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message 1: by Scott (new)

Scott | 41 comments Just like the topic, have you ever realized you have backed your way into a corner of too many books?

Do to several conflicting promises (and the fact I can't say no to some people), las t night I realized I need to around 6 books before the end of the first week in December. To give you some idea here are the books I need to get through.

The Path of Daggers - racing my sister, can't let her win this one. I'll never here the end of it.

Inheritance - for another book club with some RL friends, I chose it so I kind of have to finish it by then.

The Son of Neptune - Reading it with my niece and nephew, can't say no when they tag team me.

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder - Reading for work

Elantris - after skipping the last three books I promised myself I would do this one with the Sword and Laser group even if it kills me, which it might from the looks of it.

Atlantis Found - $100 bucks riding on this one if I can finish it by Black Friday.

To top off this pile of mind numbing glory, I'm also doing NaNoWriMo. Has anyone else gotten themselves stuck in a position like this one as well? I've always loved reading but I think I went overboard somewhere...

message 2: by A.J. (new)

A.J. (ajbobo) | 72 comments Can't say that I've found myself in a position quite like yours. Good luck to you, sir.

Of course, if you're reading this then you're not reading your stack of books. You might want to get back to that since you have money and (more importantly) pride on the line.

message 3: by Brad Theado (new)

Brad Theado | 217 comments I wish I had your problem. I dont know anyone off this site that reads like I do. My family thinks I am a freak.

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 1081 comments Brad wrote: "I wish I had your problem. I dont know anyone off this site that reads like I do. My family thinks I am a freak."

Mostly the same with me. I always envy those people that came from long family of readers, where they can recommand and lend each other books.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Nam (scribe999) | 29 comments I take it you mean in a non-academic sense, heh

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 2760 comments I have found myself in the "oh my god I have to read this 500 page book before tomorrow's podcast" situation, so let me give you some of my tips.

1. Every time you sit down, read 50 pages. 50 pages is enough to feel into it.

2. Pick one in audio form, listen at 2x speed, and add it to your commute. Also when you are doing chores.

3. Get up a half hour early and sit and read for a half hour straight. Amazing how many pages can go by.

Good luck and keep us posted!

message 7: by terpkristin (new)

terpkristin | 4060 comments Those are great suggestions, Jenny! I might incorporate a few of them, myself..

message 8: by Anne (new)

Anne Schüßler (anneschuessler) | 821 comments I agree. I have read the "read at least 50 pages" rule before and I like it.

However, it clashes with my other "read whenever you have a little time to spare" rule which I've established vigorously since I own a Kindle. I read in lines at the supermarket, at the bank, on five minute subway rides and so on.

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 2760 comments Anne wrote: "However, it clashes with my other "read whenever you have a little time to spare" rule which I've established vigorously since I own a Kindle. I read in lines at the supermarket, at the bank, on five minute subway rides and so on. "
That's a good one too! I have a 3 mile commute so I'm often listening to audio books during it, sometimes I'll just end up listening throughout lunch because I can!

message 10: by Will (new)

Will (longklaw) | 261 comments Yes, I always have too many books, but thankfully I don't usually have a deadline. I have to skip more S&L picks than I would like because of this. I got my first Kindle the other day and had 30 books for it before it got here. That's in addition to the paper books I have.

message 11: by Tamahome (last edited Nov 18, 2011 10:18AM) (new)

Tamahome | 5891 comments

message 12: by David (new)

David | 46 comments I have always been a reader but since I got my nook simple touch I have going nuts. it fits in my pocket so any time I have any downtime I pull in out and read a few pages. and as soon as I have finished one book I start the next as its right there waiting for me. If want to read a bunch of books fast it's defiantly a way to go

message 13: by AndrewP (new)

AndrewP (andrewca) | 2407 comments I have a 25 mile commute in Southern California traffic so I get close to 2 hours of audio book time everyday.

If I am reading something that is not very engaging, I read during the commercials when watching TV. I can get through about 3-5 pages per commercial break. It all adds up.

Not to mention reading in the bathroom :)

message 14: by Scott (new)

Scott | 41 comments YAY!!! 3 books down and 3 more to go!

Curse you Clive Cussler though...(-_-')

message 15: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome | 5891 comments Clive Cussler still writes books?

message 16: by Ken (new)

Ken | 141 comments Did my goodreads to read list one night, including S+L, stuff on my bookshelf and any sequels I know of, series I started before (sometimes long before) and have yet to get to, plus audio books for the commute. 37 on the to read list, which is sure to grow.

message 17: by Marisa (new)

Marisa Gettas | 8 comments Scott, I too have felt the pressure of too many books to read. There are always way more books I'm interested in than I can possibly read.

Then I read this article from NPR:

It's about culling through pop culture vs. surrendering to the fact that there are many things you will miss out on.

Also touches on what the concept of what being "well read" means.

I found it really helpful, perhaps you will too!

Good luck on your reading.

message 18: by Scott (last edited Dec 02, 2011 07:00AM) (new)

Scott | 41 comments Well, sad to say I did NOT when that $100 dollars, finished Clive Cussler yesterday (*sigh*). But that may be a good thing. Showed my friend the list of books I was reading and he was convinced that it's impossible, so we are going double-or-nothing for all the books completed by December 8th.

Lucky for me that all I have to do is finish about 3 more chapters of Path of Daggers, and about 200 pages of Inheritance. =D

I almost wish though that I had listened to the podcast more frequently, heard last night while in the shower that Elantris isn't due until January (-_-)

message 19: by Sean (new)

Sean (politicalgamer) | 20 comments It's a current problem for me. I don't have any "deadlines" or anything like that, but I don't like to spend money on something and not do anything with it. Then again the reason I don't keep up with Sword and Laser books is simply I burn through several books then get burned out with reading for a while. But I still get books I want to read during that burned-out period. So it's not likely I'll catch up with my queue

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