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message 1: by Mariecar (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:08PM) (new)

Mariecar | 5 comments I want to get my niece a book for Halloween and I was thinking about one of my favorites when I was in elementary school was a story about a girl who had a ribbon around her neck ... in the end, someone untied it and her head fell off. I remember it being a hardcover with olive green as the main color used in all of the book's illustration ... ring a bell? I think it may have been a story in a comp. of other short "scary" stories.

message 2: by Evan (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:09PM) (new)

Evan | 27 comments The ribbon is a pretty common scary story, so it's in a number of short story collections. One I remember it in was the Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark collection (or possibly its first sequel, More Scary Stories To...). These were wildly popular in my 4th grade in perhaps '90, but I just remember black & white covers.

message 3: by Jason (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:09PM) (new)

Jason (gireesh42) | 0 comments It was definitely one of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I had the edition with the olive green color; i remember it vividly. I loved that story...ever since, I can't fall asleep with my neck too exposed...

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel (mnemosyne) | 25 comments You guys are wrong on this one, none of the Scary Stories books had any color in the illustrations. Also, I'm pretty sure none of them contained the ribbon story.

I'm fairly certain the book that Mariecar is looking for is "In a Dark, Dark Room." There's a story about a girl who wears a green ribbon around her neck and won't ever remove it. She won't even let her husband remove it when she grows older. Finally, when she's old and on her death bed, she tells him to untie it, and her head falls off.


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