (tomfoolery) But her last name was Gast and she was running for coroner, so how could i not?

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments It was the demon that forced you to vote for it!

Servius  Heiner Does Miss. Foolery know you voted shallow? I hear she plans on throwing cats at you later... wear a thich sweater home.

message 4: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) A friend of mine just voted for a judge named Dingus in Ohio. I don't think I could have resisted a name like that either. It's the epitome of truth in politicking.

message 5: by Havocvoodoo (new)

Havocvoodoo (wwwgoodreadscomprofilehavocvoodo) LOL Yeah, he told me he was voting for her just because of her name. And if I lived where he does, I'd have done the same thing. Whee!

I think I'll throw cats at him anyway. ;)

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